Smocked + Tasseled

August 17, 2017

Summertime in Dallas is hot, hot, hot. And its generally hot here through September. This means lots of dresses - for both ease and to wear the least amount of clothing as possible. As much as I love wearing dresses this time of year, it has become tricky this particular year with nursing. Most dresses I own aren't necessarily "nursing friendly", so I end up having to throw on a robe as soon as I get home, which ends up being a pain! While I was browsing the internet for Sales and Steals I came across this smocked frock on Anthropologie and was immediately drawn to the smocking and chambray.


I can’t get enough chambray – and this one has a distinctive “deep turquoise” tint – and I love it for the fact that it can easily go into the fall in Dallas. The straps are actually adjustable and button at the back, making it very easy for my current dress predicament (re: easy for nursing) and the smocked part pulls up and down with ease. I also can’t say no to a dress with pockets and find myself regularly slipping my phone and keys into them while I’m out and about. For any pregnant friends out there, this dress would also be perfect with a bump, too!

And let’s be honest…the Cynthia Cazort Collins tassel necklace takes this look up several notches. It’s the easiest and most light weight “statement” piece to throw on and I’ve been wearing it (and the other colors Molly and I share) non-stop!

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