GoWeave Slip Dress

July 18, 2017

I'd like the file the summertime cold under "things I don't understand." Congested sinuses, machine gun sneezes, and a sore throat - all things that encompass a traditional cold - all make the most sense when it's actually cold outside. Feeling this way when it feels like 105 degrees is just...weird. And annoying. If you can't tell, I'm suffering from a summer cold. Not ideal. Hoping that it clears up soon so I can stop complaining and stop blowing my nose.

Stupid cold aside, I'm really excited to share this slip dress! From all the slip style dresses I've posted in the past couple months it might be obvious that I have a thing for the silhouette...


I love slip dresses. I could go on and on about why but the simple fact is that for me, they’re really easy to throw on and feel good. This one from Everlane is a little different than the others I’ve shared in that it’s made with Japanese GoWeave. What’s that you ask? It’s a crease-resistant and cooling textile that has a subtle texture (almost like a grosgrain) and a nice silky drape. While it’s not something you can roll up in a suitcase and throw on immediately (I did this for a wedding a month ago and it does require a little pressing after being folded in a bag) the GoWeave makes it a lot more forgiving than silk in the wrinkle-resistant department.

I really like the “rose” hue I have on (it’s the color of Piglet’s face from Winnie the Pooh, right?) but the dress comes in three other colors…I’m on the waitlist for the black version in my size. The one draw back I’ve found is that it can’t be worn with a traditional strapless bra. I wear it with a sticky bra and it looks totally fine but given that it’s summer and I sweat like I’m running a marathon even when I’m standing still (a super feminine trait that I LOVE) sticky bras are not my friend this time of year. Poor me, I know.

Did I mention that this dress is a hand wash piece? No dry-cleaning = WIN. I’m wearing a zero if that helps!

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