Supergoop! Sun Protection

July 27, 2017

Sally and I started our love affair with Supergoop! years ago. I want to say that we've been using it for as long as this blog has been active (which is nearly seven years). It all started with the Everyday Sunscreen - the first SPF we had tried that didn't feel like sunscreen but protected like no other for both face and body. Don't be confused by the name - there's nothing "goopy" about this stuff. We easily got our family hooked on Supergoop! and what began as an answer to our beach and exposed summer skin prayers turned into daily use. As the brand evolved, so did our knowledge of sun damage and the desire to protect our skin as much as possible with the best products possible. Being that Supergoop! is the first and only skincare brand completely dedicated to UV protection, we've continued to fall back on their formulas...experimenting with different SPF formulas for face and body but never being let down in the coverage protection.

What makes Supergoop! super special - besides the fact it's made with healthy ingredients and free of the controversial ones (the main reason we discovered it all those years ago) - is their broad-spectrum technology that protects against all types of skin-damaging rays with feel-good formulas. Sunscreen, sun protection, SPF - no matter what you call it, the truth is that it's necessary every single day. For me that calls for varying degrees of coverage and relying on a range of Supergoop! products. Given that Sally and I are at the beach this week  with family I thought it would be the perfect time to dish out some sun protection lingo and a few tips while also sharing my current Supergoop! faves. I'll walk through the three options I love for daily face use (all perfect for incorporating into a beauty routine) and what I've been using at the beach for tip-to-toe coverage.


​Knowledge is power no matter what you’re buying but it’s incredibly important when it comes to sun protection!

UVA and UVB and IRA:

  • The sun’s rays that are damaging to the skin are known as Ultra Violent (UV) rays.
  • UVA rays are known as “aging rays.” They penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin’s thickest layer, and play a greater role in premature skin aging changes including wrinkle formation (photo aging). These rays have no varying degree of intensity – they’re always there and can penetrate clouds and glass.
  • UVB rays are known as “burning rays.” They burn the superficial layers of your skin and are the ones responsible for producing sunburn. They also play the greatest role in causing skin cancers.
  • Historically, There are approximately 500 times more UVA rays in sunlight than UVB rays. Therefore, in addition to protecting your skin from the effects of UVB rays, it is also very important to protect from the damaging effects of the more numerous UVA rays.
  • IRA, or Infrared-A (IRA) Radiation comes from anything that emits heat…the sun, heat lamps, hair dryers, nail lamps, etc. Like UVA rays, IRA is the other aspect of sun exposure that contributes to skin aging. IRA penetrates the skin even better than UVA rays with about 50% of IRA reaching the dermis – that deeper layer of the skin where wrinkles form. The biggest difference between UV rays and IRA is that IRA does not directly break chemical bonds like UV does, but it does deliver enough energy deep into the skin to contribute to skin aging over time.
  • Traditional chemical sunscreen products have been more successful at blocking UVB rays than UVA rays. Broad-spectrum sunscreens are designed to protect against both UVB, and UVA rays. Supergoop! infuses all their products with antioxidants to protect against free radical damage caused by IRA rays.

Chemical vs. Physical/Mineral Sunscreen:

  • Chemical sunscreens contain organic (carbon-based) compounds such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone. These ingredients create a chemical reaction and work by changing UV rays into heat, then releasing that heat from the skin.
  • Physical/Mineral sunscreens contain active mineral ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and work by sitting on the skin to deflect and scatter damaging UV rays away from the skin. Think of them as a mirror, physically reflecting away rays from the body.
  • There are pros and cons to both (in terms of look and feel during and after application, waterproof factor, etc.) but both types will protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays, as long as you are applying them correctly and re-applying as needed in direct sunlight.


  • SPF stands for sun protection factor. Most all sunscreens are classified by an SPF number which refers to their ability to deflect UVB rays.
  • The SPF rating is calculated by comparing the amount of time needed to burn sunscreen-protected skin vs. unprotected skin. For example, SPF 15 means that 1/15th of the burning radiation will reach the skin.
  • Sunscreens with higher SPF don’t last or remain effective on the skin any longer than lower SPF – they just provide a lower level of protection – and must be continually reapplied, usually every two hours.


