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August 9, 2017

This isn't one of my vibes today, but I just finished reading "Eligible" by Curtis Sittenfeld and love, loved it. It's a "modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice" which, I'm embarrassed to say, I've never read. But I just might have to the beloved Jane Austen tale after loving Sittenfeld's retelling so much. Aside from the never-ending family drama (five sisters, so much happening) it was very fun that nearly the whole story took place in Cincinnati - a city I'm fairly familiar with thanks to my college days in Ohio. Even more crazy that "Hillbilly Elegy" (the non-fiction book that was part of my Current Vibes two weeks ago) takes place in Middletown, Ohio. Very interesting to read one right after the other and note the socioeconomic differences. Highly recommend both! (if you didn't realize, I just gave you a bonus vibe. Now keep reading for the others)

1. SOFA SHOPPING // INTERIOR DEFINE: I love my dogs, sometimes in an unhealthy way. They sleep in bed with me and have free range of all the furniture in my place. Including my sectional sofa. This said sofa has had a good seven year run with me and I love it for that. But it’s sustained a lot of puppy love (re: too much) and given that it was a generous family hand-me-down that Sally and I slipcovered yearssss ago, I think I’m ready for an upgrade. Sally and her husband got a sectional from Interior Define when they moved to San Francisco about four years ago and I’ve always been really jealous of it. Besides the fact that Interior Define has incredible sofa style options that are both superior in quality and affordability, they offer a whole range of fabric options that are pet and kid friendly. Cue angels singing. I’m moving to a new place at the end of the month (for anyone counting, this is my eighth move in seven years) and I’m thinking that a new sectional (I can’t part with the L-shape – it really is the best) might be a joint housewarming and birthday gift to myself. I turn 30 in October…nothing says “adult” or celebrates a milestone birthday quite like a new sofa, am I right? About to order myself a set of free swatches from Interior Define to narrow down the fabric while I still deliberate on style.

2. WONDERING // WOWDER: It’s hard to miss it when Glossier announces a new product – they have the marketing and hype down. They also have such a tight assortment that you know each new addition is something that’s been very well thought about. The latest offering is part of their makeup category: Wowder. I’ve been experimenting with “face makeup” formulas for the past year (powders, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundations, stick foundations, etc.) so I was very intrigued to hear what this powder would be be like. It doesn’t sound like it’s a foundation powder and Glossier says that it’s in fact not powder (hence the name). Said to “cut shine, blur the appearance of pores, set makeup, look like skin.” To me it sounds more like a tinted setting formula than one with coverage – the promise of it not caking into fine line or flatting skin’s texture reaffirms my suspicions. I’m always looking for some sort of coverage so I’m not totally positive this is for me, but I do love the thought that Glossier put into the design (trampoline mesh!) and that they created a non-sheding brush specifically for application. But does anyone else think that the name and graphic adorning the top of the packaging look more like Benefit (known for their puns and cheeky designs) than Glossier (known for their sleek minimalism)?

3. PERFUMING // BYREDO KABUKI: Don’t spray it, brush it. Perfume that is. And only Byredo. The beautiful fragrance company known for its stark branding and curated selection of scents has launched a revolutionary way to apply perfume with a kabuki brush that dispenses micro-fine translucent powder is housed in a sleek black tube. As someone who also feels like scents disappear from my skin (not sure if I have some sort of internal chemical repellent thing happening) I wonder if this powder perfume would linger longer than the liquid variety. Alas, I haven’t found any of the sites offering the new Byredo Kabuki to acknowledge or address this suspicion. I guess I’ll just have to track down a tester in Dallas (luckily, Forty Five Ten carries the product!) and try it for myself. The Kabuki is offered in Byredo’s famed Gypsy Water (Violet Grey touts that “the aroma evokes fresh soil, deep forests, and campfires”), Bal d’Afrique and Blanche.

4. WRAPPING // ACLER MARENE TOP: It might still be super hot in Texas but the constant blast of ice-cold air conditioning means that styling long sleeves with shorts is possible. My latest long sleeve top crush is the Marene wraparound number by Acler. Like a traditional button down but with a nice twist (pun intended), I love the stripes, longer length and the fact that it can be worn more off-the-shoulder if wanted (see how it’s styled here). This may be a buy-now-wear-now-then-wear-like-a-uniform-come-fall piece for me! But I mean…should I get it in the white version to add to my white shirt collection?!

5. BOOTING // MIRON CROSBY: Beautiful, unique, and creative cowboy/cowgirl boots are not an infrequent site in Texas but getting your hands on a pair can be quite the process. It typically involves going to a custom-boot place (and there’s not as many as you might think), picking from a dizzying amount of options (from toe shape, stitch-style, motifs, leathers and more), then waiting for like, ever, for them to be handmade and ready for wear. Recognizing the beauty that are handmade artisanal boots – and having quite to collection of custom pairs themselves – sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means have introduced Miron Crosby. What makes Miron Crosby unique are their not-so-typical designs in ready-to-wear styles and the option to create a custom bespoke pair to your own specifications via a concierge design service. Also special, these boots are a blend of western sensibilities and fashion-forward aesthetics. In a sea of boots that all tend to start looking the same, Miron Crosby’s hand-lasted boots (done in Texas by the legendary Rios of Mercedes, I might add) are creative kicks destined to become heirlooms. Live in Dallas? Visit their studio in Highland Park Village! Live anywhere else? Shop the styles for men and women online! To say I’m wanting a pair for myself an understatement…

6. LOVING // MIRTH’S INDIAN-STYLE PICNIC: More sisters! Y’all should know by now that my love for Mirth Caftans and the women behind the brand runs pretty deep. If you can catch me on a summer day when I’ve showered and taken myself out of workout clothes I’m most likely wearing one of their breezy, elevated caftans. While reading and viewing the entertaining feature they did with Camille Styles I had the goofiest grin on my face…it just makes me so happy to see all their pretty styles being worn and them sharing aspects of the Indian culture and traditions they’ve picked up from their frequent trips to and from for their handmade manufacturing process. Total eye candy. And fun to learn even more about them!

7. WANTING // RICE BEADS: I’ve been seeing Charleston Rice Beads adorning some of most stylish friends for years. Confused why the strands look like actual pieces of rice and how they’re unique to Charleston? Well, being the nerd I am, I can answer your curiosity! The story dates back to the 1690s, when a Madagascar ship en route to England got off course due to a storm and landed in the colony of Charleston. After receiving a friendly and kind welcome, the ship’s captain gave the governor a handful of rough rice grains. From this handful, Charleston colonists used the grain for seed and enough rice was produced to supply South Carolina and other colonies. Cool, right? I’m really working to plan a trip to Charleston this fall and hope to bring back some rice beads as a souvenir. After all, Candy Shop Vintage (a local Charleston shop with a great selection of rice bead pieces) has proclaimed that rice beads are “the new pearls.”

  1. totally agree re:wowder — it really reminded me of benefit, too. and one insta post i read about someone who was reviewing it put it into a good perspective– it’s only a .25 oz and costs $22 vs. laura mercier’s tried and true translucent loose powder (which is amazing for keeping makeup set all day) is $33 for 1 oz. I love glossier, but even things like their serums are a bit of a rip off for such tiny bottles.

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