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August 23, 2017

​Ever since our trip to Kansas City which was almost two weeks ago but seems like it was mere days ago, I cannot keep track of which day of the week it is. Even though we got back a week ago, I still feel like I'm trying to get my bearings and get organized around here. Oh wait, maybe I just always feel like that. Ha. Aside from that, I am counting down the days until cooler weather when I can regularly wear jeans. It always seems like this time of year I am desperate to be able to wear jeans without feeling like they are sweating off of my body. Anyone else? Read on for this weeks vibes! And please, please, please be sure to enter to win The Great Giveaway and donate to the #whatwouldyougive campaign and our team. (vibes, vibes, vibes - right this way)

1. DRINKING // HOLY KOMBUCHA: Before we moved to San Francisco from Dallas, my friend has gotten me hooked on the Holy Kombucha on tap at the Juice Bar in Dallas. Sadly, I was unable to find that particular brand of Kombucha sold anywhere in SF and was too nervous to try anything else (I’m weird, I know), so I sort of fell off of the Kombucha bandwagon. Now that we’re living in Dallas again and I can find my favorite Holy Kombucha in the Green Apple Ginger flavor at Central Market, Royal Blue, and a bunch of other places, I’m once again obsessed. In fact, I have taken to drinking one a day. I am convinced that I can tell a difference when I don’t drink them and have come to crave them. Neither of which are a bad thing since Kombucha is so good for you! I also swear that it helps with sweet cravings – even better. If you are able to find it, try Holy Kombucha’s Green Apple Ginger – it’s the best. I only wish that I could order the stuff in bulk online and have it shipped to my house! ​

2. NEEDING // VELVET SWEATSUIT: Raise your hand if you had and loved a Juicy velour sweatsuit. Guilty. In fact, I still own my black velour sweatpants and consider them one of my favorite articles of cozy clothing in my closet. I even wore them up to the hospital when I went into labor ​- ​they are that much of a comfort item! With as much as I love sweats, a pair that looks “presentable” enough to wear out of the house would be ideal! Even if it’s just to run out and grab coffee. In a few months, mind you, as it is hotter than hot at the moment. When I came across AMO’s velvet sweatsuit (matching sweatshirt here) ​on their Instagram account I had alllll the heart eyes. A grown up version of one of my favorite pieces of clothing from my teenage years? Count. Me. In. Plus, there is nothing cozier than velvet. Am I right?

3. BURNING // OVEROSE: Since having a babe in the house, I have become extra sensitive to having “fragrances” around. I rarely wear perfume because I feel like it just seems too strong when I’m constantly holding baby H and I worry about the strong fragrances to some of our candles. But, these candles are necessary because #dogssmell. Overose is a luxury French perfume house founded just last year. I, admittedly, was initially drawn to the pretty pink packaging – specifically the custom made pink-colored wax. Even better than its appearance though, is the Overose candle’s makeup. The company “believes that improving environmental and health conditions requires a high-performance sourcing sourcing policy and an increase in the use of organic and natural oils”. Therefore, each candle is made up of raw materials of natural origins and natural essential oils. This sounds like just the answer to my pretty candle, safer alternative to fragrances, dogs that constantly seem to stink – prayers. I only wish that I could smell them in person first! You can also find them at The Stell online!

4. PRE-ORDERING // DONALD: It’s been awhile since I’ve added a coffee table book to our collection, but Assouline’s newest (not even out yet!) “Donald” definitely needs to make its way to our bookshelves. I can’t help but love Donald Robertson aka “Drawbertson” and his entire aesthetic/being. If you’re not already following him on Instagram, do yourself a favor and add him to your list. His feed is a combination of his seemingly hysterical family mixed with his playful artwork ​and it just gets me every time. How fun would it be to call Donald your dad?! “Donald The Book” features the best of Robertson’s artwork as well as original work that was created especially for the book – making it a true collector’s item.

5. WANTING // RODIN LIPSTICK: The other week my husband and I were visiting Sid and Ann Mashburn and I made my way over to the women’s section to pick up some shorts. While checking out, I was playing around with their pretty Rodin lipsticks and found my new favorite lip color​ “So Mod” – housed in an irresistible pretty see-through case. Rodin’s “So Mod” smells amazing, is a nice creamy consistency, and the color is the perfect nude/rosy pink color. I also appreciate that its a natural product since we inevitably end up swallowing so much of what we put on our lips.

6. INCORPORATING // FOODS FOR PRODUCTIVITY: With a baby at home, the time I have to spend on eating or meals in general has significantly lessened. Unless it’s dinner with my husband, I generally don’t sit down to eat anymore. So it’s all about ease while also getting good proteins that I know will fill me up more. I found this article on foods for productivity fascinating. Don’t we all want to be more productive?! Luckily, the foods listed in th​e​ article aren’t anything crazy and are super easy to incorporate into your diet pretty regularly. In fact, some of them I already have been eating daily. The one thing I always tell myself I’m going to eat with my scrambled eggs in the morning but then never do is avocados. We buy them and they just sit there. Something about the task of slicing them and then attempting to keep the other half from going brown becomes the last thing I want to do. Clearly I need to get over this and just make it happen.

7. LOVING // RRR GIFT SETS: I admittedly have an obsessive love for Roberta Roller Rabbit and their 100% Pima cotton Jammies. For both babies and myself! Molly and I have mentioned how their onesies and pjs are a go-to gift for us to gift to friends with little ones. Their darling prints are hard to resist! Recently, Roberta Roller Rabbit came out with an adorable, gender-neutral duck print that they are selling in various gift sets. Genius, right? They have completely taken the guesswork out of picking out a thoughtful gift for a new mom/baby. The “First Day” set is both practical and sweet. Every new baby needs lots of gowns (much easier diaper changes!) and every new mom needs a comfy robe to wear in both the hospital and at home. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than matching. ​Equally as sweet is the “Bundle of Joy” set that has all the things for a new babe.​

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