  • SPF indicates the level of protection from UVB rays, PA indicates the level of protection from UVA rays. PA means Protection Grade of UVA rays and is a Japanese measurement ranking system used to measure the sun protection factor (SPF) of a sunscreen and based on the Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) reaction reading at 2-4 hours of sun exposure. The simple explanation is that the more plus sign the more protection from UVA rays. PA+++ is designed for normal skin with exposure to very strong UV radiation and has the highest level of protection against pigment darkening

Application tips:

  • A little usually goes a long way…but don’t skimp on coverage. Just like when you’re putting on lotion after a shower, you know if you’ve missed a spot or are running low on getting every inch covered. When it comes to SPF, you don’t want to wimp out. It’s not like sunless tanner where too much = a crazy-colored mistake. Just make sure your exposed skin is totally treated – especially if you’re doing beach time or other fun-sun activities – even if that mean getting totally nude and covering tip to toe then getting dressed (which is what I do before putting on a bikini).
  • Put on the sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you know you’ll be exposed to sun. Give the good UV protection time to adapt to your skin and prepare for those harsh rays. Do it when you’re dry (re: ideally inside), and ask a friend (or complete stranger) to get the spots you can’t reach on your back, then give it time to dry before you get all sweaty/sandy/wet.
  • Be mindful of the activities you’re doing and keep a timer on when your next SPF re-application needs to be. Swimming or sweating? Re-apply every 80 minutes to be safe. Just lounging on the beach, enjoying a hike, or strolling your city? You’ll need to apply another layer at least every 2 hours, if not before. It sounds like a hassle but trust me (and any other person who has suffered a sunburn before) and just do it. Set a timer on your phone and cary some sort of Supergoop! (the best formulas for quick absorption and non-greasy, no-stick residue) to make sure you have what your skin needs to fight the harsh sun.

Have you made it with me this far? I hope so…understanding the above lingo might seem like a boring exercise but it’s made me SO aware of what the sun is physically capable of and given me serious knowledge power when it comes to knowing what my skin needs to stay protected in the best, most healthy ways possible. As promised, below are the “beauty” and “beach” Supergoop! products keeping my fair skin happy and free of burns!

.Beauty Protection.

City Sunscreen Serum, SPF 30+ PA+++: If you’re looking for an SPF formula that can be the last step in your daily skincare routine, let this be it. Designed to deliver incredible broad-spectrum UV protection (so you’re covered on both the the anti aging and the sun burning factors) as well as moisture it’s ideal for everyday, year-round use and perfect for wearing alone or layering under makeup. I love how thin and and silky the formula is…it feels no different than any other hydrating morning moisturizer I’ve used but I love knowing that it’s packed with sun protection and skin protecting antioxidants from Vitamins E and B5. *Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. Reapply at least every 2 hours if and when in direct sunlight.

Invincible Setting Powder, SPF 45: Setting powder is my savior in the spring and summer months. When the humidity is at an all time high and the temperatures are raging, my skin just needs a dusting of powder to control shine and keep my face makeup (foundation, under-eye stuff, and concealer) from melting off. When I started using the Invincible Setting Powder, I knew I had found my holy grail. I like to use an invisible setting powder after my face makeup but before my bronzer and blush (because they’re more of a dusting than full coverage) and I love how the Supergoop! does everything I need while being 100% mineral based (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide). It’s sweat resistant – a total must in the summer and in life – completely translucent, and provides environmental protection in addition to UV protection. The matte finish helps soothe the appearance of pores which is just the icing on the cake. And the very best part is that unlike other setting powers where you have to dip a brush into loose powder, this design allows you to twist the brush up out of the base, tap/tap/tap the brush against your wrist to load the brush bristles with powder, then apply and go…no mess or wasted powder – just easy, complete and flawless coverage. And the brush head can be removed for washing and the mineral powder can be bought separately to refill the brush and base. *

