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June 28, 2017

FOCUS. I think I need the word tattooed somewhere very visible on my body. Like maybe my face, neck, or right hand. Don't worry (mom and dad), I'm not going to do it. But I could reallllly use the visual as a constant reminder to just....focus. Focus and execute. If anyone has a better way to achieve this that doesn't require inking my body any more than I have or taking narcotics, please let me know. (vibes, vibes, vibes after the jump)

1. DREAMING // VENUS ET FLEUR: I don’t care if this makes me seem tacky, white roses are my favorite flower. I know…can you BELIEVE I’m not a slave to peonies?! Nope. I love buying them fresh but have looked into buying some faux arrangements so that I’m never without the classic beauties in my home. But really good faux flowers (the ones that actually pass as real) are expensive as hell so I generally just treat myself once a month or so to grouping of stems for my dining table. I’m not sure how – being the rose lover I am – I have just become familiar with the insanity that is Venus ET Fleur but I am obsessed. The husband and wife team who started the company had super high standards in mind and the desire to revolutionized the online floral buying experience. Well…they did. Because not only are their roses arranged in Parisian-inspired gift boxes and to the specifications of each customer, but the roses last for up to a year. I can’t. What is this sorcery you ask? Roses from Ecuador combined with a proprietary treatment. The arrangements come with a high price tag but when you consider the cost of arrangements that die…they’re kind of worth it. At least any rose-loving person like me would think so! My birthday is in October – and it’s a big one – so family, if you’re reading this, maybe just pencil these eternity arrangements as a potential gift? White box + white roses = floral dream made.

2. EYEING // COLLECTOR’S LIBRARY: Have y’all seen the beach house from heaven that is Coral House? The Harbour Island, Bahamas home was recently completed by Chassity Evans (of Look Linger Love) and her family and it’s available for rent on VRBO! All that makes me sound like a super stalker, but Chassity has been sharing the renovation and design project for Coral House on her blog for a while now and the home tour she posted at the beginning of the month is just as dreamy as I imagined it would be…from the happy coral exterior, fresh and welcoming interiors, and thoughtful decor elements and art, it pure beach bliss. One detail I really loved was the “Beach Library” in the family room area. The shelves of Macmillan Collector’s Library books make such a coordinated statement with the aqua hue that divides the top half of each classic title. I’ve stayed in many a beach house with books for borrowing but this is by far the most visually appealing set of stories I’ve seen! Such a cute look. A few titles I wouldn’t mind having: this, this, this, this, this, and this.

3. WANTING // LID TINT: I swear, every time I get an email from VIOLET GREY I want every single item in it. The beauty retailer has a way of making everything they carry (and stamp with “The Violet Code”) seem life changing – or at the very least, amazing and worthy of trying. A few weeks ago they sent an email about Jillian Dempsey and her lid tints. Who and what? How did I not know about this Hollywood makeup artist (yes, she’s married to Patrick Dempsey) and her namesake line of eye products? Thanks again, VIOLET GREY! Seriously, if you haven’t signed up for their emails yet, do it. Anyway…Jillian created these things called Lid Tints and VIOLET GREY says they are an amazing must-have, so therefore I need one (or two). Ok, that was a little extreme – I’m into the idea of using a Lid Tint because they’re different than any other eye thing I have. What they are is a sheer cream that give a dewy appearance and light wash of color. I needed to see this product in action so I found this little tutorial Jillian did. Helpful. And pretty! Love the dewy look! The tints can be worn alone or layered over power eye shadows…but I have no idea how to use eyeshadow (despite the fact that I own tons of it) and I’m dying to try the “Dew” Lid Tint to get a dewy look without any color…perfect for summer, no?

4. SISTER MATCHING // MA SOEUR TEE: Sally and I do this thing were we like to buy matching “sister” things. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, jewelry. All a great excuse to purchase when we say they’re special sister items. Do other sisters have this justification process? It’s really a great excuse when “treat yo self” isn’t enough to pull the trigger on frivolous items. I recently spotted the Maison du Soir x goop collab – and the “ma soeur” embroidered tee – and immediately sent it to Sally with a “sister shirts??!!?” note. Sally and I love white t-shirts and having ones stitched with “ma soeur”- which is French for “my sister” – is all the reasoning we need to scoop up the splurge. Don’t have a sister? Then this “bae” shirt is for you. Maison du Soir is a beautiful sleepwear brand (and I can speak to how wonderful their pieces are from personal use!) but these tees are too cute not to wear in public 24/7.

