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October 2, 2017

October! This month brings with it my birthday (the 21st!), Blue Moonbeam's birthday (turns 4 on the 23rd!), Halloween (of course), and Breast Cancer Awareness. I know I'm not the only one familiar with the fact that each year October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The annual international health campaign is marked by countless charity and fund-raising efforts for the disease that touches so many. From celebrating those who have fought or are currently fighting to drawing awareness to the disease and the research still needed for its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure - October is so much more than pumpkins, it's pink power.

Like so many, I have loved ones and personal ties to women affected by breast cancer. I also know how hard it is to stand by and feel helpless as they struggle and fight. What I love so much about Breast Cancer Awareness Month is that it offers so many various ways to support the cause. This year I'm especially excited that Helen Jon - a favorite swimwear and resort designer - has designed a special capsule collection where 20% percent of the sales from the items will benefit GLAM4GOOD and its Breast Cancer Initiatives. Keep reading to learn more about Helen Jon, GLAM4GOOD, and of course, the adorable pink and white pieces that do more than just look great...they honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


If you familiar with the goodness that is Helen Jon I’m very excited to be introducing you. Started in 2012 by Gwyn Prentice, the line is designed with a very specific focus: to create sophisticated and flattering designs that offer more comfort for women. Mic drop, am I right? Sounds like a no-brainer but all women have been frustrated at one point or another when shopping for swimwear…Gwyn got fed up with sub-par quality and un-flattering un-fashionable designs and got to work. Having worn both her bikinis and one-piece suits I can vouch that the cuts are beautiful and offer just the right amount of coverage (a very key component for walking, bending, swimming, lounging…all things beach and pool related) and the fabric is sturdy and flattering (support for those who need it, nothing see-through and no flimsy/saggy fabrics). The whole collection is full of basics (re: timeless and elegant) that don’t feel basic. Best of all, Helen Jon is more than just swimwear and offers a one-stop-shop cover-ups, loungewear, activewear and more that’s perfect for all warm weather and resort needs.

As a salute to the pink ribbons that signify breast cancer awareness, the Helen Jon capsule collection that debuted just this month includes pink and white stripe suits as well as a white embroidered tunic. 20% percent of the sales from each item – the pink & white stripe string bikini top and bottom, pink & white stripe lattice back one-piece, and white embroidered tunic – will be donated and dedicated to the Breast Cancer Initiatives of the GLAM4GOOD Foundation.

The GLAM4GOOD Foundation is unique in that it is a US non-profit organization that uses style and beauty to make a social impact. Founded by Mary Alice Stephenson, the organization harnesses the healing power, joy, and attention fashion and beauty bring to bolster self-esteem, promote positivity, honor courage and help everyday heroes and people in need. By partnering with non-profits, media outlets and fashion & beauty brands GLAM4GOOD is able to provide life-changing makeovers, clothing giveaways and confidence bolstering fashion and beauty initiatives for everyday heroes and people in need. GLAM4GOOD’s Breast Cancer Initiatives are one of many non-profit organizations and efforts they offer support to. As they say, “Improving the lives of others is the ultimate form of style.”

I know there is a see of options when it comes to being involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month – my hope is that Helen Jon and the GLAM4GOOD capsule collection is on your radar! I can’t say enough great things about the quality, comfort, cut, and fits of each item. And it’s not every day (or every month) that a purchase leads to a donation of the sale and that’s what makes this partnership and collection so special. Get your hands on the limited edition pieces and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month through the end of the month! AND Helen Jon will donate $1 to GLAM4GOOD for every new Instagram follower they receive during the month of October – so hop over to their account and give them a follow!!

  1. I love seeing your Blog shine a spotlight on worThy causes like ALS and breast cancer awareness.

    also, bod goals. I think we need an update on your diet and excercise routine after this post!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind feedback, Cori – I seriously means the world to us! Diet: healthy eating during the day and wheels off at night with pizza, red-wine, pasta, etc (I workout so I can indulge in my favorites!). Exercise: light cardio and circuit training with light weights! xx – M

    1. Yes! You definitely need to try it!! It’s really so pretty in person and i love the back and gold hardware detail…xx – M

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