Defense Refresh Setting Mist, SPF 50: There’s kind of no better feeling than doing your makeup perfectly then locking everything up with a few generous mists of setting spray. It just makes you feel like you can conquer the day and keep your face in place. But did you know that that by noon, any previously applied UV protection you’ve slathered on earlier in the morning is likely no longer? Kind of…unsettling considering how much sun hits you through office and car windows, during street side strolling, and all the activities during the day. This setting mist is wonderful because you can use it in the morning to set all that makeup goodness you slaved over and then keep it with you to do your re-applications of UV defense during the day. Aside from checking your sun protection box (with SPF 50, no less!) the mist also has a great matte finish (ideal for summer) because of optical diffusing silica silicate which controls oil and scatters light to reduce shine. Antioxidant rich rosemary – which helps improve complexion – is just the icing on the cake. *Shake. Then shake, shake again to make sure all that UV protection is evenly distributed. Close your eyes and spray 4-5 mists working in a circle around the entire face. To lock make-up in place, apply Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 as a finishing to your make-up regimen, then re-apply consistently throughout the day.

.Beach Protection.

Super Power Sunscreen Mousse, SPF 50: I’ve never experienced sunscreen like this…the mousse is literally lighter than air and absorbs so quickly. A little goes a long way and there’s o greasy, sticky, or slick residue or white cast (because it’s a chemical formula). I can totally see moms and kids loving this because it’s so fun to use…my little bother let me have a little fun when I was re-applying a layer on his back and everyone and my family loved the way it felt compared to traditional sunscreen lotion. In addition to being water resistant for up to 80 minutes, ingredients like blue sea kale provides antioxidant protection, while a blend of shea butter, olive and avocado oils keep skin nourished and moisturized. And, it’s broad-spectrum which means you get coverage from both those UVA and UVB rays. *Apply 15 minutes before sun and reapply at least every 2 hours when in direct sun.

100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist, SPF 30: If you like a spray sunscreen you’ll love this stuff…with a continuous 360 degree spray that’s non-aerosol (it has a bag dispense design on the inside) it’s beyond easy to mist all over then rub in for a sheer, dry finish. If you’re looking for a physical/mineral broad-spectrum sunscreen I really love this one because the mist makes for quick, full-coverage application that doesn’t leave a white cast thanks to the lightweight zinc oxide formula. Along with the great protection, Marigold, Safflower, and Sunflower antioxidants defend against infrared and UV-induced free radical damage while Aloe Vera soothes the skin. *Shake well to activate – if the mist looks clear, keep shaking till it sprays white. Apply 15 minutes before sun and reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating or immediately after towel drying and at least every 2 hours when exposed to sunlight.

.More Daily Protection Supergoop! Favorites.

Everyday Sunscreen, SPF 50: The O.G. Supergoop! Product that my family and I still love, love, love. It’s not fancy – just a lotion-type formula – but the moisturizing non-greasy formula is what got Sally and I hooked originally and we still always carry some of it with us on every beach trip. When friends/people tell me that they hate sunscreen I immediately start singing about Supergoop! and mostly in praise of this original formula. It absorbs like a lotion, lets your skin breathe, has no stinging affect, and has no white veil (even on darker skin tones).

Shine On Lip Screen, SPF 50: Traditional lipsticks and lip glosses magnify UV rays. Truth, scary truth. This genius stuff can be worn on top of your favorite lip color as a clear coat that has a powerful UV shield. I love wearing the shine on its own – because it’s just so glossy, hydrating and wonderful – but it’s the perfect water-resistant and non-sticky gloss to top over your daily lip hue. Best part, the inclusion of grape seed extract – which is rich in resveratrol – delivers antioxidant defense against UV rays preventing premature signs of age.

Forever Young Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn, SPF 40: Sally and I are both completely freaked about how quickly and severely hands can show age…mostly due to sun damage. What’s the point of taking great care when it comes to the premature aging of your face if your hands look like they belong to a much older person?! To combat our fears while also hydrating our hands, we use this Forever Young Hand Cream. Feels like a moisturizing lotion while doing the work of of a broad-spectrum

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Current Vibes

July 26, 2017

My brain is in full vacation mode. I know I'm not a master at getting posts up on a regular day but it's even harder to get my fingers typing and collages completed in a timely manner when I have younger brothers distracting me with their antics, a needlepoint project begging for attention, the beach calling, and a book I can hardly put down. (keep reading for the full vibes)

