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June 21, 2017

Now that it's Wednesday, that means the weekend is near, which also means that our mamasita is coming to town. It's hard to believe that it has already been several weeks since she was last here. She is such a huge help whenever she's in town visiting but has been even more of godsend in the weeks right after we brought the baby home - cooking us meals, running errands, helping with laundry and cleaning the house...I would be totally lying if I said I didn't miss her daily helping hands. A lot. I have completely let things like the idea of cooking dinner go, but I am trying to forgive myself and remind myself that a new baby needs to be my #1 focus. My mom and I have big plans to cook a bunch of meals while she is here and freeze them to help ease up on my dreaded dinner anxiety at the end of each day. (aside from the excitement over our mama's upcoming visit, read on for what I'm excited about this week)

1. SANDAL HUNTING // O&J SUNDAY SANDAL:  Olive and June is the prettiest, West Coast nail salon you ever did see that practically warrants a trip to the LA area just to be experienced. Their latest endeavor is one that everyone can partake in, no matter your location. The Saturday Sandal was made in collaboration with shoe designer Charlotte Stone and is pure genius. At just $65, the simple Napa leather lace up sandals are really all you would need to get you through the summer months. They would go with absolutely everything and can be tied in different ways, so you never feel like you’re wearing the same sandal. The best part? You can wear them after a pedicure without worrying about ruining your toes – which I always manage to do!

2. FASTING // SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media – and how much I consume it – is definitely something giving me pause lately. Now that I have a baby I’m wanting to enjoy each and every moment as they come, and doing it by being present, not by capturing those moments on my phone…then posting them. This article was intriguing in the idea of re-creating a healthier relationship with social media. I think that the urge to share/post has become so natural – almost to the point of the extreme – and likewise consuming the posted content can be addicting. I like the idea in the article of physically logging out of your accounts before bed to almost remind yourself the next day that you’re taking a break for the duration of the day. This is a little hard given that we have a blog and part of our content creation falls instep with posting to social media channels, but I would love to follow that advice or find another way to take steps away from my phone/social media and closer to enjoying and investing in the “now.”

3. WANTING // DAILY HARVEST: While nursing a baby, you need an extra 500 calories a day, but often times it seems hard to get those extra calories in a healthy format that isn’t just a fig bar or a piece of toast. All eating can often times seem to be done in a rush or hours after the actual meal is generally eaten. I find myself forgetting to eat breakfast a lot because I feed him in bed in the morning and then he ends up falling asleep on me or we’ll both take a nap and then by the time we feed again it’s nearly 11am and I haven’t eaten breakfast. Whoops. This is why when I read about Daily Harvest I was intrigued. Started by a busy New York mom who found herself being strapped for time too, Daily Harvest delivers yummy and healthy foods straight to your freezer. The company tapped into a new kind of frozen technology and are making quite the name for themselves. Although frozen, the nutritional quality is just as good if not better. Since I’m constantly craving a smoothie or acai bowl, I’m thinking of trying the smoothies first. Each smoothie is anywhere from $6.99 to $7.99 a cup, which is really the same price as the local juice bar, just more convenient.

4. SALE SHOPPING // DONDOLO: Truth be told, these days I would much rather buy baby clothes than clothes for myself. Maybe that’s because I live in workout clothes? Either way, I don’t hate it! Dondolo is one of those children’s lines where its hard to resist every.single.thing they do. What’s even more than their darling clothing, is Dondolo’s business model and their Mom Empowerment Program. The clothing is all stitched by hand by single mothers in Colombia and proceeds from the sales through Dondolo provide articles of clothing to children in Colombia. After meeting the women in Cartanega, the company decided they wanted to do more and established their Mom Empowerment Program. Through the program, they chose 5 women who demonstrated an ambition and desire to do more for themselves and their families. The program teaches them life lessons and skills that can help them to earn a living wage – all increasing their self esteem and chance at a better future for their families. While purchasing pretty baby clothes can at times seem maybe frivolous and even unnecessary to some, when doing it at Dondolo, you truly are giving back to people in need and there is no better feeling. Currently, Dondolo is having their Summer warehouse sale and the prices are amazing! SO many sweet things. Right now I have thisthisthis, and this in my cart. With how hot it is here, bubbles are perfect for babies, even going into the fall. We also LOVE their Pima Cotton zip up footie jammies.

5. SWIPING // URSA MAJOR WIPES: While in the hospital before/during/after my delivery, there was a good 36 hours where I literally could not get out of bed. In desperation, I asked Molly if she would bring up some of my husband’s Ursa Major cleansing wipes so that I could have a chance at washing my face. Now that we’re home and on borrowed time, I find myself reaching for these wipes more and more – especially at night. Until now, I had never been a cleanse with a wipe kind of girl, but I’m not mad at it. And, I feel good knowing that Ursa Major’s products are natural. This line is all my husband uses for his skincare and I’m often stealing products of his or buying my own. My other latest obsession? Their Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum which I swear has changed my skin’s tone.

