Blue + White Nursery

July 6, 2017

I always knew that I wanted to have a blue and white nursery regardless of the gender. Mostly because that's the color scheme our mama used when we were babies (Molly, our brother, and I all used the same nursery), but also because I think it is equally darling for both boys and girls. Having the color palette firmly in mind made it both fun and easy to pick pieces for the room. Our mama was a huge help as she has a great eye when it comes to interiors and I love how everything came together...the room feels fresh but also sweet and nostalgic.

Crib: There is a tradition in our family where my grandparents buy the first great-grandchild in each family their crib. Our grandparents love finding sweet ways like this to be involved in exciting moments and it really is so special and something we will always cherish and remember in the years to come and as future babies also use this crib. This is such a weird personal feeling I have, but I think cribs can often times seem a little bit cage-like, which is why I love this one so much. The acrylic makes it so you can see right in and out, with nothing obstructing the view. Our dogs are completely fascinated by it!

Dresserducduc is a furniture brand that specializes in baby and children’s furniture. Each piece is made in the USA (Connecticut, to be exact!) and is carefully handcrafted using the absolute best in terms of materials. The furniture features solid wood frames with low VOC finishes – which is something that was really important to me. Each ducduc piece is made to order and can be completely customized, which is just what we did when designing a personalized version of their Savannah Dresser. Because the mirror hanging above the dresser is a heavier piece in terms of physical presence, I knew I needed a dresser below it that was long enough to balance things out. We were able to work with ducduc on a custom length to make this happen and I’m so glad we did. Since the two bottom drawers were nice and long, I was able to add drawer dividers so that they felt almost like two drawers side by side when you open them. This has helped immensely with organization! Along with these details, I was able to completely customize the paint colors of the piece. The actual dresser is a soft white and the trim on the drawers (though hard to tell in the photos!) is a warmer, creamy white. I love the surprise of pale blue when you open the drawers (which are self-closing so no pinched fingers)! I also wanted a classic, glass knob, which ducduc does not offer on their site, but it was not a problem at all when working with the brand. I had the knobs shipped directly to them so that they could install them at the factory. The entire experience of customizing a dresser with ducduc was honestly amazing and so fun – we couldn’t be happier with how the piece turned out and I know it will be a lasting piece whenever it goes from being used in the nursery to a big kid’s room.

Glider: Bunnies are an obsession for me and I always knew that I wanted to incorporate this Hunt Slonem for Groundworks fabric in the room because I absolutely love Hunt Slonem’s work. The fabric is playful and painterly without seeming too juvenile or babyish – and it may be my favorite part of the room. The actual glider is from Pottery Barn Kids and my mom had a woman in Kansas City make a custom slipcover for it out of the bunny fabric. This way, should an accident happen, we can just take the slipcover off and wash it. The glider and ottoman are super comfy and is the perfect home to the darling Goodnight Moon pillow needle-pointed by our mama. And because I just can’t get enough of those bunnies, the fabric was used again for the window curtains.

Lighting: The chandelier in the room was one used in our younger siblings’ nursery and I love that it is white and somewhat blends in, while also being sweet and whimsical. Our mom had the shades made out of a Pierre Deux fabric that was in our nursery when we were babies . I love that this piece is a hand me down and that we included the blue and white fabric from our nursery – both make it feel extra special and sentimental. I wanted another light source in the room close to the glider but because we don’t have a lot of surface space a floor lamp seemed like the best option. This one from Land of Nod stood out to me when I first saw it in one of their catalogues. The metal frame mimics the brass hardware on the curtains, which I wanted to be sure to repeat in the room without going overboard. I like how unique the floor lamp is and that its more on the contemporary side. I’ve mentioned before how much I love Land of Nod for their great children’s pieces and this lamp is no exception!

Rug: The first rug I ever “owned” was in fact a striped Dash and Albert rug in my dorm room. Ever since then, I have had such a sense of nostalgia for the brand and a love for their durability. Dash and Albert’s original, cotton rugs are classic and timeless and come in an array of color and pattern options. The woven rugs (which is what we used here in the Sweedish Stripe) are 100% cotton which makes them safer for little ones to crawl on versus rugs made out of synthetic materials, especially since babies and children spend so much of their time on the floor! Not only this, but the woven cotton versions are also extremely durable and can stand up to just about anything…ours has been super easy to spot clean when the dogs have tracked mud into the house. We also have a runner in our kitchen from Dash and Albert that is small enough that I can toss it into the washing machine when it gets dirty, which has been a game changer for such a high traffic area! I’m telling you, these rugs wear like iron, which is highly necessary in a child’s room. I love that the Sweedish Stripe version we picked is not only functional, but sweet enough for a nursery.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Lilly White

The built in bookshelves were actually original to the house and have been the perfect place to display little gifts we received at our baby showers, frames, animals, and tons of children’s books from my own childhood that our mom had been saving over the years. You can never have too many books!