1. INSPIRED BY // ANN MASHBURN: I’ll be honest – I click on a lot of interviews and Q+A’s during the corse of a week and rarely do I feel like I get anything out of them. The person will be someone amazing and fascinating but generally I feel like they’re holding back or trying so hard not to be quoted saying something nonsensical (which happens a lot when people are talking and thinking at the same time) that readers like me are left thinking, “meh.” The complete opposite was true when I read Ann Mashburn‘s “Women in Business Q+A” with HuffPost. From her honest (but not bitter or negative) depiction of working for Conde Nast publications in the 80s and 90s, to her experience of starting a business with her husband while raising their 5 daughters, and her pearls of wisdom when it comes to working in any industry I was nodding and re-reading and promising myself that as soon as I’m home from vacation that I’ll be printing and highlighting the interview. You don’t have to be a Mashburn fan (which I am) or an aspiring fashion designer (which I’m not) to get out of what Ann has to say. Highly recommend reading!

2. YELLOWING // OUTDOOR VOICES SUMMER: Leave it to Outdoor Voices for making me want to put on gear and sweat even more in these hot dog days of summer. The sunny yellow pieces they just added to the new arrivals have “happy” written all over them (figuratively) and I may or may not be adding the Tri-Tone yellow leggings to my closet. You know, just to put some extra pep in my step when I’m athleisuring.

3. COVETING // DANA SENG: With all the dainty necklaces I work to rotate on the daily you think I’d be at my max when it comes to wanting more. Not the case. After learning about Dana Seng while with my new buddy Kathleen a few months ago – and going crazy over the sweet initial necklaces and bracelets she was wearing by the designer – I haven’t been able to get Dana’s personalized birthstone pieces off my mind. Seeing Kathleen recently sport the “3” necklace on her Instagram and blog hasn’t been helping matters (especially because it happens to be my lucky number). I’m so close to having a “treat yo self” moment and getting myself a necklace. Just to add to the daily rotation…so things don’t get boring, ya know? *P.S. I just realized that Kathleen and Dana are giving away a birthstone initial necklace to one lucky Carrie Bradshaw Lied reader via this Instagram post!

4. BAGGING // THE VERY TROUBLED CHILD: I am not a luggage snob. I realized this while watching the Southern Charm reunion and hearing Landon talk about wanting to travel with a significant other because seeing what kind of luggage they have to travel the world with is important to her. When it comes to things that are gonna be shoved into overhead bins or checked below the plane (and presumably thrown around) I err on the side of function. But after following the Very Troubled Child for a few years now, I have to say that their duffles, trunks, bags and accessories make even the most modest traveler (me) dream of shlepping embossed leather pieces like a boss. Though the brand’s bio no longer states the obvious and the bag designs have changed slightly since their first debut, Wes Anderson and his films have clearly been the inspirational force behind VTC’s line of less than ordinary leather goods. Think Landon would approve?

5. READING // HILLBILLY ELEGY: After hearing about “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis” by J.D. Vance from friends, family and book club members – along with seeing it on The New York Times bestseller list (it’s currently #1 in non-fiction), I added it to my list of books to read but didn’t really know when I would get to it. Lucky for me, I finished a different book right before this beach trip I’m on and started it right before I left. It’s definitely not what I would describe as a beach read…far from light-hearted fiction, J.D. tells the story of growing up in southwest Ohio (a region I know from going to collage at Miami University) and what it was like to be part of a poor, white working-class American family with hillbilly roots via Kentucky. I’m only halfway through the book but can attest to how well Vance portrays the love/hate relationship he has for the hillbilly culture. Aside from the fascinating inside view (completely with hilarious one-liners from Mamaw, the family matriarch) integrated facts, statistics and sociological studies surrounding the class decline as a whole has been hugely eye opening.

6. WEARING // DONNI ACE: The only cover-up I bought this summer was a recent purchase and one I am SO glad that I made. After looking for a sarong-type wrap that I could wear multiple ways and pair with all my swimsuits I landed on Donni Charm‘s site and watched their “how to tie” videos for each scarf product before knowing that the Donni Ace was exactly what I was wanting and needing. The price tag is pretty steep for a long piece of fabric with finished edges but I scooped up the the sand seersucker version while they were having a crazy 40% sale and am so glad I splurged. For one, the seersucker is the idea fabric for sunscreen, sand, sweat and ocean water – it camouflages everything and is super light and crisp to wear. And as the Donni Ace tying video shows so well, the piece can be tied multiple ways into a waist-wrapping skirt or dress. Perfect for when you’re wanting to be covered when it’s hot, hot, hot out. Did I mention that it’s machine washable and perfect for wearing as a wrap while flying? After wearing mine so much on this trip I’m probably going to have to order the indigo version Sally bought when there’s another sale!

