The WTF’s

May 23, 2017

I posted this Instagram the other day (thank you for the beautiful image, @honestlywtf!) - "I'm currently experiencing life at the speed of 15 WTF's per hour"- and the timing for the sentiment could not have been more real. Generally, things always seem somewhat overwhelming but life has been seriously stressful lately. A true "when it rains, it pours" with one unfortunate scenario after the other (think a full-blown fly infestation in my home, a spay surgery for Rosie with an emergency surgery just days after that, etc.). All this is my way of explaining why I have been less than on top of things as far as blogging is concerned. And that I could use a truck load of rosé should anyone feel inclined to send help.

WTF's aside, I'm excited to share this pretty caftan - another lovely number by MIRTH - because it's been a fantastic maxi that I've loved wearing!


Dallas is notorious for being overly warm and humid during the spring. The flip side of this is anyplace you go thats indoors (restaurants, stores, offices, etc.) are a freezing cold temperature. I’m so bad at remembering to bring a layer with me to battle the intense air conditioning so wearing a maxi dress is a nice way to keep a little covered without wearing jeans (dresses are just so much easier, amiright?). Love, love, love the hand block printed fabric and neutral colors on this Zermatt style…the v-neck and side ties make it super flattering and comfy.

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