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July 26, 2017

My brain is in full vacation mode. I know I'm not a master at getting posts up on a regular day but it's even harder to get my fingers typing and collages completed in a timely manner when I have younger brothers distracting me with their antics, a needlepoint project begging for attention, the beach calling, and a book I can hardly put down. (keep reading for the full vibes)

1. INSPIRED BY // ANN MASHBURN: I’ll be honest – I click on a lot of interviews and Q+A’s during the corse of a week and rarely do I feel like I get anything out of them. The person will be someone amazing and fascinating but generally I feel like they’re holding back or trying so hard not to be quoted saying something nonsensical (which happens a lot when people are talking and thinking at the same time) that readers like me are left thinking, “meh.” The complete opposite was true when I read Ann Mashburn‘s “Women in Business Q+A” with HuffPost. From her honest (but not bitter or negative) depiction of working for Conde Nast publications in the 80s and 90s, to her experience of starting a business with her husband while raising their 5 daughters, and her pearls of wisdom when it comes to working in any industry I was nodding and re-reading and promising myself that as soon as I’m home from vacation that I’ll be printing and highlighting the interview. You don’t have to be a Mashburn fan (which I am) or an aspiring fashion designer (which I’m not) to get out of what Ann has to say. Highly recommend reading!

2. YELLOWING // OUTDOOR VOICES SUMMER: Leave it to Outdoor Voices for making me want to put on gear and sweat even more in these hot dog days of summer. The sunny yellow pieces they just added to the new arrivals have “happy” written all over them (figuratively) and I may or may not be adding the Tri-Tone yellow leggings to my closet. You know, just to put some extra pep in my step when I’m athleisuring.

3. COVETING // DANA SENG: With all the dainty necklaces I work to rotate on the daily you think I’d be at my max when it comes to wanting more. Not the case. After learning about Dana Seng while with my new buddy Kathleen a few months ago – and going crazy over the sweet initial necklaces and bracelets she was wearing by the designer – I haven’t been able to get Dana’s personalized birthstone pieces off my mind. Seeing Kathleen recently sport the “3” necklace on her Instagram and blog hasn’t been helping matters (especially because it happens to be my lucky number). I’m so close to having a “treat yo self” moment and getting myself a necklace. Just to add to the daily rotation…so things don’t get boring, ya know? *P.S. I just realized that Kathleen and Dana are giving away a birthstone initial necklace to one lucky Carrie Bradshaw Lied reader via this Instagram post!

4. BAGGING // THE VERY TROUBLED CHILD: I am not a luggage snob. I realized this while watching the Southern Charm reunion and hearing Landon talk about wanting to travel with a significant other because seeing what kind of luggage they have to travel the world with is important to her. When it comes to things that are gonna be shoved into overhead bins or checked below the plane (and presumably thrown around) I err on the side of function. But after following the Very Troubled Child for a few years now, I have to say that their duffles, trunks, bags and accessories make even the most modest traveler (me) dream of shlepping embossed leather pieces like a boss. Though the brand’s bio no longer states the obvious and the bag designs have changed slightly since their first debut, Wes Anderson and his films have clearly been the inspirational force behind VTC’s line of less than ordinary leather goods. Think Landon would approve?

5. READING // HILLBILLY ELEGY: After hearing about “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis” by J.D. Vance from friends, family and book club members – along with seeing it on The New York Times bestseller list (it’s currently #1 in non-fiction), I added it to my list of books to read but didn’t really know when I would get to it. Lucky for me, I finished a different book right before this beach trip I’m on and started it right before I left. It’s definitely not what I would describe as a beach read…far from light-hearted fiction, J.D. tells the story of growing up in southwest Ohio (a region I know from going to collage at Miami University) and what it was like to be part of a poor, white working-class American family with hillbilly roots via Kentucky. I’m only halfway through the book but can attest to how well Vance portrays the love/hate relationship he has for the hillbilly culture. Aside from the fascinating inside view (completely with hilarious one-liners from Mamaw, the family matriarch) integrated facts, statistics and sociological studies surrounding the class decline as a whole has been hugely eye opening.

6. WEARING // DONNI ACE: The only cover-up I bought this summer was a recent purchase and one I am SO glad that I made. After looking for a sarong-type wrap that I could wear multiple ways and pair with all my swimsuits I landed on Donni Charm‘s site and watched their “how to tie” videos for each scarf product before knowing that the Donni Ace was exactly what I was wanting and needing. The price tag is pretty steep for a long piece of fabric with finished edges but I scooped up the the sand seersucker version while they were having a crazy 40% sale and am so glad I splurged. For one, the seersucker is the idea fabric for sunscreen, sand, sweat and ocean water – it camouflages everything and is super light and crisp to wear. And as the Donni Ace tying video shows so well, the piece can be tied multiple ways into a waist-wrapping skirt or dress. Perfect for when you’re wanting to be covered when it’s hot, hot, hot out. Did I mention that it’s machine washable and perfect for wearing as a wrap while flying? After wearing mine so much on this trip I’m probably going to have to order the indigo version Sally bought when there’s another sale!

7. COZY-ING // HEDGEHOUSE THROWBED: I’m an expert napper. It’s one of my party tricks…that I can fall asleep just about anywhere. And because I’m so practiced at this adult activity I often seek out napping accessories. Comfy blankets, squishy couch pillows, eye masks and the like. So of course when I learned about Hedgehouse and their ingenious Throwbeds I was The lifestyle brand is already beloved and carried by retailers like Serena & Lily and Goop for their versatile and highly usable products. The Throwbeds – designed to be a portable day bed that can go from the couch to the floor to the beach or soccer field – it’s perfect for day to day lounging and ideal for anywhere napping and snoozing. Obviously, I think my life could greatly benefit from having one (or several). My only worry is that my pups would hijack it from me…

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