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September 27, 2017

So much has happened in the past week! And when I say that, I mean that we celebrated a very important birthday on Sunday. Rosebud - my second-born fur baby - turned one! To be honest, the celebratory date really snuck up on me...Rosie is half the size of Blue Moonbeam (44 lbs to his 88 lbs) and I think she's stopped growing. So she has the appearance and spirit of a miniature labrador. No, she wasn't the runt of the litter so I've got no clue how she ended up staying so small but I'm not complaining. I love that I can still pick her up and she can cuddle around my head at night (a bad habit we're working on but I don't have the heart to break) and she is the most hilarious side-kick to Blue's gentle giant size. Right now we're working on her manners (jumping and barking) and I constantly remind her that she's a dog, not a mountain goat and that furniture is not to be climbed like one. Ugh, I just can't believe she's ONE. Makes me feel all kinds of emotional. She's been the best addition and the extra piece Blue and I didn't know we were missing. #crazydogmom #wonderwhyImstillsingle #doghaireverywheredontcare (ok, back to business - read on for my vibes this week!)

1. ENTERTAINING // MOSTESS: For some of my friends, they are born hostesses – it comes so naturally for them to host a crowd and make things look inviting, thoughtful, and pretty. I love having people over but I admit that I don’t do it often because I have a puppy that acts like a Mexican jumping bean around visitors (Rosebud) and I’m always nervous that she’ll overwhelm friends and negate any of my entertaining efforts. That said, I’ve reallllyyy been working with Rosie on her manners and am hoping that I can start trying my hand at the weekly hosting some of my besties do so well. Since I don’t have a ton of “hostess” gear (be it serving pieces, appetizer-sized bowls and such, etc.) I’m really, really in love with Mostess: each season they reveal a new themed box containing curated home decor and hosting items. Not only is each and every item in the box great for adding to your entertaining arsenal, but the seasonally inspired picks and included booklet with recipes, decor tips, and more are just what hostess-wannabes like me need to jump-start our own gatherings! I just got the “Hearth Fall Box” in the mail and I’ve already got a girlfriend get-together on the calendar to put the awesome contents (brie baker! horn bowl! slate coasters! cute card game!) to good use. If you order a Hearth Box for yourself it will arrive the week of October 18th! Such a great concept to treat yourself – or gift others…I know the holidays are coming up and that means lots of togetherness but nothing can replace getting together with friends and family on the day-to-day. Did I mention that Mostess is based in Houston? Love Texas-based lady entrepreneurs!!

2. PERSONALIZING // LEATHEROLOGY: I must have been living under a rock because I didn’t know that Leatherology had introduced hand-painted leather pieces to their already beautiful personalized leather assortment till Tomboy KC shared Instagram sneak peeks of their upcoming “profile” feature on the brand. Um. Amazing? If you know me you know that I’m not a “monogram everything” kind of girl but I do have a deep appreciation for modern bespoke personalization – especially when it’s the best quality. Though I haven’t seen the painted Leatherology goodness in person (yet) I have stalked their site (playing around with the interactive pick your colors and see a mock-up feature) and Instagram like a loco lady and have determined that I need to bring one of the bold and beautiful accessories into my life…or at the very least, gift one to someone else this holiday season. If the painted collection isn’t for you, be sure to check out Leatherology’s full personalization options – beautiful hand-debossing in two font options, various size choices, and a range of foils to add pop. You should know that personalizing aside, what makes Leatherology so great is their luxury leather offerings are made more affordable by removing the middle man in the typical retail chain and selling exclusively through their online site. Side note: these cord wraps are genius and a perfect stocking stuffer for the whole fam.

3. BURNING // LUCKY CHARM CANDLE: I am a recovering cereal addict. Think delicacies along the lines of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, LIFE, Capitan Crunch, Fruity Pebbles and of course, Lucky Charms. I was never in it for the hidden toys – just the sugary, carb-filled goodness. That said, the Lucky Charm Candle by Le Feu De L’eau and Ariel Gordon Jewelry brings to mind the child-like love of both finishing something to get to a prize and the satisfying nature that only a bowl of cold cereal can provide. You might recognize Le Feu De L’eau for the sculpted and artisanl candles they’re famed for and by now, you probably know Ariel Gordon as a dainty fine jeweler that’s had my heart for years (wearing her Diamond Lariat Necklace right this minute!). The two LA based brands joined forces to create the whimsical delight that is the Lucky Charm Candle. Each custom-blended candle (scented with notes of Neroli Blossom and Sandalwood) contains a solid 14k gold charm hidden inside the wax (protected in a foil wrapping to keep it safe). Intended to be worn as protective/lucky amulets, the charms can be strung on the red cord inclosed with instructions in the candle’s box as either a necklace or bracelet. All the six charms are adorable and the fun part is that you won’t know which charm is hidden till you burn the candle way down. For $88 I think this is a pretty good deal and the candle and jewelry lover in me wants one very badly. Magically delicious, amIright?! (Get yours here, here and on Amazon!)

