Big Gal Bed with Matouk

June 9, 2017

I can't believe it's already June...since moving from Houston back to Dallas last September so much has happened. The two biggest personal celebrations have been Sally having her baby (my nephew!) in May and me adding Rosebud the fur baby to my life in November. Surrounding those life moments are hundreds of others - some highs and lows. But mostly highs. People think I'm joking when I say this but the best thing I've done for myself this year (so far) has been getting a king-sized bed. I wrote a little bit about turning one of the two bedrooms in my new place into a master bedroom (because I'm the master of my life) in this post and how much having a king-sized mattress has improved my sleep routine (mostly because it accommodates two labs - one of which is 85 pounds).

Once I had my Loom & Leaf mattress and a bed - and new NIGHT Pillow, obvi - I started the process of dressing up my big gal bed and making the room really feel like my space. Though it took longer than I anticipated (the handmade sconces just got hung the other week) I am completely obsessed with the final look. No surprise, the beautiful Matouk bedding completely steals the show. Which was exactly what I wanted!


The only thing I knew I wanted for this room was “crisp and clean.” Because I couldn’t paint the walls white (anyone else just want to live in a white box of a home?) I wanted the bedding to be like a beacon of brightness on my charcoal grey bed. And in my opinion, Matouk is a master of white. Yes, they have some great printed pieces (and I clearly went that direction with my sheets) but the amount of white percale designs with various embroidered borders and decorative flanges (both available in color accents) and textured matelasse options has always made them a standout. Add in their custom monograms, bespoke embroidery and made-to-order bedding and the challenge of picking favorites becomes really hard.

But this was a challenge I was up for! Graduating to a king-sized bed and getting to work with Matouk on the linens was like a grown-up girl’s dream come true. As luxurious as Matouk’s linens are, they are also made with impeccable materials and constructed to the highest quality standards. Because I sleep with two furry babies in bed with me, it was comforting to know that even if I designed a completely white bed, everything would stand up to wear and washings. My pups are not perfect – and as clean as they are I end up washing my bedding at least once every 7-10 days. Full disclosure: I do put a large utilitarian blanket over my duvet at night to minimize the amount of dog contact and shedding. That said, the linens still get laundered on the regular and continue to look brand new…no frayed edges or corners, broken stitching, pulled threads, etc.

So here’s what I dressed the bed in and why I picked it:

  • CASSIDY flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow cases: even though I wanted an all-white bed, I knew it was a little crazy of me to think that would extend to the sheeting. Did I mention that my dogs sleep on my pillows like humans? Aside from that factor, I knew that I probably couldn’t keep completely white sheets looking clean between washings. I’ve liked having printed sheets in the past but mine have always been a print on a white background…I totally fell in love with the Cassidy design (it’s part of the Lulu DK for Matouk collection) and how the small white botanical pattern sits on a field of color. I went with the Azure – blue is my color – and love the sneaky pop of brightness with the rest of the white!
  • SALON duvet and king shams: I seriously struggled with picking a duvet. As I mentioned above, Matouk has such beautiful duvet cover designs and the option to do made-to-order motifs – and it defiantly took me a minute (re: weeks) to land on a favorite. After a lot of back and forth, I settled on the Salon made-to-order option. I’m not typically one that leans toward traditional design elements but I really loved how the fretwork inspired motif looked both classic and modern, detailed but clean, special but not fussy. Truth be told, it was when I saw the duvet and king shams at Linen Boutique in Dallas that carries Matouk that really sold me on the design. I love how the appliqué border on the shams matches the duvet but isn’t overkill. I almost went with white as the color for the Nocturne sateen flange and border but the thought of all that beauty getting lost was too sad and the pale silver was the next best choice for subtle impact.
  • MBM Appliqué Monogram (style #2070): I am not a monogram person. Really, I’m not. I can count the number of items that display my initials on one hand. But my anti-monogram feelings only extend to the overdone “if it’s not moving monogram it” mentality. I have a huge appreciation for appliqué monograms (fabric cut into letters is placed on the item and sewn down with a hand-guided embroidery machine) and bespoke embroidery (unique designs, stitching techniques, and thread colors). Matouk has always been known for their monogramming and though I knew I wanted some sort of monogrammed accent, I wasn’t sure where or how it would be incorporated. Once I chose the Salon duvet and king shams, I knew it was the shams that needed some beautiful initial action. I really like some of Matouk’s embroidered options but the simple, bold appliqué options are what really spoke to me. Like every step in this bedding process, choosing which option to go with took some time. I chose style #2070 – which looks kind of like a shield – because it felt like the right amount of “different” without being overly feminine.
  • BARCELONA coverlet and euro shams: a Matouk bed is not complete without a coverlet. Not to be confused with a quilt (quilts typically have two sided and a layer of batting while coverlets are usually not reversible and are a lighter layer). Matouk’s coverlets are comprised of textured matelasse and patterned pique designs that are small in scale but make for the prettiest addition of contrast with the flat percale linens. Depending on the construction, some of the coverlet patterns have a pearl-like sheen, while others have a matte look. I should note that the coverlet patterns extend into shams and bedskirts – making it even easier to layer in the texture. In my opinion, Matouk’s most popular coverlet design is the Diamond Pique. It’s lovely and classic. But I didn’t want to go with the norm so I spent a lot of time touching and comparing all the coverlet options (while at Linen Boutique) before deciding on the Barcelona for both a coverlet and euro shams. The “over-under” checked pattern was a perfect contrasting to the organic botanical design in the Cassidy sheets and compliment to the structure of the Salon duvet and shams.

