Olive Green Outing

August 22, 2017

Molly and I took these shots while the eclipse was happening. While it was happening! Ok, we didn't. But we did shoot them yesterday afternoon after partaking in the pandemonium that was the eclipse...by checking out the cool half moon circle shadows cast by the trees (re: we were too slow to buy the "don't go blind" glasses. Next time).

Regardless about how you feel about the total eclipse and all the hype, I'm sure you have to agree that this embroidered skirt is pretty fantastic. After scooping up two other tiered and smocked-waist skirts from kate spade this summer (this and this - both so good) I felt like it was only fair to welcome the same style done in olive green with open arms.


Olive green just feels like fall. So I figured this skirt was an ideal “buy now, wear now – and later” piece. The poplin makes it super light (which means it can be worn with the Texas heat) but I love how the black and white folkloric embroidery gives it an eastern european flair in hues that lean towards the fall season. Hurry up, fall! I want to wear this skirt with my over-the-knee boots!

P.S. this J.Crew tee was a purchase from the weekend and I also got it in black. And so did Molly. Trust me when I tell you it’s a wardrobe essential.

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