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August 2, 2017

Upon first coming home from our vacation I felt a surge of energy - wanting to do all the laundry and unpack as quickly as possible. I even went as far as washing all four dog beds in our house - a task that I generally despise. When I get this kind of motivation, I feel as if I have to take full advantage as it can be fleeting!  On the flip side, today is a rainy day around here, which makes it hard to want to do anything other than read a good book or catch up on recorded tv...trying to stay motivated and knock out errands while the this burst of energy lasts! (andddd read on for my vibes this week)

1. COLLECTION COVETING // CARBON38 PASSPORT: Since my wardrobe these days mostly consists of some version of activewear, I am constantly on the lookout for new pieces. While browsing Carbon38 I cam across their Passport Collection and fell in love. The ready-to-wear collection is comprised of fit and flare silhouettes and flounced hems making it perfectly feminine, yet also practical with performance-inspired fabrics. This means that everything is machine washable and wrinkle free – win, win. I’ve been wanting/needing a white tank to tuck into my jean shorts and this one from the Passport Collection looks pretty perfect. The ruffle trim is right up my alley. It would also look pretty cute tucked into some of my favorite skirts, too! Also, I can’t forget my love for all sweatshirts – especially this guy with its pretty full, pintucked sleeves. Perfect to wear with my usual leggings come fall. Or jeans if I’m feeling fancy – ha.

2. MAKING // A SUMMER STEAKHOUSE SALAD: Cooking dinner with a newborn is a challenge to say the very least! Dinner time is generally either the witching hour or I am preoccupied with nursing. Despite this, we are making a real effort around here to do more cooking and less takeout. Takeout leftovers always seem to be thrown out in our house making me feel wasteful which I hate! This is much less likely to happen when we’re cooking just enough for us. When I saw this recipe on Waiting on Martha, I knew that it was something we would love in our house. You can’t go wrong with roasted cherry tomatoes, steak, grilled corn, and blue cheese. The steak also means that the salad would be filling enough to be a meal in itself, which is easy and ideal!

3. USING // NOOK NICHE FEEDING PILLOW: Two of our favorite and most used baby products with baby H are both made by an amazing company called NookNook’s products are all created with the highest standards of quality: health, safety, breathability, quality, and beauty. Each product is made with the safest ingredients, many of which are organic. We use the Niche Feeding Pillow Since I am strictly nursing – we spend a lot of time doing this throughout the day. My back was starting to take a serious toll because I didn’t have any sort of pillow made for feeding. The Niche has been a complete game-changer and made these constant feedings so much more comfortable for both of us. The pillow is also great for tummy time, too! Before we know it, we’ll be using the Niche to help with extra support while learning to sit up. Another product that we have been using and loving from Nook is the LilyPad Playmat. We use this for tummy time and also under our Land of Nod play gym to give baby H a soft surface to lay on. It folds up easily to move from room to room, which I love. It will also be great to take to the park or in our backyard once it cools down around here. I found myself really wishing we had this on our trip last week to have a clean space to hang out on the floor – note to self for our next trip!

4. LUSTING // HEIMAT ATLANTICA: It’s no style secret that the basket bag has made quite the name for itself as of late. I have yet to jump on the train, but after dsicovering Heimat Atlantica, I’m jumping on – and fast. The bags are all handcrafted in Spain using unique elements from the Atlantic Coast including Sargadelos porcelain, traditional handwoven reed Portuguese basket and handmade, Spanish leather. The creations feature different porcelain charms – all of which have their own symbolism and meaning. My personal favorite is the Liebe Mini Biser, which is embellished with a porcelain Biser charm that helps those who are seeking love. Pretty cool, right?

5. READING // “THE LIGHT WE LOST”: I decided that podcasts while nursing were far too tricky to keep up with. I was getting distracted and pausing the podcast during breaks from feeding was just one more thing to deal with when juggling baby, burp cloth, spit up, etc, etc. But I was still determined not to waste away the many minutes I spend feeding baby H by scrolling though social media. I’ve found that the best way to do this has been by reading books on my Kindle. I can easily set the Kindle down and it saves my place without my having to do anything. If I have an engaging book, I am much more inclined to pick up my Kindle than my phone so its perfect. I just finished “The Light We Lost” at the recommendation of a friend and absolutely loved it. The love story by Jill Santopolo was completely enchanting and I really enjoyed the way in which it was written. If you like love stories it’s a must read.

6. WAITING // ZARA DOCUMENTARY: I am fascinated by the way Zara works and how quickly they are able to go from conception to putting a product on their floors. Its crazy fast! And definitely how they are able to stay on top of the trends. Apparently, Zara invented this so-called “fast fashion” and can create a product in less than 15 days. I found this Refinery29 write up on the “Ten Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Zara” to be super interesting. I also learned that a documentary on the inner workings of Zara and its founder is coming out this fall, which is bound to be good.

7. APPRECIATING // 9 CANS OF LACROIX: San Francisco based Street artist, fnnch, created “9 Cans of LaCroix” as a tribute to the sparkling water that most of us know and love. The artist is a self proclaimed “Warhol fan boy” who painted the images on the same sized canvases and from the same vantage point as Warhol’s famous Campbells Soup Cans, dubbing LaCroix the “the soup cans for millenials”. He compares LaCroix to Campbells Soup in that they both are cheap, widely distributed, and seem to transcend socio-economic status. Touché fnnch, touche. The collection features LaCroix’s nine original  flavors and you can commission any one (or more) of your favorites.

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