Daisy Flutter

May 16, 2017

First thing's first: I'm completely obsessed and in love with my nephew. He is the most perfect little muffin and I swear my heart exploded when I met him. Seeing Sally become a mama has been the most amazing thing...seriously in awe of her and how natural she is in this new role. Love, love so much love.

And here I am in a HATCH dress! Sally and I have touted how HATCH is fantastic because the pieces are designed to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. I am not pregnant (obviously) but I am very into the fact that Sally and I were able to share HATCH dresses and tops while she was in her final trimester and I was just...myself. This Daisy Flutter Dress is a fave of mine because the ruffle neckline can be worn a few different ways and the raw silk is luxe but also slightly casual and super comfortable.


So about that neckline. It can be worn up on both shoulders as straps, down and across in an off-the-shoulder style, or with one strap up and the other off for an effortless cold-shoulder look. I’m a fan of wearing it all three ways and even though it does have adjustable shoulder straps, I prefer styling it without  them to keep the flounce nice and clean. The dress also comes in navy but how perfectly does the dusty rose hue go with my Loeffler Randall Layla sandals?!

What else…I’m really loving HATCH’s Summer Plage collection (this caftan in black has my name on it) and can’t stop listening to the new Miley Cirus single, “Malibu.”

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