Introducing Living Proof’s In-Shower Styler

June 6, 2017

At first glance, Molly and I definitely look a lot alike. We share the same height, similar smiles, etc. But the biggest distinguisher between the two of us is our hair. Not only do we have very different natural colors (she's a strawberry blonde and I'm a light blonde) but our hair textures are completely different. It's rare that we ever overlap on using the same products since we have to do different things to achieve our individual "good hair." But after hearing Molly rave about Living Proof and their Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo and Conditioner for so long (and seeing our mom who has hair very different from Molly also love the formulas), I gave them a try and loved them. The fact that they're sulfate-free and silicone-free AND result in hair that's healthy and looks/feels cleaner longer was such a win for me...knowing that it's safe for my highlighted hair was the icing on the cake.

Given my great experience the first time I used Living Proof and their PhD products I was really intrigued when they launched their newest product: PhD In-Shower Styler. This first-of-its-kind product that goes on in the shower to help your hair air dry more beautifully sounded too good to be does the stuff stay on enough to make a difference as it dries? What makes it change the air drying look? Living Proof answered all my questions (got to love such a transparent company!) and I'm sharing what I've learned. Not just because the product is actually incredible, but because I'm kicking off a week of only using the In-Shower Styler to see how it affects my hair struggles and changes my routine!


So here is what you need to know about Living Proof: they are not a traditional beauty company in that they’ve based their brand on re-thinking conventional hair wisdom and inventing products because they weren’t satisfied with the formula options (or lack their of) available. The Living Proof approach is to solve problems with science. It sounds like such a “duh” philosophy but for the beauty industry – which has been driven by limitations of conventional products confined by preconceived notions of what can and can’t be done – Living Proof has proved to be trailblazers with their groundbreaking products.

The In-Shower Styler is just as groundbreaking as the other Living Proof products but even more special because it’s a product concept that hasn’t really existed before now. We all know the benefits of air drying our hair…by not using a blow dryer we minimize the damage done to strands. Blow drying causes an effect called “flash drying” which removes the surface moisture and removes water that is bound to the hair (called water of hydration). The result is that hair cuticles become dry, rigid and brittle. My hair stylist is always encouraging me to do more air drying to maintain my hair health and keep the strands from breaking and splitting. But here’s the thing with air-drying…it just never looks as good as a blow out. Right? Living Proof created the In-Shower Styler to combat the usual air-drying woes of lack of body, texture, frizz and more.

The instructions for using the formula are super simple:

  • Shampoo and condition your hair in the shower as you normally do
  • While your hair is still wet (and obviously while you’re still in the shower) apply the In-Shower Styler (about a quarter size amount) to coat your hair from roots to end
  • Lightly rinse (but not too much – you should still be able to feel some product on your hair)
  • Towel dry your hair once out of the shower
  • Scrunch
  • Air dry

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “But how does it work? How is my hair going to look any different than when I normally air dry it?” Science!

  • Natural texture is enhanced with cationic resins that bind to the hair (even after rinsing) and flex when dried.
  • Natural body is created by PBAE (Living Proof’s patented Thickening Molecule), which are thickening dots left behind on the hair.
  • Naturally wavy hair is enhanced even more because of magnetic texturizes that enhance your natural waves by building separation between your hair fibers.
  • Hair stays smooth due to a hydrophobic resin that controls fly-aways and enhances shine.

Because I believe in Living Proof and am so genuinely intrigued by the science behind the PhD In-Shower Styler, I’m taking a 1-week In-Shower Styler Challenge to forgo my hair dryer and hot tools in favor of embracing my natural air-dried locks. My hair is naturally wavy and even though I air dry it more than I blow dry it (because I try to obey my hair stylist), I generally never like how it looks and typically end up putting it in a bun or braid because it just doesn’t look “good.” Unlike when I blow dry, my air-dried hair usually looks limp with inconsistent waves and absolutely no body at my roots (my biggest battle when it comes to my hair). I’m really excited to put the In-Shower Styler to the test and see what it does for my air-dried look!

So stay tuned…in a week or so, you’ll be getting the full scoop!

  1. do you think an after picture might be a good idea in a post like this? the proof is in the pudding 🙂

    1. Hi Heather! You can see the “after” picture taken from my week of using the product in this follow-up post 🙂 xx, S

  2. Very nice and beAUTIFUL. It is very useful for me. Thank you for sharing valuable information.

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