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May 24, 2017

It's been awhile since I've written one of these so I'm excited to share the latest vibes around here. Our mama left town yesterday morning after staying for three weeks to help with our move and then baby. Feeling a little bit lost without her as she was such a HUGE help around here during a time when we truly needed it the most. Molly and I are both mourning her leaving, big time.

1. SHOOTING WITH // NATALIE YATES PHOTOGRAPHY: I hadn’t given much thought to newborn photos other than that I figured I would have Molly snap a few of us to have for a birth announcement or for baby book purposes. When I met Natalie Yates in Pilates and she reached out about taking our pictures, it couldn’t have come at a better time. We were experiencing mild chaos with our move and new baby all happening within days of each other and Molly was going through her own craziness. I had admired Natalie’s work through Instagram – who can resist a feed of stunning, light-filled photography and precious babies, and felt like it was definitely meant to be. It turns out that newborn photography is no small feat! Natalie had the ability to calm our fussy babe with ease and swaddle him much better than either of us could. She also had such patience when we needed to take a break to nurse and change outfits after an accident. On top of all of this, our session with her produced the most beautiful photos of our family of three that we will truly treasure forever.

2. LOVING // VETIVER COLLECTION: I’ve done next to no shopping the past few weeks, but have been eyeing just about everything from the newfound Vetiver Collection. Think pretty, breezy pieces in classic colors and prints – stripes and gingham, yes please! After seeing this dress on Little Blonde Book, I am dying to add it to my summer wardrobe. I also love this dress as it looks absolutely perfect for our hot (!) Dallas summers. I can’t resist a great white top and this one with its pretty crochet detailing may have to be my next buy. The description of it being the perfect blouse for a food baby (or post real-life baby!?) makes me that much more inclined to buy it.

3. EYEING // MARYSIA SUMMER ’17: The last two bathing suits I purchased were both by Marysia and also the two that I wear the most. The quality and fit is better than any other suit I own, making them worth every penny in my opinion! If there is one bathing suit I buy for this summer, it will no doubt be Marysia. I am particularly smitten with her brand spanking new Summer 2017 line, which brought back the zig zag edges of her first ever collection – Molly still has hers! Having a hard time picking a favorite amongst the newness, but I love this top paired with these bottoms. Also, this smocked top in the lavender bandana print is adorable.

4. OBSESSING // POURED BOWLSFound by Maja is a San Francisco based store that is just brimming with unique treasures. Since we no longer live in the city, I am able to keep up with the store and all of their gorgeous finds through their Instagram account. I have been thinking about these poured, marbelized bowls ever since they were posted a few weeks back. Each piece is handmade and hand dyed in Denmark, so no two are exactly alike. I am determined to make one of the pieces mine, but first need to narrow down a color as well as where/how I want to use it. The small bowl would be perfect on our bookshelves, but I also love the idea of the large bowl as it would make such a statement.

5. CLEANSING // AURELIA MIRACLE: Before baby I had a pretty extensive skincare routine with multiple steps – often doing a mask a few times a week as well. Since coming home from the hospital, I have tried to simplify this routine as much as possible. My newest favorite product that makes this whole simplification that much better is Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser. If you ask me, everything Aurelia does is amazing, but this stuff is my latest obsession of theirs. The cream cleanser is massaged into dry skin and smells fresh and spa-like. Making the whole process satisfying and enjoyable. Especially for this sleep-deprived new mama! I follow the cleanser with Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator and Vintners Daughter Serum and call it a day – easy peasy, which is just what I need these days.

6. WEARING NONSTOP // OV LEGGINGS: Since I ended up unexpectedly having a c-section, I have been wearing thiscompression situation as often as I can – mostly because it feels good to wear something that gives me the extra support. I am also looking into this one because the one I have is becoming looser. Aside from these, I have also been living in my Outdoor Voices leggings on a daily basis. I’ve always loved OV’s leggings for their ability to really suck you in and the fact that they are higher in the waist, both of which are coming quite in handy for recovering from the surgery. Luckily I had accumulated quite a few pairs prior to pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my eye on a few more (this pair in particular) now that they’ve become my newfound mom “uniform”. When I’m not in pj’s that is:)

7. LISTENING // S-TOWN: While nursing I need my phone to keep track of feedings, but really don’t love being distracted by browsing through social media on my phone the entire time. In an effort to put a stop to this before it becomes a habit, I just downloaded the S-Town podcast which is from the makers of Serial and This American Life. I love a good podcast and especially those two, so I have high hopes for S-Town. I’m only in the very beginning so I can’t fully report back yet, but so far so good! Would love any other podcast recommendations for when I finish this one:)

  1. The Moth is a good podcast, it’s people telling stories about a transformative time in their lives, that range from funny to heartbreaking.

  2. S Town was one i wanted to love but it quickly became clear that it wasnt rEalLY “true crime”, more just– weird. Loved serial and could barely finish s Town!
    Try radio lab, wait wait dont tell me, mortified, or b*tch sesh if youre a Real Housewives fan!

  3. S-Town is perfectly addictive! You should enjoy it. One of my favs is also “How I Built This”, the best inspiration for business owners out there right now.

    Congrats on the baby!

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

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