Skirting in Mi Golondrina

August 1, 2017

You know you need to pull the trigger on purchasing something when you just can't. stop. thinking. about it. That was the case both with the Mi Golondrina skirt and Loeffler Randall heels you see here. Molly can attest that I spent a lot of time asking "what do you think, should I get it/them?" over the corse of a week+ before she finally told me to just do it. Definitely worth it. Bringing some pink into my closet has made me pretty happy...after wearing mostly neutrals this summer the extra color has put some great pep in my step!


I have a pretty intense collection of the Mi Golondrina signature “flores” tops and dresses. They’re amazing to wear during my pregnancy and are such a staple in the Texas heat (spring, summer and into fall). I’ve always considered adding one of the insanely gorgeous skirts – with hand embroidery surrounding the bottom and edge – and when I saw this chambray blue + pink and white number in Mi Golondrina’s Dallas showroom I kind of sort of knew it needed to be mine. I’ve already worn it as a dress (wrapped like this) and of course love it styled as a skirt.

And I don’t think much needs to be said about the Loeffler Randall heels. Molly has this Coco style in black with embroidered flowers (seen here and here) and I really loved the heel height and stability (I’m not the best at walking in heels). The watermelon hue was calling to me. And I’m just obsessed with them. So comfortable and even though the watermelon is bright and happy, it really styles as a neutral.

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