Because I my bed has and upholstered footboard and sides I didn’t need a bedskirt. But if I had, I may have gone with a different texture from Matouk’s options

This probably goes without saying, but I make my bed everyday. How could I not when I have such insanely luxe linens that need to shine?! Being that I work from home and already have such a homebody mentality, by bedroom is obviously one of my most favorite rooms and my bed is a total jewel. I love the ritual of taking my pillows off, helping the dogs jump up, and climbing into bed each night as much as I enjoy tucking in the sheets, smoothing the duvet, and arraign the pillows each morning. To say that I’m completely obsessed with how my Matouk combination came together is an understatement. Going from a queen-sized bed to a king-sized situation was a game changer but adding gorgeous Matouk linens has been the icing on the cake and elevated my entire bedroom in a way I never imagined.

Picking bedding is such a personal process but it should be fun, not stressful. Matouk’s website has a “umatouk – make your bed” interactive configurator that allows you to virtually pick, choose, and swap all the sheeting, coverlet, sham, and duvet options available in order to visualize how your favorites all look together. And with over 100 boutiques and specialty stores around the country that carry Matouk, you’re able to experience the infinite options, colors, textures, and personalization options in person. But really, I’m not sure you could end up with anything that’s not stunning given the style and sophistication of Matouk’s designs.

I owe a giant and heartfelt thank you Matouk for taking me on such a personal bedding journey and outfitting my bed with linens that I will use and enjoy for years to come!

*Some side notes: I cannot say enough good things about my Loom & Leaf mattress. It’s eco-friendly memory foam and made in the US. Seriously incredible. I also still sleep with my NIGHT Pillow every night (it also travels with me) and Rosie can usually be found sleeping curled around the crown of my head…trying to get as much NIGHT Pillow action as possible. And lastly, my Photonic Studio sconces may have been the last pieces added to my room but they totally complete the puzzle in the most perfect way and I adore them.

  1. SO beautiful! I love this, Molly.

    But. how in the world do you keep your linens clean / not shredded to bits? we have a great dane and an irish wolfhound that are bedding ruiners. We’ve just moved into a new home, and with it came new rules. The dogs now sleep downstairs in their own dog room.

    It’s been really great for our linens, but I so miss their snuggles!

  2. Molly this bedroom Looks gorgeous! Obvi rhe linens are amazing, but i am also really lovIng thise sconCes they are gorg!!

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