4. READING // GOOP MAG: What’s better than getting Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop goodness online? Getting it in the form of 96 pages of print. In case you missed the big memo, goop has produced the first goop Magazine issue with the help of Condé Nast. Already promised to be a quarterly released publication, the mag has an…inspiring (?) image of a mud-painted Gwynnie on the cover and is said to contain more of what fellow goop-lovers drool over. Think: clean beauty, nutritious recipes, Tracy Anderson workouts, fashion help, and other hippie-organic-awesome stuff you never knew you needed to be doing/using but now are convinced you can’t live without. Basically, my issue is in the mail and en route to me.

5. COOKING // MARTHA’S SLOW COOKER RECIPES: I told my family a few Christmases ago, “No. More. Small appliances.” I’m not sure if it was because I was super into cooking and baking at the time or my parents just figured I needed things but I was getting ice cream makers, toaster ovens, mixer attachments, special pots and pans. It was lovely but slightly overwhelming me and my small apartment situations. They all got the message and now I get what I really want: stuff for my dogs and gift cards for workoutwear. But I’m about to go back on my word and put a slow cooker plus Martha Stewart’s “Slow Cooker” recipe book on my list for Santa this year. Slow cooker sounds so much better than “crock pot” doesn’t it? I love (LOVE) the idea of slow cooker recipes in that you throw it all in, crank a dial, and end up with something perfect and delicious hours later. Martha Stewart recipes tend to intimidate me but when she puts the words “foolproof” in the book title I feel better. And hungry.

6. SPICING // THREE KNEES: Another food-related vibe. Because I just can’t help myself. I’m 99% sure that I’ve blogged about Bushwhick Kitchen – specifically their Bees Knees Spicy Honey – in the past. And guess what? It’s still on my radar! I love condiments as much as I love the food they go on. Sometimes I crave french fries because they serve as a vehicle for ketchup, other times I want Chipotle just so I can douse my burrito bowl with their special Chipotle tobacco. I love the combination of sweet and spicy so the eye-watering Bushwhick concoctions really speak to my soul. And call me crazy, but I would eat pizza every night if it meant I could drizzle a little Bees Knees Spicy Honey on my slices. Ditto for waffles in the morning dressed with Trees Knees Spicy Maple syrup and grilled cheeses in the afternoon dipped in Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha. My carb-loving self would love this daily lineup…if not for the food, for the extraordinary added spice. Lucky for me (and other spice lovers) Bushwhick Kitchens sells great gift sets – trios if you will – and one is the Three Knees Spicy Set. Sweet, spicy, yum.

7. LOVING // THE BALDWINS: Do you know about BALDWIN apparel and stores? Or Standard Style boutiques? Or the infamous married duo of Matt and Emily Baldwin? If you live in Kansas City you’re probably shaking your head yes. Matt and Emily opened Standard Style in Leawood, Kansas over 14 years ago and people in search of the best and coolest brands and pieces – girls like Sally and I – became their biggest fans. I can’t even count how many Lacoste polos and Juicy Couture zip-ups I bought from them in high school. As the years went on (and the trends shifted) Matt and Emily continued to grow their business – honing in on their coveted aesthetic and opening new locations around Kansas City. To this day, their stores are still a go-to for the best of everything style. In 2009 (a time when the denim market was at a peak for cycling trends and producing cheap, poor quality but very expensive jeans) Matt introduced BALDWIN – a brand based around denim and other wardrobe staples stripped of trends and focused on sophisticated and modern fits with impeccable craftsmanship, details and design. People lost their minds over BALDWIN and both the denim and apparel have gained recognition and traction over the years. In 2015 Vogue Magazine, along with the CFDA, named BALDWIN as one of the top 10 finalists in the Fashion Fund! Now Emily and Matt are expanding the brand by opening brick-and-mortar stores across the county. Their newest location is in Dallas and Sally and I couldn’t be more excited to have them as neighbors! Aside from their retail and design background being incredibly impressive, Matt and Emily themselves are absolutely magnetic. They’re both beautiful, and happy, and hardworking…and they love the Kansas City community. I didn’t know they had such a goosebump-inducing love story till I read about it last week in this Q+A feature Haley Nahman produced for Man Repeller. 16 years together, 3 kids, one boutique business and a full brand later they truly seem like best friends and soul mates. Swoon. P.S. The BALDWIN store is open in Dallas – make sure you check it out. You will die over how amazing their denim fits (for men and women!)

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