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July 5, 2017

A mid-week holiday has completely thrown off my brain's ability to decipher what day of the week it is. But I don't hate it. I feel like we just finished one great, long weekend and are already approaching another. What's not to love about that!? Now if I can just motivate myself to go to the grocery store since we've practically eaten out for every single meal over the past few days and have a nearly empty fridge. (more exciting than the state of my fridge, today's vibes - right this way)

1. PJ MATCHING // TOMMY’S FOLLY x RRR: It’s no secret that we absolutely love all things Roberta Roller Rabbit. Most especially their softer than soft 100% pima cotton PJs. It is our go to baby/child gift for friends and we’ve recently become big (!) fans of the adult jammies as well. Grown ups need soft pajamas, too! Not to mention that there’s nothing better than matching pajamas – am I right? When the most amazing pair of RRR pig PJs showed up on my Instagram middle feed I became intrigued. Tommy’s Folly is a clothing and accessories boutique located inside Congress Hall Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey and their boutique is chock-full of adorable pieces for men, women, and children (lots of pretty pieces on their Instagram page!). Rachel, the buyer and product developer for Congress Hall Hotel, is the creative genius behind the boutique and these amazing, completely custom to the hotel, Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas. The hotel has a restaurant called “The Blue Pig Tavern“, which is where the inspiration for the jammies came from. Even down to the exact “Blue Pig” blue and the stars which are a symbol of the hotel, the custom design is a true representation of this special place. If you’re as Roberta Roller Rabbit obsessed as we are, or a serious pig lover like Molly is, you can order your own pair from Tommy’s Folly – they ship! They made the PJs in every style, too, just adding to the amazingness of this collab.

2. LISTENING // UP AND VANISHED: Podcasts are my BFFs these days while spending many a minute nursing throughout the day. I mentioned before that I do this to try and limit my time on social media – which is hard! My cousin recommended “Up and Vanished” to me and I just started it this morning. The podcast is about a Georgian high school teacher and former beauty queen who went missing 11 years ago. Her story is the largest case-file in Georgia’s history, which is pretty crazy. These types of stories are right up my alley, so I have a feeling that this one will not disappoint. Stay tuned!

3. CLEANSING // RAHUA: In transitioning my bathroom products over to more natural versions, the hair department was one area that I kept putting off. I was sure that finding a shampoo and conditioner that I loved and that actually worked would be next to impossible. Rahua has completely changed this notion with their classic Shampoo and Conditioner. I love that the shampoo doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down by product, which can often be the case since my hair is so fine. The conditioner is easy to work through my very tangled ends and I have no problem brushing through the tangles once out of the shower – the true test when it comes to a conditioner with my hair! Recently, Rahua came out with a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, which are now high on my list to try. You can also find many of their products on Amazon here.

4. SCOOPING // OV SKORTS: I love, love my Outdoor Voices leggings, but with temperatures here in the 90s and the heat index in the 100s, sometimes they aren’t the most practical choice unless I am strictly wearing them in an air conditioned gym. We try to take an evening walk daily, but even then leggings just feel too warm. After seeing Man Repeller post Outdoor Voices new to me Court Skorts, I’m thinking that I may need to pick one (or two) up for myself. The skorts are not advertised as being strictly for tennis, so I feel like it would be completely acceptable to wear while out and about in this brutal heat, right? I also appreciate that they aren’t too short, which often times seems to be the case with athletic shorts and skirts. Now I just need to get myself out of this air conditioned house to go buy one!

5. PLANNING // TRAVELING WITH BEBE: Recently, The Mama Notes had real moms share 50 Tips for Traveling with Kids and Babies. We leave town two weeks from Saturday to head to the beach with our family and it will be our first time traveling with baby H, which means lots more planning ahead. I loved this list because it was from actual moms who have tried and true travel tips after many trips under their belts. After reading this list, I have quite the “to buy” list going, but I’d rather be well-prepared than not. We’re also flying again in August and for the holidays this winter, so I know that whatever I end up purchasing will definitely be used. Including a SollyBaby Wrap and Packing Cubes (genius!). Also, a change of clothes for each of us as accidents do happen – a lot.

6. LOVING // FRANK & EILEEN TEE SHOP: My friend Rachel and I share a love for longer t-shirts. There is nothing worse than a tee that is practically cropped. Most especially post baby! Recently, when we were together, she showed me her new favorite Frank and Eileen tank and mentioned their “Tee Lab”. As someone who is borderline obsessed with finding the perfect tee, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this. The Frank and Eileen Tee Lab features all of the brand’s classic, cotton jersey pieces all in one space. I have been desperately needing to clean out my t-shirt drawer and get rid of the tees that I no longer wear that are just taking up precious space in an already jam-packed drawer. Discovering the Tee Lab may just be the motivation I need to make room for a few new pieces. I am particularly loving this tank, this tee, and this dress. All perfect for summer, great for layering, and easy to throw on and go.

7. PERSONALIZING // PARKER & THATCH SWEATSHIRTParker Thatch is most known for adorning classic pieces (canvas totes and the like) with a custom monogram of your choice. Recently, I saw the brand post on Instagram a classic white sweatshirt with three, block-letter initials on the chest. I love a comfy sweatshirt – even in the dead of summer I wear them around our air conditioned house! I also love throwing them in my bag while traveling because you never know when you may need some cozy attire. Its been awhile since I bought myself one of these “nicer” sweatshirts that I like to collect and I’m thinking that I may treat myself to Parker Thatch’s version for my birthday in a few weeks. Just like a white tee, you can’t go wrong with a white sweatshirt and the initials take it up a notch!

  1. Ordered one of those parker thatch sweatshirts this weekend – so excited for it! all about a good monogram.

    love those rrr pjs!

  2. So funny, when i saw Those pajamas i INSTANTLY thought of congress hall! I’ve stayed there twice wiTh my familY and it’s sUch a beautifuL hotel. I love Tommy’s Folly, got the most unique blazer from there.

    I’m going to Have get those Jammies.

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