Using Living Proof’s In-Shower Styler

June 13, 2017

If I look a little tired in these photos it's because I am. Having a sweet baby to feed around the clock has definitely changed my sleeping habits and left me, well, looking less than well rested. But I can't complain...I love my new routine as a mom even if it means that my personal maintenance has taken a backseat. Taking on the 1-week In-Shower Styler Challenge with the first-of-its-kind product by Living Proof could not have come at a more ideal time. Since having our sweet bunny nearly a month ago I can count the number of times I've blow dried my hair on one hand (using only a few fingers). As a new mom, air-drying my hair has been less of a choice and more of a necessity. Upon learning about Living Proof's PhD In-Shower Styler - which I talked all about in this post - I thought, "this could totally change my life/hair" and happily took on the challenge to put away my drier and hot tools in lieu of using the product exclusively for a week. I'm really excited to report back with my thoughts! Just excuse the tired eyes...


So just to re-cap a little from this post last week, the PhD In-Shower Styler is a revolutionary product Living Proof created to help air-dried hair look more beautiful. For years I have been trying to air dry my hair more than I blow dry it… not only because my hair stylist has advised me to but because I know it’s a better way to keep my long highlighted hair healthy and happy. But for me (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way) air-drying has just never felt like an equal alternative to blow-drying. The results have always been night and day – the difference between body, texture and smoothness (from using a blow dryer and curling wand) versus limp inconsistent waves, flat roots and frizz (the results I used to get with air-drying). I want to love the way my hair looks air-dried but it’s just never been possible.

Enter Living Proof’s PhD In-Shower Styler. This product could not have entered my life at a more perfect time. As much as I appreciate the science behind Living Proof and have seen their other products work magic, I have to say that I was slightly skeptical about the In-Shower Styler actually changing the look of my air-dried locks. The promise of enhanced texture, better body, and smoothness just sounded too good to be true. But after trying it once I was convinced. And after using it for a whole week I’m completely hooked.

Here’s how I use it:

  • I use Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo and Conditioner like I normally do
  • While my hair is still wet I apply the In-Shower Styler (about a quarter size amount) and coat my hair from the roots to ends
  • Then I lightly rinse the product but running my fingers from roots to ends a couple times under the shower head for a couple seconds. The trick is to make sure that the product doesn’t totally rinse out! I make sure that I can always feel some of the product on my strands
  • When I get out of the shower I gently towel dry my hair using an AQUIS hair towel and wrap it up for a little bit (to get the excess water out and so I can sip on some coffee)
  • Because my hair gets SUPER tangled (especially at the nape of my neck) I have to comb it while it’s still wet
  • Even though my hair has some natural wave I wouldn’t consider it curly…so I’m not big on “scrunching.” I just sort of fluff it at the roots and run my fingers through it after it’s been combed and say a prayer that things turn out okay
  • Then I leave it alone to air dry and completely forget about it
  • The final step is catching myself in the mirror while changing diapers or getting a moment alone in the bathroom and thinking “Well what a surprise – things are actually looking pretty good!” (note: this is only a reaction to my hair and not the dark circles under my eyes)
  • Sometimes I skip a day on washing my hair while showering and use Living Proof’s PhD Dry Shampoo to give my roots some extra volume

If the difference between blow-drying my hair verses air-drying has been night and day, the difference in air-drying without the In-Shower Styler versus with is like…incomparable. Before using the product, in addition to not having an ounce of body, I felt like my hair would almost look a little greasy when air-dried. I definitely never felt like I looked my best with my natural, air-dried hair. But – and this is not an exaggeration – my love for my natural wave has totally changed and I actually feel just as confident with my air-dried hair as I do when it’s been blow dried and curled. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised by the In-Shower Styler results given that Living Proof products always keep their promises and deliver on making every day a “good hair” day!

The best part – besides the fact that it’s silicone-free, sulfate-free and safely formulated for color and chemically treated hair like all Living Proof products – is that even though the In-Shower Styler is ideal for straight to slightly wavy hair it still works if you have naturally straight hair. Molly has very straight hair and rarely air-dries because she can’t stand how flat her hair will look without some blow dry action – but she has also tried using In-Shower Styler and loves it. Her trick is to let her strands air try till they’re almost totally dry, then part her hair down the middle and clip each side into loosely wrapped buns. Once completely dry she has the ideal amount of soft waves and good root volume – without having to use any hot tools! I should also mention that the In-Shower Styler comes with a handy little pamphlet with other styling tricks and different styles to help you get your best (air-dried) hair.

Whether you’re a mom who barely has time to wash your hair let alone style it (like me), someone who always air-dries but wants to improve the look of your natural hair, or you’re wanting to convert to air-drying but are scared of giving up the volume, body, smoothness and shine that comes from hot tools – I highly suggest giving the In-Shower Styler a try. You don’t need to do a 1-week challenge like I did…just one use will be enough for you to see a noticeable difference!

Do you typically air-dry or blow-dry your hair? What kinds of air-dried styles would you want to try?

  1. I have tried this Twice now and am happy to read another person’s experience. A lot of what you say about your hair applies to me except my hair naturally has a lot of body/volume – it’s that slight wave + incredible density that have always made me reach for my hair dryer to tame the mane. I’m wondering if you or living proof have any hints for how to make this in-shower styler work better for me. The first time i used it i couldn’t help running my fingers through my hair, brushing it behind my ear, which seemed to make the frizz/excessive volume come back. And then the second time this weekend i tried adding some of their style-lab shine/fly-away serum (i’m probably getting the name wrong there) after it was mostly dried, and that helped a little. But i’m definitely not yet at the confidence you’ve found and would love to get there!

    1. Hi Lauren! I’m so sorry that you’re not completely loving your air-dried hair with the In-Shower Styler…my hair is very fine and doesn’t have hardly any body/volume whether I air-dry or blow-dry – but the In-Shower Styler has actually been helping me have more body and volume when I use it and air-dry. But, I can understand how too much body can be too much! And I’m sorry you’re not getting the frizz taming you’re wanting! My suggestion is to reach out to Living Proof via their “contact us” and ask if there are any coordinating products you can use along with the In-Shower Styler. I’m sorry I can’t be more help! xx, S

  2. I am now very curious to try this out! i’ll need to go get a sample at sephora soon haha.

    Also, congrats on the new little one! Don’t apologize for dark circles or how you look…I think i can speak for most of us when i say, that’s the least of anyone’s worries 🙂

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