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May 31, 2017

Today is Wednesday? I could have sworn it was Tuesday...long weekends like the one we just had always throw me off. But I'm not complaining! Sally and I loved having our brother and sister-in-law in town over the weekend. So much good food and even better quality time. Alas, it is indeed Wednesday. Which means you've got my Current Vibes! (so go and get 'em already)

1. OBSESSING // RECENTLY: Raise you hand if you take TONS of photos with your phone. Me too. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get your pics printed in monthly batches in the form of a really nice magazine? Thanks to Recently your camera roll can be printed in a monthly magazine. So. Cool. I know there are a lot of phone to print options out there (and some wonderful ones at that) but this is the first one I’ve learned about where I’ve thought, “ok, I actually want to do this.” The interface seems simple enough: you download the app, subscribe for monthly or quarterly magazines, pick the photos from the past month you want, place them in the pages (which sounds hard but the way Recently has it figured out to make it easy), pick a cover photo, set the date, and publish. AND you can allow your friends and family members to subscribe to your magazines so they get them too! I have to say…it wasn’t the ease or idea that really hit home with me but the simple look and quality. No copy, just the date on the front (May 2017 shows as “05/17”) and pages printed with bright archival HP indigo inks on Mohawk heavy stock paper (you can choose 50 pages or 100 pages). What a great way to finally get those photos out of your phone in an organized and beautiful way!

2. WISHING // ANYA HINDMARCH BUILD A BAG: Remember when Build-A-Bear was all the rage? Little kids would go into one of their retail spots, pick an empty shell of a bear, fill it with fluff, name it, etc. It was like they printed money…because who doesn’t like a personalized experience like that?! When I found out about Anya Hindmarch’s new “Build A Bag” concept I immediately thought of Build-A-Bear. But only because the names are similar in sound. The concept, how ever, is so spot-on for Anya Hindmarch and her longtime obsession and devotion to bespoke customization. But the most impressive part of the whole DIY is the interactive software on Anya’s site that allows you to pick between a large or small leather bucket bag then select from a capsule collection of handles, straps and decorative accessories – all that can be swapped in and out and shown in an actual exact mock-up. I had a lot of fun checking out all the options and constructing my own over-the-top bag…now I just need an extra $5,000 so I can get it!

3. HAT COLLECTING // CUYANA: When I look back on the hours and days I spent in full sun during the spring and summer months I cringe. Even though I was wearing SPF, I still really over did it on the exposure. With age and experience comes wisdom and I now know that limiting my sun time and relying on sunless tanning products (Sally and I are really loving this right now) and layering on plenty of SPF while I am in the sun is the what works for me. In addition to sunscreen, I’m really trying to wear hats more often to specifically shade my face. My face is always the first thing to burn and I’m not into the idea of increasing my chance of getting sun spots and more wrinkles. So! Hats. There are obviously tons of options out there but I have picked up a couple of the Toquilla straw hats by Cuyana. There are three different styles (I currently have the Panama Hat ($65) and the Summer Hat ($75)) and each is hand-woven by women in Ecuador with pure Toquilla straw (a textile unique to Ecuador). They’re light weight and so simple but pretty – and given that they’re all hand made I think the price tag is fairly friendly. I have my eye on the Oversized Beach Hat ($85) for my summer sunshine needs…

4. SIPPING // COPPER CUPS: It’s pool season and al fresco dining timing in Dallas. Which means that more entertaining is happening out side and glass cups and bottles are a no-no. My friend Cristina was hosting an outdoor get together the other night and provided the coolest copper cups that look like the classic solo cup design for our rosé. I loved them! And immediately lifted one over my head to see who made them. They’re the Copper Party Cup by Fred & Friends – made of copper-plated steel, and hold 16 ounces. They’re nostalgic (oh the days of drinking from solo cups!) but elevated in a way that feels ironic and adultish. I love them and need a set for myself!

5. LAUGHING // SWISH PINOT GRIGIO: I must really be living under a rock, because I had no idea that the people who brought us White Girl Rosé (SWISH Beverage celebrity founders Josh Ostrovsky and David Oliver Cohen) have also created Family Time is Hard Pinot Grigio. My casual visit to the beverage brand’s site to see where I could get the rosé in Dallas (several locations, don’t worry) led to my discovery of the semi-recently released varietal. And I have to say, I was cracking up. You don’t personally have to have a dysfunctional family to get a laugh from the Pinot Grigio name but if you’ve ever been part of a family dinner that went awry or experienced less that friendly conversation with your bloodline, you can probably relate even more. Read this article to learn how the name was chosen and what David wanted to call it. Cheers!

6. NEEDING // CALENDAR REMINDER: I saw this image on Instagram (naturally) and immediately thought: “I need this.” Made by Olive et Oriel the “I need to be successful because I love expensive shit” financial year calendar shows months July 2017 through June 2018. The message is a little sassy but mostly motivating. For someone like me who is always needing a little extra work mojo, it could be a nice companion for my desk area. And, if expletives aren’t your thing, they have the same calendar with “…I love expensive things” along with other calendar designs and prints

7. LOVING // TRASH CAN BOUQUETS: Talk about surprise and delight…I can’t get over how giant bouquets floral designer Lewis Miller and his team have been installing in New York City trash cans. The arrangements are absolutely incredible (no skimping on the variety of blooms and the scale is appropriate to match the size of the trash can as a “vase” of sorts) and I love that the whole point is to provide visual beauty for city pedestrians. Makes me wish that all the beautiful flowers from weddings and other events where the blooms are in abundance could be upcycled in this way! See more of the trash can arrangements right here!

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