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July 19, 2017

Since we (me, my husband, le bebe, and Molly) leave town on Saturday for a family beach trip, my list of things to-do seems never ending! I don't get out of the house more than once or twice a day, but I am trying to make myself run as many errands on my list as I possibly can each day in an effort to get it all done by Saturday. Needless to say, the week is flying by and I'm wanting it to slow down just a bit. Molly and I finished The Handmaids Tale the other night and I still can't stop thinking about it. It is a must watch show for sure - can't believe we have to wait until 2018 for season 2! On the upside, Bachelor in Paradise starts in a few weeks, which gives me life. Yes - I can't help but watch. Its so bad that its good. (read on for more vibes happening around here...)

1. SWOONING // JCJ: To many, Jean Godfrey June is one of the OGs of the beauty world, and has been for quite some time. The former beauty editor of Lucky Magazine and now currently beauty director at Goop, JGJ is an expert on all things beauty. Since joining Goop, her focus has shifted to more natural beauty. Seeing that she is somewhat of a truster advisor to many in the beauty world, I absolutely love reading “Ask Jean” for her latest favorites, advice, and the like. Just in the month of July, The Coveteur has featured Jean Godfrey June twice (here and here) – if that tells you anything about her current status in the beauty world! In the spirit of our almost 100 degree temps here in Dallas, I am loving her take on summer glamour. Hint: less is more. I’m so glad to know that the JGJ would approve of my current relationship (or lack thereof) that I have with my blowdryer.

2. SNACKING // RXBARs: Full meals are few and far between these days as I am pretty much constantly feeding or holding baby H. Who can resist a baby sleeping on their chest?! When I’m not doing those two things, I am either frantically doing laundry or trying to get other things done. Read: not a whole lot of time on my hands! Thankfully, Molly introduced me to RXBARs, and I feel like my life has been changed. To be honest, I have never (ever) been one for any type of protein bar situation. They always tasted grainy and just plain gross to me. I am a pretty picky eater and even pickier about texture. I was sure that I would hate RXBARs just as much, but was pretty desperate for a quick, easy, healthy, and protein-filled snack. Game. Changer…specififically in the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor. It actually tastes like a brownie. No, seriously! Each RXBAR only has 8 whole ingredients, all of which are listed right on the wrapper. With natural ingredients that I can recognize, RXBARs are definitely living up to their motto of no B.S., and I love them for that. Best part: I can order boxes on Amazon!

3. MISTING // TRUE BOTANICALS: Ever since reading this feature on VIOLET GREY, I am certain that True Botanicals‘ Hydrating Mist needs to be my next beauty purchase. The company’s latest line (known as the Basics Collection) was made with pregnant women in mind. It may have surfaced just a few weeks too late, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not intrigued all the same. Specifically by the Hydrating Mist, which VIOLET GREY dubs to be the “standout” product in the Basics Collection. Instead of being water-based, like similar products, the Hydrating Mist is actually made of aloe vera and green and white tea, which nourish the skin and help to prevent damage. I love a good mist because they can be used for a multitude of purposes – as a refresher, to add moisture, and even to set makeup. I’m thinking I need a bottle to keep in my bag at all times!

4. LUSTING // SEA EYELET SLEEVE SWEATER: With an upcoming trip and flight, I will most definitely be reaching for some sort of sweater situation for the plane. No matter the weather outside, I always, always have to wear long pants and long sleeves while traveling. I have to feel cozy and to me that means having pretty much zero skin exposed. Strange, I know. I can’t even wear sandals either – my feet will get too cold. Since I am trying to get a head start on packing, I find myself seriously wishing I had purchased this Sea eyelet sweater. The sweater body combined with fuller eyelet sleeves makes for the perfect Spring/Summer/Fall travel (and beyond!) knit. The eyelet sleeves also make me think that it wouldn’t be too hot, which is perfect for this time of year while traveling. Its also in my most favorite color to purchase tops in – white. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

5. REMEMBERING // GRAPHIC IMAGE BABYGraphic Image has always been my go-to place for quality leather goods. Year after year, Molly and I consult each other when picking out our leather-bound planners for the year. Recently, Graphic Image launched a baby collection that has me wanting just about every single thing. I firmly believe that photo albums and printing photos are still such a sweet and sentimental thing to do for your children and love looking back on mine to this day. Otherwise, if you don’t print the photos, they almost get lost amongst so many others on your phone! The “Baby Notes” journals would make for such a darling gift for someone that is expecting a baby. The perfect place to write down nursery ideas, registry items, baby names, and the like. Would be SO fun to look back on too. Totally wishing I had one of these while I was pregnant! I can’t help but want the “Firsts” pocket-sized journal to document each exciting little first that happens and to keep them all in one place. SO much better than the notes on my phone – which is what I have been doing – and such an amazing keepsake to have.

6. GIFTING // MAISON LABICHE ONESIES: With how hot it is here, we wear a lot of onesies. Paired with a cute pair of bloomers they look put together and sweet and are perfect for the days where were just hanging around the house or running errands. I recently discovered that Maison Labiche makes onesies and am dying to place an order. These would make such a precious gift as well – all babies need onesies! While I’m at it, I may need to pick up a tee (or two) for myself – some of them are even on sale! Perfect to pair with my new skorts from Outdoor Voices – which I am obsessed with, by the way.

7. INDULGING // HALO TOP ICE CREAM: Lately I cannot get enough of sweet treats. Its a bit of an obsession, honestly. I’ve always had a major sweet tooth, so I don’t know why I’m acting surprised by this. In an effort to somewhat pull in the reigns with the sugar, I try to limit what we keep in the house and have “healthier” options – if that is even possible. Dark chocolate is my best friend, especially when it’s nice and cold from keeping stored in the fridge. I’ve also fallen hard for Halo Top ice cream. Halo Top is low-calorie, low-sugar, and high protein and made from all natural ingredients, so I don’t feel nearly as bad when I do indulge. It is also not lacking in taste, whatsoever. The stuff is absolutely delicious. Although I’ve only tried the Vanilla Bean and Chocolate, I am completely sold. Next on my list: Cookies & Cream and S’Mores. The best part? You can search Halo Top’s site to see which local stores carry your favorite flavors so that you aren’t left disappointed in the freezer section when they don’t have that Birthday Cake your heart was set on. And in case you were wondering, you can order the pints via Amazon Fresh!

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