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June 14, 2017

The Bachelorette wasn't on this week and I feel like my whole week as been off as a result. Luckily, I have the The Real Housewives of New York to ground me back into my schedule. As a single lady who also happens to be a major homebody and creature of habit, my TV programming is of the upmost importance. Insane? Absolutely. I know I need to get out more. My only redemption is that I read every night before bed. (ignore me, and just check out todays vibes!)

1. DREAMING // LAKE AUSTIN SPA: If you haven’t heard of Lake Austin Spa that may be because you don’t live in Texas. But Sally and I have been hearing about the beautiful retreat for years and after telling our mom tales of the resort and the relaxation, activities, food, and beauty that abound we have it in our minds that a mother-daughter girls trip needs to happen. This past week I was clicking around goop (a somewhat infrequent practice since the site has a tendency to make me feel like a lazy, unhealthy, bum) and was surprised to see Lake Austin Spa as a story on the “DO” page. The write up made the spa seem even more magical and I could totally visualize myself kayaking and doing water yoga on the Colorado River and strolling the grounds in a robe on my way to a massage. Stumbling upon the write-up was just the jolt I needed to make this girls trip go from a dream to reality…the planning has begun!

2. LOVING // MI GOLONDRINA NEWNESS: Y’all have heard me gush about my sweet bestie Cristina and her beautiful business Mi Golondrina on more than one occasion. I can’t help it! Not only is she the most thoughtful friend (a feat that always amazes me given how busy she is) but the creativity and love she puts into every new design in her collection never fails to inspire me. Recently, Cristina and some of her team went to Tulum to style and shoot images of the latest and greatest (and colorful!) Mi Golondrina pieces. I can’t get over how gorgeous the images are…each time I visit the Mi Go website and Instagram and see the photos taken by Kelsey Wilson (so talented!) I’m mesmerized. Safe to say, the Tulum images have made me want nearly every piece in the New Arrivals section. I’m also super inspired to style my Tuxedo Shirt and off-the-shoulder top from the Romántico collection with long skirts this summer after seeing them styled that way!

3. READING // CHERRY BOMBE NO. 9: Since spring/summer 2013, I’ve been buying and reading the biannual Cherry Bombe magazines. The colorful stack (each issue has a different colored spine) sits in a special spot and just seeing the collection makes me happy. If you’re new to the party, Cherry Bombe is a publication that “celebrates women and food.” Each issue – spring/summer and fall/winter – has a different cover girl (from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner to Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen) and is full recipes, stories, and lifestyle goodness that oozes style and substance. I was very excited to see Martha Steward on the cover of the recently released Issue No. 9…past issues have included OG figures like Ina Garten (Issue No. 4) but there hasn’t been a lady which such a hallmarked legacy front and center since Ruth Reichl was on Issue No. 3. Each issue has a name and this one is aptly called “Good Things.” I just ordered my copy and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

4. BRONZING // HOOLA LITE: Sally called out W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Bronzer Powder in her Current Vibes post last week so I felt like I needed to highlight my current bronzer of choice this week. If you haven’t figured it out already, Sally is the sister who uses more clean/non-toxic/ natural beauty and skincare products. I’m more into finding products I love – regardless of their ingredients. Though she’s converted me in several areas (detergents and cleaning products being one) I have a hard time parting with the makeup I love. For years, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer has been among a makeup bag must for me. And I’m not the only one…it’s a cult classic! From reading the thousands of reviews on Sephora to seeing Emily Weiss tout it as her go-to – it’s easy to understand why people love it. For one, it’s a matte finish without any shimmer, making it great as an all-over powder or for contouring action. Second, it’s a warm brown but not such an aggressively dark shade that a first application will overwhelm (obviously you could build up the hue to look like a crazy tan person if you want). Third, the sturdy little paper compact kind of allows it to be thrown around and withstand wear and tear without hurting the powder (I’ve only cracked one of the dozens I’ve bought over the years). There’s a lot to love. But Benefit must have decided that the Hoola formula was just a little too dark for certain skin tones or certain times of year (you know, when you’re pale AF in the middle of February) so they introduced Hoola Lite. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a lighter shade version of Hoola. Ideal for those who have a fair complexion or seek an even more natural-looking bronze. I’ve already bought my box of Hoola Lite – and it’s very nice – though it’s not getting as much action as my regular Hoola since the original shade seems to match my “tanned” skin better right now (currently tanned with this self tanner from head to toe), I know that the Lite version will be my best friend come fall/winter when my ghostly completion needs just a whisper of bronze-ness.

5. ORDERING // TRIANGL: Pool season! Vacation season! ‘Tis the season for swimsuits…and if you’re me, that means bikinis. I already splurged on this top and bottom in early spring and while I feel like the purchase was worth it, I’m wanting to add another bikini or two without having as much wallet hurt. TRIANGL has always been on my radar but their current new arrivals are such an unexpected departure from the neoprene styles they’ve previously offered that I was caught off guard…and totally in love with the simple, clean designs done in smocked French Jacquard, traditional nylon/spandex, and Italian Velvet. While I don’t know which offering I’ll end up with (though the Lorie is really speaking to me), I do know that the $79-89 price tag for both a bikini top and bottom won’t hurt as much when I finally checkout!

6: INSPIRED BY // LR SUMMER: Do I even need to go into detail with this? Probably not. With every new season, I include Loeffler Randall’s latest collection in a Current Vibes post. My obsession runs deep. And how can it not when Jessie and her team continually churn out new styles (the Coco is killing me), textiles (woven indigo and anemone embroidery?!), embellishments (rhinestones!), and textures (shearing in the summer – no one else could make it work). The summer collection is slaying me but I’m absolutely not surprised. I could literally live in the mood boards that usher in each seasonal collection and use them as a personal lifestyle guide, they inspire me so much!

7. EDITING // GRAY MALIN’S FAVE FILTERS: There’s nothing I appreciate more than when talented people share some tricks and tips relevant to their trade. Given the competitive atmosphere that surrounds many professions, it’s always refreshing when thoughtful and helpful information is divulged. Famed photographer Gray Malin and his blog posts on iPhone editing techniques are an ideal case in point. In the past he’s shared his iPhone editing tips and Favorite iPhone Photo Editing Apps – most recently (as of two days ago – I’m really on the up and up) he’s posted his 5 Favorite Photo Filters. If you’re someone who just can’t deal with all the options in VSCO and love white and bright photos (like me!) then you’ll love learning which filters Gray uses most. So. Helpful.

  1. YOU GUYS SHOULD PLAN TO WEEKEND ( AT LEAST) AT THE LAKE AUSTiN SPA! MY MOM , SISTER AND I WENT FOR MY 40TH. We had the greatest time. My mom STILL says that it was one of the best trips of her life.

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