7. COZY-ING // HEDGEHOUSE THROWBED: I’m an expert napper. It’s one of my party tricks…that I can fall asleep just about anywhere. And because I’m so practiced at this adult activity I often seek out napping accessories. Comfy blankets, squishy couch pillows, eye masks and the like. So of course when I learned about Hedgehouse and their ingenious Throwbeds I was The lifestyle brand is already beloved and carried by retailers like Serena & Lily and Goop for their versatile and highly usable products. The Throwbeds – designed to be a portable day bed that can go from the couch to the floor to the beach or soccer field – it’s perfect for day to day lounging and ideal for anywhere napping and snoozing. Obviously, I think my life could greatly benefit from having one (or several). My only worry is that my pups would hijack it from me…

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Micro Rib Dress

July 25, 2017

As soon as Everlane launched their micro rib pima cotton collection this spring I bought two of the Cami Dress - grey and black. It also comes in navy. Even though I have hips (ones that sometimes make me feel like I could blend right in with the Kardashian family) I am such a sucker for fitted dresses like this. And I'm inclined to buy more than one when they have a square tank neckline (so 90s - so wonderful). Throw a mini micro rib texture into the stretchy equation and I'm in love.


Did I mention I’m writing this from the beach? Kiawah Island, South Carolina with Sally and our family to be exact. So sorry for the short and sweet post! But if you’re wondering – yes, I did bring the Cami Dresses with me to the beach. They’re just so soft and easy to throw on with sandals and dress up with some tassel earrings or an eye-catching crossbody or clutch.

The other Everlane micro rib pieces to love: the Sport Tank Dress, the Crew Tee Dress, the Tank, the Tee.

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This + That // Sales + Steals

July 21, 2017

I keep forgetting that tomorrow is my birthday. The big 3-1. I honestly feel like as soon as you have a precious baby in your life - whose needs and happiness come way before yours - things like adult birthdays become less and less of a big deal. And what more could I ask for this year when I already have a sweet, healthy baby I can't get enough of?! We will actually be traveling tomorrow, which is totally fine by me. SO looking forward to spending a week at the beach with our family. I always remember there being so.many sales around my birthday each year, and this year is no exception. PSA (in case you haven't seen 1 million posts about it already), the the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now longer for card members only. That means we can all get access to the discounted stuff! (read on to get the sales + steals)

This + That:

  • A. FAVORITE READ // “Ask Jean: The ‘No-Makeup’ Must-Have?” via Goop (More Jean Godfrey June (her Coveteur features were part of my Current Vibes post from Wednesday). Spoiler alert, her no-makeup must-have is cream blush – specifically Olio e Osso. I obviously bought it. Totally agree with her that flushed cheeks and a pretty lip instantly make you look fresh!)
  • B. FAVORITE PIN // this via (Searched but can’t find the original source, help!)
  • C. FAVORITE INSTAGRAM // @sugarandcloth (I’ve got beaches and oceans on the brain since we leave for Kiawah Island tomorrow and just loved this shot of a swimming pig Ashley captured in The Bahamas!)
  • D. FAVORITE OUTFIT // Lauren Skruggs Kennedy

Some Sales:

