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June 22, 2017

I briefly mentioned in yesterday's post how our most used baby item is our SNOO bassinet. We've been using the SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby since our first night home from the hospital and have used it every night since. At $1,160 I realize that this is a high ticket item, but I thought I knew after just one night - and I definitely know after seven straight weeks of using it, that it's worth its weight in gold at this point. The SNOO was one of the first things my husband and I decided on when we were deciding what we needed for the baby and I was so excited about all the features that I shared it in this post before we even had our baby. I had high hopes, and the reviews were incredible, but you never really know how something's going to work till you use it consistently. And while I'm going to go into more detail, but I could honestly sum up this whole post in two words: IT WORKS.

This may be info that everyone already knows, but as newborns are still learning to piece together their sleep cycles, they often stir or fuss between cycles but aren’t actually fully awake….their bodies are still learning to stay asleep as they pass from the deep sleep to light sleep. The SNOO responds to these cues of wakefulness by increasing its rocking motion and the level of the white noise to rock the baby back to sleep. As a result of this, we as parents are able to sleep for longer stretches of time and aren’t having to get up and check on the baby or soothe them with every little sound we hear. Right now, my husband and I are getting a good 6 hour stretch of sleep each night with a 7 week old…and that’s something I find pretty amazing! I fully attribute this to the SNOO. *Note: I could go into WAY too much detail about how the SNOO responds to fussing, movement and cries – along with how the SNOO app works – but this FAQs page is so much more informative than I could ever be!

Aside from the nice, long stretch of sleep we’ve been gifted thanks to the Smart Sleeper, I also feel like my anxiety is at such ease each night knowing that the SNOO ensures the recommended safest sleeping circumstances. The SNOO Sacks (they come in small, medium, and large) safely swaddle your baby’s arms and zip around their legs, and also have wings attached to each side of the body that clip into the sides of the SNOO so that there is no possible way your baby can roll over from their back. Sounds complicated but it’s not. This no-roll feature alone gives me such piece of mind each night – it’s stressful being a new mom and putting your baby down each night! I am also a firm believer that babies sleep so.much.better in a swaddle because of their startle reflex that often times wakes them. I like that the SNOO Sleep Sacks are “hip safe,” which is important with a new baby. The sacks are also partially mesh so that there isn’t a concern for overheating – another worry with sleeping babies. *Note: the blanket on the side of the bassinet is just there because we often hang blankets on the side of the SNOO to grab and use during the day. We do NOT use any blankets at night with the SNOO – we only use the Sleep Sacks!

Aesthetically, the SNOO is beautiful and minimalistic and doesn’t look like any other baby item in our home. I should caveat that we love all our other baby gear and gadgets – and I’ll share those in another post – but the SNOO is just so pretty it looks like a real piece of furniture. The best part about the design (aside from how nice it looks) is that it’s lightweight enough that I am easily able to move it from its spot against a wall in our bedroom to my bedside each night (I personally like having it by my bedside so that I can peek in there periodically if I do hear anything and its so much easier to access for early morning feedings). Even with it being light enough for me to lift and move easily, it’s very sturdy and I like that I can lean on it and not feel like it will give with my weight. I only wish that we could bring it with us when we travel in a few weeks!

Between it’s incredibly technology which is attributing to a better night’s sleep for both us and the baby, the peace of mind we get from the safety aspect, and it’s ridiculous good looks (Zoolander, anyone?!) I truly cannot sing enough praises for the SNOO.

*Last Note (I promise): the dress I’m wearing is one I wore with a bump (here) and I’m still obsessed with it (it’s not maternity but can totally be worn while pregnant). Anyway, it’s on sale here, here, and here!

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  1. So tell us the truth would you really buy it if you had to pay for it? And yes I agree with other comments on this blog, you ladies are too much iinto sponsored content, this blog really could use some authenticity!

    1. Hi Jan – YES, I would 100% buy the SNOO if it wasn’t something gifted to me. My completely honest opinion is that it is an incredible product – one that’s helping so many parents besides myself! xx, Sally

  2. Could you talk a little bit about the Decision not to show your baby on the blog? I totally respect your decision, but I DO FIND it interesting seeing as (i’m assuming) you decided to share the rest of you to the world and also decided to blog about mom-related topics. I’m genuinely curious!

  3. Hi girls! Ive been a long time reader of The blog anD ive always been able to understand the importance Of sPonsored content, now i dont know if this was sponsored but if so it is hard As a reader to understand wHy you would only share this aspect of your new life with baby. I completely understand if you choose not to have your newborn on the blog but then it might now be a great Place to share c/o baby products.

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