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June 7, 2017

With a new baby (a little over a month old now), the weeks actually seem to be flying by. I cannot believe that our angel boy is already one whole month old. I feel like I am constantly wishing for time to slow down, but also loving each new thing that the future holds. We are slowly but surely finding our way into our new normal - really just hanging around the house and doing lots of feeding. I'll run little errands here or there, but find its definitely easiest to stay home with nothing definite planned, because you never know when a newborn's hunger will strike! Completely cherishing these days at home snuggling, no matter how exhausting they may be. (read on for more of this week's vibes)

1. LOUNGING // LAKE MATERNITY PJs: As seen in yesterday’s Instagram post, I cannot get enough of my new Lake Maternity jammies and robe. To be honest, I am practically living in pajamas/robes these days because of the ease of wearing them while nursing. This Lake pair is my absolute favorite. The pima cotton is beyond soft and I love the short-sleeved top with the pants as long sleeve tops can typically make me hot while I sleep. The top features a snap front that goes down low, which is great. The snaps are also SO much easier than my typical button up pajamas – especially when its the middle of the night:) I love the fresh Hydrangea blue color, but am now pining to add the “Moon” version to my collection next! These days, I can never have too many pairs of pj’s!

2. DOWNLOADING // ANXIETY APPS: For as long as I can remember I have been a highly anxious person. Up until becoming pregnant I was prescribed medicine for this, but really didn’t want to take anything while pregnant if I could manage without it. Even though mom anxiety is at an all time high right now (which is no surprise if you know me!), I am determined to stay off of my medicine – especially while breastfeeding. For me, exercising has always been a great source of relief, but since I still can’t work out for another week (at the recommendation of my doctor), my husband has suggested trying some form of meditation. I think he may just be sick of all of my worrying! This round up of mood/anxiety tracking apps by Refinery29 couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I also downloaded the Headspace app to use for meditation. It only requires 10 minutes a day, which is definitely doable. Stay tuned!

3. DRESSING // MADEWELL DRESSES: Since having the babe, I’m feeling kind of sick of what is hanging in my closet. I don’t exactly know why since I haven’t been able to wear half of it! I think I’m just itching to purchase something new since its been awhile. Lucky for me, Madewell has the best dress offerings right now. Dresses are ideal for the hot Dallas summers, and one article of clothing is so much easier than multiples when I’m usually dressing in a hurry (on the days when I actually make it out of the pajamas mentioned above!). Dresses are also SO much more comfortable since having a c-section. I have my eye on this (loving the details), this (nice and swingy!), this, and this.

4. BRONZING // W3LL PEOPLE BIO BRONZER: In terms of switching my beauty products over to more natural products, the one thing that I had yet to replace was my bronzer. I was sure that I would never find something quite like my other, less clean versions. All of that changed when W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Bronzer Powder landed on my vanity. Its no wonder the bronzer has 4.8/5 stars on the W3LL PEOPLE site – it really is just that good. I honestly thought I would hate the fact that the bronzer was loose powder, but I actually love that it lets me control the amount of product that makes it onto the brush and my face. The color appears to be fairly dark, but has never looked that way on my skin. Rather it truly is that perfect natural, sun-kissed look that I rely on bronzer for. This isn’t my first product from W3LL PEOPLE – I love every single thing of theirs that I have tried thus far. Including the Bio Correct Concealer and Multi-Use Cream Blush Sticks. In my constant quest for a natural, holy grail foundation, I am dying to try their Narcissist Foundation Stick and Altruist Foundation Powder next!

5. READING // BABY DAY-BY-DAY: If there’s one baby-related book that I’ve actually opened and read since coming home from the hospital, this one is it. The book is written in chronological order, starting with day 1 and progressing throughout the first year. It has been the best place to reference various happenings and milestones that we’ve been experiencing at home. The pictures and the way the book is laid out make it easy to read and follow along as the days with baby go by. I also love that it goes by days and not just weeks as things do change with each day. I highly, highly recommend this book – it would also make a great gift, too!

6. LOVING // CUDDLE + KIND DOLLS: I came across these precious knit dolls on Instagram at some point in my pregnancy, but, forgot about them and never came across them again (until this week!). Don’t you hate when that happens? Luckily, Cuddle + Kind showed up on the middle feed of our Instagram account the other day and I’ve already placed my first order with them. Not only are the hand-knit dolls completely charming and sweet, but with each doll sold, the company gives 10 meals to children in need. The dolls are also handmade by women artisans in Peru – providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income. How amazing is that? Most dolls come in two sizes – 13″ or 20″. The 20″ are beyond adorable to use in your baby’s monthly photos to show the scale of how much your little one has grown – especially since many new babies are right around 20″ long! Just stalk Cuddle + Kind’s instagramlike I did to see what I mean. I have Sebastian the lamb coming to us this week because I couldn’t resist his little face, but Benedict the bunny with his bright red glasses is pretty amazing for little boys too.

7. WANTING // EVERLANE SLIDES: Flip flops and slide sandals are pretty much my new normal lately, so the new arrival of Everlane’s Form Sandals came at the perfect time. The slides are made from soft Italian leather and feature a contoured foot bed that conforms to your foot creating the perfect, molded fit. Since I never jumped on that recent Birkenstock bandwagon, I’m thinking this is an even better alternative? The sandals come in a Crossover version as well as a classic Slide. I personally am partial to the Crossover pair in the (no surprise) Pale Rose color – so. good. How good would these look with any of the Madewell dresses? Just further convincing myself to make the purchase!

    1. Hi Mama! I wear a small in the LAKE pj’s 🙂 And I swear, I totally live in the maternity set. So comfy and incredible for nursing! xx, Sally

  1. as a fellow mom, I would love a birth story post! are you planning on doing one, or providing any other details?

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