  • Ann Taylor: The must see summer event – 40% off everything with code MUSTSHOP. (One would think that it is far too hot here for anything with sleeves, but when the restaurants crank the AC, sleeves in the form of a pretty blouse like this one are a god-send.)
  • Anthropologie: Extra 30% off sale items! (Tons of great knits to throw on with a pair of denim shorts! After cleaning through my t-shirt drawers, I need to replenish. Love this, this, and this.)
  • Athleta: Semi-annual sale! Up to 60% off online and in stores. (Tanks like this are my favorite right now while I’m nursing and this one is a great price! Also, how cute is this!?)
  • Banana Republic: Limited time offer on dresses, skirts, and blouses! (This is the most perfect piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe! To wear alone or layer.)
  • Barneys New York: Up to 75% off! (Love, love this color.)
  • BaubleBar: Enjoy up to 30% off! Take 30% off $150+ with code MOODLIFT30 and 20% off no minimum with code MOODLIFT20. (These are so pretty, yet subtle and would look awesome with a white dress or tee.)
  • Bloomingdales: Summer Break – save up to 60% off. (This price is crazy good.)
  • Bluemercury: Good hair Fridays! Luxury treats with any $50 hair care purchase!
  • Calypso St. Barth: Enjoy an extra 50% off sale!
  • CB2: Up to 35% off select outdoor furniture. (So pretty!)
  • Chicwish: Enjoy an extra 10% off orders over $50 with code NEF10. (This is adorable.)
  • Club Monaco: New markdowns – up to 65% off. (Loving the little details on this like the tie shoulder and swiss dot underlay.)
  • Crate & Barrel: 20% off bedding, mattresses, and box springs. (How cozy does this look?)
  • Free People: 50% off select summer styles through Sunday! (This style looks super flattering.)
  • Gap: Up to 50% off everything + extra 20% off with code MORE. (Might need to order this guy in every single color. High-neck sports bras like this one are my jam right now.)
  • H&M: Free shipping over $40 with code 0040. (TONS of great new arrivals. Like this, these, and this.)
  • Intermix: New styles added to the sale! (How incredible are these? Beyond.)
  • J.Crew: Extra 40% off sale styles with code SHOPSALE. (This is adorable, not sure how I’m just now seeing it!)
  • J.Crew Factory: Extra 50% off clearance with code CLEAROUT. (These in the saddle color would be perfect going into fall since they’re suede.)
  • kate spade new york: Enjoy a striped notebook with your full priced purchase of $198 or more from the back to school shop!
  • Loeffler Randall: The sale is still going strong…just make sure to scoop your size before they sell out! (These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have bought as of late and the bronzer color is on sale!)
  • LOFT: 50% off everything with code SUMMER17. (This looks super cute and I love the color. Obsessed with the style of this dress.)
  • Lou & Grey: 30% off all sale styles! (A t-shirt dress with pockets? Sign me up.)
  • Madewell: Extra 30% off all sale styles with code THINKING. (This is adorable and would be perfect paired with white denim, jean shorts, or even blue jeans. Its nice and thin for the warmer weather, too! I tried this on in the store and loved it, but never bought it – the sale price is making it pretty appealing!)
  • Mango: Sale! Everything at 50%, 60%, and 70% off. (These are a great, go with everything color!)
  • Net-A-Porter: Final clearance! Extra 20% off select sale items labeled “sale must have”! (This is such a great buy! Perfect for weddings.)
  • Nordstrom: Anniversary sale has opened to everyone! Ends August 6th! (To be honest, I haven’t purchased a single thing from the anniversary sale – whoops. Been too preoccupied with leaving town and flying with a babe for the first time! BUT, it’s a great time to stock up on these, which are my fave! All I want to buy as of late is denim, despite these hot temps, and this pair is already in my cart! $100 off is a great deal!)
  • Old Navy: 30% off your order through tomorrow!! (Obsessed with the wash and fit of these – the price is pretty great, too. The white version of this reminds me a lot of Ace and Jig!)
  • Rag & Bone: Extra 30% off sale – use code SUMMER30! (These would be a great investment for fall and the color would go with everything!)
  • Saks: Final sale! Up to 70% off. (How fun are these?! Also, been dying to try these – everyone seems to really like them.)
  • Serena & Lily: Up to 30% off all lighting!
  • Steve Madden: 25% off exclusives + free shipping with code HOT. (Kind of loving these in the black and white.)
  • Stuart Weitzman: All sale – take 50% off! (These are on sale in the red and blue – both colors are amazing.)
  • TIBI: Sale Finale – extra 15% off with code SALE15. (This is adorable for fall.)
  • Tuckernuck: Summer sale! (These are the perfect color and would go with everything. Also probably pretty comfortable with the platform! We can’t get enough Loeffler this season! Not on sale, but I am dying for these – the perfect color and heel height for this new mama.)
  • West Elm: Extra 20% off sale!

Some Steals:

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