  1. Love this nursery So much. It is a dream!! Where did you find the brass curtain rods you used?

  2. Hey Sally, where did you find those perfect curtain rods and the rings to match?? they’re exactly what i’ve been looking for!! Thanks 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing! I know it must be hard to set boundaries with this blog and a new babe. as a new mom myself i often wonder how some bloggers do it. just an interesting (and new) topic in this day and age. his room is gorgeous! love the trim on the bumper and striped rug especially!

  4. I was taken aback by the snoo cost for something baby sleeps in for such a short period of time, butI can’t even with the price of that crib, well off grandparent purchase or not. Combined with all the other items, it blows my mind how much this nursery costs. Perhaps a “SPlurge vs. Save” version of the nursery might make you a touch more relatable, with the balance spared donated to charity or something. As it stands, I kinda can’t wait until the moment when you accidentally spill a whole container of breast milk across the ottoman and onto the rug (it stains). Are you using the vanilla custom dresser (why Custom, I have no idea) as a changing table too? I mean, I get that its a first baby and everything must be perfect, but this seems so incredibly excessive and unrealistic, and certainly isn’t inspiring.

    1. While the above comment is a bit aggressive, i have to agree with the overall spirit. it seems if apot readers aren’t also millionaires, it’s time to look elsewhere.

      1. Wishing that she spill and “ruin” something in her home seems Terribly meanspirited. I get that this Room may Be out of your reach but i DO NOT get why she should Be made to feel EMBARRASSED for her good taste or should compromise her vision for her baby’s nursery in her own home. As a design & lifestyle blogger it is her job to create beaUtiful, aspirational content to share wIth the world and i think we can all agree she has certainly done just that with this amazing room. Why you can’t just accept and appreciate that is beyond me. There are budget/diY/look for less blogs out there aplenTy. I don’t particularly feel apot is one of them which is just fine. Even if yoU can’t recreate this room exactly, surely you can find some aspect of it to inspire your own sPace. Maybe just accept and appreciate that instead of Taking the time to be mean to SOmeone.

  5. such a pretty nursery! I love that it can be used no matter the gender and I’m sure it flows with the rest of the home. when my youngest was born, a boy, i was obsessed with yellow rooms. I painted, at 9 months pregnant, a yellow and white checkerboard pattern on the walls. the room matched the rest of our home and would have worked even if I had had a girl! Great job ladies! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

  6. This is SO ADORABLE, And I love the Crib Tradition. I Just wanted to Give you a Heads up that Crib Bumpers, While ADORABLE, Are Now Recommended Against By the American Academy of Pediatrics Due To Safety Concerns. They Look Great In The Pictures Though!

    1. Hi Lynn! I’m VERY aware of the AAP recommendation and a huge proponent of sleep safety. He is not sleeping in or using the crib yet (we are exclusively using the SNOO Smart Sleeper) but when he does, the bumper will be removed. Thanks for bringing this up – it’s safety issue not everyone is aware of! xx, Sally

      1. Whilst I love seeing all your posts, i have nevEr Commented before but I have to agree with lynn & also ask that in the interest of neW parents across the world (i’m in australia) can yOu please consider re-taking The photos without the cot bumper (whilst adorable i agree) as Photos like These continue to encourage new parents who perhaps don’t do as much research as yOu, to Put these dangerous additions into their cots to make them ‘grammable….potentially causing harm to their little babies! Please consider thIs with all yOur future posts also!! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Reilee! The leopard piece is customizable…you can contact the artist (who is wonderful to work with) about more specifics! xx, Sally

    1. Hi Katie! My sweet mama needlepointed the “Goodnight Moon” pillow 🙂 I believe she bought the canvas from a shop in Kansas City. xx, Sally

    1. Hi Maggie! I updated the copy incase other people had this question (cue mom brain for forgetting to include to begin with) but the walls Benjamin Moore “Lily White.” I bought the “ZERO VOC” paint mixed in the color from Home Depot. xx, Sally

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