5. CARRYING // DONNI HANDLETTE: Maybe Donni Charm got tired of tying their cotton scarves onto various baskets, bags, and totes that didn’t belong to them because the brand designed their own woven bag – compete with cotton gingham wrapped handles. Super smart considering how big basket bags and totes are this season. If you don’t have yourself said woven straw bag (and I do not) then perhaps a Donni Handlette or Donni Handle is ideal for your summer bag needs! I personally love the smaller size of the Handlette…but I’m having a hard time deciding if I want the handles with navy gingham & black gingham handles or navy gingham & sky gingham. Big life decision, I know. (Leaning toward the black + navy since that’s a fave color combo of mine)

6. SCENTING // WITH AERA: My dogs are my life. And my type-A personality has become much more relaxed as I’ve learned to live with pet hair, a couch that constantly gets trampled, toys that litter my floors, etc. But one thing I cannot and will not tolerate is having a home that smells like dogs live there. You know when you walk into someone’s house and it smells like a pet store? Ya, no, I can’t. My main way of making this possible is with lots of cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, sheet washing, etc.) and lighting candles for a few hours a day. What I came to realize very quickly was that candles (at least the kind I like to burn) are not cheap. They also vary in throw capabilities (some scents don’t permeate a room at all, some are too strong), contain degrees of un-nautral chemicals, and certain kinds can release harmful soot when burned (say NO to any with paraffin!). Not to mention the dust (and pet hair) mine seem to accumulate when not in use and the anxiety of making sure nothing catches on fire (dogs have a way of topping things). But, I’m not a Febreze person or a plug-in something plastic to your outlet person or even a diffuser person. I had no idea there was an answer to scenting my home without candles that didn’t compromise my fragrance palate or aesthetics…it’s called Aera and it’s chaining the concept of home scenting with really amazing technology. I won’t go into a crazy amount of detail (you can checkout the website for that) but the device lets you choose one of eight fragrances (my current fave is “poetry”) each made from pure ingredients, and a smartphone app allows you to schedule, monitor, and calibrate scent levels. I wasn’t sure a “device” could replace my candle habit but I love having Aera and a continuous light scent that I don’t have to worry about turning on or off. Pretty cool right?

7. CONTOURING // KKW: I really love makeup. I like trying it, buying it, applying it (even though I don’t know what I’m doing it), and how I feel wearing it. But I’ve never gotten into contouring. There are several reasons for this: 1) it seems like I would be adding so. much. more. makeup to my face, 2) it seems very easy to screw-up and/or look overly noticeable, 3) the idea of changing how my face looks (ex: thinner nose) seems…un-natural. All these thoughts aside, I’m a big fan of how people look with said contouring. When it’s done well/correctly. Perfect example: Kim Kardashian West. Say what you want, feel how you feel, but I think Kim (and the rest of the Kurdish/Jenner girl clan) has a way of wearing makeup that just makes me feel like I’m doing it all wrong but I’m too intimidated to follow suit and achieve a goddess makeup look on my own. Kim must have heard all this before – or at the very least saw a money-making venture to be had – and came out with her own makeup line, KKW Beauty. The first product was obviously a crème contour kit. Angels sang, tears of joy were shed, then the light, medium, dark and deep dark kits were released on June 21st and immediately sold out. No…I didn’t get my hands on a light kit. I’m not that fast-acting and I wanted to see some reviews of how the kits worked on “real” faces before slapping down $48 for a three-piece kit (dual ended contour stick with two shades, dual ended highlighter stick with matte and shimmer, and dual ended sponge and blending brush). I’m intrigued and doing lots of You Tube video watching as I wait for a re-stock.

  1. I totally bought the contour kit (as well as her restocked lip kit). We have similar coloring, and I’m hopeless with all things makeup. I’ll keep you posted!

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