6. DOCKING // DOCKaTOT: Dock a Tot: If there is one baby item that we use more than anything else in our house (aside from the Snoo every night), it would be the Dock a Tot. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure if we would actually use a Dock a Tot since we weren’t planning on doing the co-sleeping thing, but a friend offered to let me borrow hers and it’s been a game changer ever since. So much so that I’m thinking we should just get one of our own we love it so much. Even though we don’t partake in co-sleeping, we find ourselves using the Dock a Tot ALL of the time. In the early mornings after nursing I will lay him in it to nap next to me while I take a nap myself or am working on the computer. We do the same thing in bed at night and lay him between us for some tummy time in the Dock before we transfer him to the Snoo. I’ve used it in the bathroom to lay his towel down in and wrap him up after a bath or in the bathroom while I am showering. We can easily (with just a handle) carry it to the couch or other rooms of the house. I even think it would be a life saver to have on our beach trip next month for him to nap in or hang around the house in. As much as I love all of our gadgets that vibrate or move, I wanted to be sure he wasn’t always sleeping in something like that so that the eventual crib transition wouldn’t be too painful. The Dock a Tot is also nice and cozy with its protective sides as it was made to mimic the womb with its snug fit. Recently, the company has come out with a travel bag(genius!) and a toy arch, both of which I feel like we would use a lot.

7. SWIMMING // KARLA COLLETTO: I’ve had Karla Colletto on my “to blog about” list for a few weeks now and ironically enough, when I went into our local Everything But Water store in search of my first one piece, I ended up leaving with one of hers – this one! I probably haven’t worn a one piece in 20 years, but being almost 7 weeks post-baby and with a beach trip in a month, it is highly necessary! Luckily, Karla Colletto makes shopping for a one piece practically painless because each suit is better than the next and super flattering, too. Feminine, pretty details like ric-rac trimbrightly-colored eyelets, or liberty-esque floral prints stand out without being over powering. I already have my eye on this one or this before we leave for the beach.

1. Olive & June Saturday Sandals ($65) // 2. "Intermittent Social Media Fasting" via The Atlantic, image via // 3. Daily Harvest // 4. Dondolo Warehouse Sale, Pocket Bubble ($70 → $16), Hampton Bubble ($60 → $15) // 5. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes ($24-$45) (also here, here, here and on Amazon!) // 6. DockATot, image via ($165+) (also here, here and on Amazon!) // 7. Karla Colette Swim (also here, here, here, and on Amazon!)
  1. A belated Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    Digital detox: I did similar to the article. For a month, I once tried to not access social media for 12 hours at a time. From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. I slipped up a few times but i did get some reading done and caught up on docs.

  2. The daily harvest cold brew and almond smoothie is amazing! It isn’t too sweet and definitely wakes you up a bit.

  3. I am expecting our first baby next month (a boy as well!!) and we just ordered the snoo-please share your thoughts on it if possible! Also would love to hear about any other newborn must haves! Congratulations on your new arrival!

    1. Hi Katherine! Great timing – I’m doing a review post of the SNOO today! Spoiler alert: it’s amazing and so worth it. xx, S

  4. If this blog is going to cover your personal joUrney with your baby, why not share the name/maybe a Photo. We’ve gone thRough the whole pregnaNcy with you. The privacy thing ouTdoes beyonce. It’s weird. Just saying. Makes it weird to read the blog. Fashion is cool but people get into blogs for some fellowship beyond Just round ups. I find myself less and less inlcuned to Visit the site. Rooting for you both! Just don’t be this weiRd.

    1. Agreed. It seems like you guys only ever do round ups and/or sponsored posts. BASED ON THE LACK OF PERSONAL STUFF YOU POST COMBINED WITH THE SPONSORED CONTENT IT SEEMS LIKE YOU KEEP YOUR BLOG ON SOLELY FOR FINANCIAL REASONS, NOT BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY blogging. The personal aspect of this blog is almost completely vanished and although i’m a longtime reader who used to visit often, I feel like you lost touch with your audience. A shame really, for you guys have so much potential.

    2. I clicked to add a comment, because I loved that social media article she linked, but then I saw these comments and was a little shocked. as a mom myself, i understand wanting to keep your sweet new baby private. i think bloggers are in an interesting predicament because readers think they’re “owed” information when really its up to the blogger to share or keep private what they want. it seems to me that its damned if you do, damned if you dont. im sure if sally did share name, pictures, etc. you would still find something to criticize her about.

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