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September 6, 2017

I had high hopes to publish this vibes last week but my move totally kicked it out of me. I mean, I'm a total beast so I killed it with the packing and unpacking - but it still took me a full week to feel completely organized and settled. It also only took Rosie (my almost one-year-old lab) a week of being outside her kennel while I was gone from my place to totally destroy one of my rugs. She's back in the kennel (sad face - I was really hoping the experiment would work in her favor) and there's duct tape on a very large and visible corner of my living room rug. At least it was from And at least all my wine is unpacked and there was a bottle chilling in the fridge. (keep reading for the vibes I'm really feeling and had fully intended to post last week!)

1. DENIMING // EVERLANE DENIM: Anytime Everlane does a new launch of goods I instantly perk up. So the fact that they’re launching denim, finally, has me jumping out of my seat like a lunatic. Maybe you’re all, “what’s the fuss?” Maybe you don’t know Everlane. They’ve based their whole business on “Radical Transparency.” That means they are beyond dedicated to showcasing the ethical factories where all their goods are made and explaining the costs associated with each piece. Everlane might be all about minimalism and no-brainer design but they sweat the small details in a big way. So, denim! After almost 6 years – they started with the humble t-shirt – Everlane fanatics finally get to shop ethically made and right-priced jeans. Three styles for women: the high-rise skinny, the mid-rise skinny, and the modern boyfriend. Men get two styles: the slim fit and the straight fit. All the pairs are $68(!!!!!!!!). But the price isn’t what makes this collection special (it’s just fair premium pricing) it’s the fact that Everlane found the cleanest factory in the world to make them – no leaching of toxic chemicals back into the ecosystem, no dumping contaminated water into the environment – and is using Japanese fabric that holds its shape and won’t bag out. As they put it, this is denim you can get behind. So get excited to shop it starting TOMORROW!

2. LIBERTY LOVING // ANTHRO COLLECTION: When it comes to prints and patterns, Liberty London is the OG (Mom, that means “original gangster” and yes, it’s a real term). The British brand is famous for their eclectic, detailed, bold, and bright prints and as such, they’re no stranger to a good collaboration. My fave example: J.Crew incorporating Liberty prints into their pieces season after season. And while it’s fairly easy to scoop up clothing and accessories that feature the iconic patterns, there has never been an opportunity to buy upholstered furniture with the fabric in the states…until now. Anthropologie has collaborated with Liberty to launch 40 pieces showcasing 18 of the brand’s heritage archival prints! What makes this collab truly special are the 12 pieces of furniture. I might not have the extra cash-flow to snag a pair of these chairs (the Strawberry Theif print is a fave of mine!) but I’m 100% going to get a couple of these little bowls, an oven mitt, maybeeeee a sheet set (for back-up, you know?), and while I definitely don’t need a shower curtain I just love this one so much.

3. DREAMING // BEYONCÉ’S $300 BOOK: If you’re wondering how to make lemonade, Beyoncé style (re: her multi-award winning album) then her collector’s edition box set is for you. The set – which comes with a 600 page hardcover coffee table book, double vinyl LP, and audio and visual album downloads – is made for a queen (like Queen Bey, get it?!) and also priced for one ($299.99). I guess the cost is associated with the “unprecedented insight into the making of multiple award-winning LEMONADE” and the fact that each tome is numbered? A fan can dream…

4. ORDERING // ASHLEY LONGSHORE’S BOOK: Ok, this book is actually affordable and maybe just as important. If you know artist Ashley Longshore, you know that she’s unapologetic about…everything. Her obsession with color, sparkle, pop-culture and pop-art, luxury, and yes, crass humor has made her larger-than-life pieces highly covetable. As an Ashley fan, I’m very excited to get my hands on a copy of “You Don’t Look Fat, You Look Crazy: An Unapologetic Guide to Being Ambitchous.” You read that right: ambitchous, not ambitious. Ashley’s guide has promised to be one packed with attitude and love of life – I for one could use a dose of her unabashed individualism and devil-may-care lifestyle. $16.60 on Amazon…add it to yo cart! P.S. if you live in Dallas, mark your calendar for Ashley’s pop-up shop at For Home Forty Five Ten. She and her larger-than-life personality will be in town September 15th and you know the Veuve will be flowing.

5. SERVING // PIZZA SET: I love to eat and my favorite cuisine, hands down, is pizza. I don’t discriminate between the cheap and easy (Dominoes), and upgraded pies (Dallas has a lot of great spots – I feel blessed). If you ask me what I want for dinner I’ll say “pizza” 99% of the time (even if I had it the night before and also for lunch). Maybe I’ll outgrow this devotion – though I hope not – but for now, I do cardio so I can indulge and make my heart and tummy happy. As such, when I came across the “any way you slice it” pizza cutter and server set on kate spade I got hearts for eyes. I thought, “someone should get me this for my birthday! I should get myself this like, tomorrow! How do I not already own this?!” Form and function and perfection. And now I’m starving for a pepperoni and jalapeño pie…

6. LISTENING // JON PARDI: I’m a big dork who loves listening to the radio and specifically the Country music stations. I’ve loved Country since forever, and living in Texas has just made me even more of a devotee. So many good songs this summer…“Ask Me How I Know” by Garth Brooks, “You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum, “Body Like a Backroad” by Sam Hunt, “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” by Old Dominion, “Hurricane” by Luke Combs…I could go on. But my FAVORITE listen on repeat, crank up the volume when it comes on, know all the words song is “Heartache on the Dance Floor” by Jon Pardi. I don’t know why but I’m living for this song. Listening to it now and feeling all kinds of happy.

7. SISTER MATCHING // THE COLLEGE SWEATSHIRT: Sally and I do this thing where we see something we both love and say, “sister ___?” (fill in the blank with item name). It’s our way of justifying a purchase, typically one that’s a splurge and unnecessary, and we deploy the practice in only the most important circumstances. Like, “how can we live without these?!” circumstances. For several years now – dating back to our summers home from college – we’ve been asking each other, “sister sweatshirts?” The question mark is essential. We have several sister sweatshirts. When Cabana (a very favorite Dallas boutique) posted this Instagram with sweatshirts from The Great – we both had the same idea. Sister. Sweatshirts. Specifically the ones with the small embroidered hearts. I don’t know why it’s taken us over a month to finally take the plunge and make these bad boys ours but all I can say is that it’s inevitable. We both keep bringing them up to each other – leaning towards the grey with navy hearts – and now that it’s under 90 degrees in Dallas, it’s just a matter of time before we need to wear them everyday. And match. Obvi. You don’t have to have a sister to match with to have one, too – find yours herehere, here, and here!

    1. Ahhh! So fun! I’m dying to hit up some Country concerts this fall…maybe he will come to dallas! xx, M

    1. I’m working out in a training group with a local-to-Dallas trainer – he does short circuits that mix light cardio, abs, arms, weights, etc. I love it! xx, M

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