One Sleeve Ruffle Dress

August 8, 2017

Guys, this isn't a slip dress! Can you believe it?! Yes...I love a slip dress and that's been evident in the dressier dresses I've been styling here all summer. But I also adore pieces that have more of a drape and flowy silhouette. Case in point with the one sleeve ruffle dress by Cynthia Cazort Collins you see here. I've been a long-time fan of Cynthia's rope necklaces but it didn't even register with my brain that she also made incredibly beautiful clothes till I saw this dress in pale pink styled on Kathleen (side note, if you're not reading and following Carrie Bradshaw Lied yet you're seriously missing out). I've never said "no" to an off the shoulder frock but ruffles...they're not always my thing. That said, I couldn't get Cynthia's dress with the exaggerated single shoulder ruffle and tied waist off my mind. I welcomed the dress in black to my closet and couldn't be more pleased.


Something you should know – besides the fact that this dress looks even more amazing in person – it’s ridiculously soft. Like butter. Or a baby bottom. But better than both because it’s a polyester and silk blend that you can hand wash. Do you know how excited I feel knowing that something doesn’t have to be dry-cleaned?! It means that I end up wearing the piece even more often because I feel safe in knowing that I can get it clean and pretty at home. And really, the silky soft texture is beyond.

What else? It’s Tuesday but feels like Monday? #nevernotworkingfortheweekend

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