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October 5, 2017

It's hard to talk about anything but the weather right now in Dallas. Yesterday was in the 90's and one of the most humid days on record. How can you not mention/discuss those details when its the fifth of October?! It seems as if fall may actually be crawling on its way to town this year. We will most definitely be welcoming the cooler temps with open arms, whenever they do decide to show!

P.S. If you live in or around Dallas, please try to stop by the LEOPARD LEOPARD LEOPARD event Mol and I are hosting at with kate spade new york (we'll be at the Northpark Center location!). It's gonna be a fun, festive, spotted party and we'd love to see you there! (alright, weather and leopard-print party aside, read on for this weeks vibes!)

1. TRUFFLING // CLARITY JETSET CASE: For years, Molly and I have been big (huge) fans and all things Truffle. The clear Clarity Clutches are constant companions of mine and make their way into every single bag of mine. I currently use two of the large clutches to hold diapers, wipes, and a changing pad in my tote. It makes me feel organized without sacrificing style and I can always find what I’m looking for since they’re clear. Recently, Truffle launched some incredible new arrivals that I can most definitely make some room for in my bags and suitcases. The Clarity Jetset Case is perfect for travel as it is TSA approved for your carry on, yet also doesn’t skimp on space, making it roomy enough for your liquids. Along with the JetSet Case and really cute Clarity Crossbody bags are new Clarity Pouches – designed with an expandable bottom which means that they can stand up on their own and your liquids can stand up too. Yes, and yes. I have no problem organizing my entire being into Truffle’s chic clear clutches and pouches, and plan to get that much more organized with their latest additions!

2. SHOPPING // THE GREENWAY SHOP: When it comes to buying cosmetic and skincare items, I definitely prefer to do so in person and at a store. There is something about being able to touch, feel, and try a beauty product that seems necessary before a purchase. Especially when these items aren’t returnable. You want to be sure you’re buying something that you’re really going to love – amiright? This has been tricky with the majority of my beauty products since they are of the natural variety. Up until just a few weeks ago, Dallas really had nothing to offer in the clean beauty department and I felt like I was running all over town and to multiple stores just to try and test small selections of clean products. That is until the lovely ladies at The Greenway Shop set up shop in MADRE with the best collection of all things green beauty. We’re talking Vintners DaughterIndie LeeRahuaRMSUrsa Major, and Kypris – some of the best lines with seriously fantastic products. The girls behind The Greenway Shop really know their stuff, too. They have tried just about every single product on their shelves and are super knowledgable when it comes to what product is best going to meet your beauty needs. If you’re local to the Dallas area and interested in diving into the natural beauty world, The Greenway Shop (in Madre on Lovers Lane!) is definitely worth a visit!

3. DEFINING // PLUME BROW POMADE: I’m a big fan of the Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum by  Plume as a natural way to boost my lash growth – especially after a bout of eyelash extensions that I had a complete love/hate relationship with. The serum is amazing and I love the fact that even though its natural and safe, it actually works. Recently, Plume launched their latest product, a brow “pomade” and I am once again hooked. I had bought Glossier’s Boy Brow not that long ago, but honestly wasn’t loving it. I felt like it was hard to not get too much product on the brow and my brows never looked totally even. Lots of q-tips would be used in the process, kind of defeating the purpose of the “ease” of a eyebrow wand like that. Plume’s Nourish and Define Brow Pomade is great because you choose how much of the pomade you want to brush into your brows with the angled brush. Its quick, easy and completely fool proof leaving my brows looking great every time. I also find the “golden silk” color to be perfect for my coloring, whereas I always felt like the boy brow was just a touch too dark. As an added bonus, Plume’s Brow Pomade is 100% natural and promotes the growth of your brows.

4. GLOWING // GLOPRO: I am of the mindset that my skin could always, always be better than what it is. I can’t decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, I find it good to be proactive at wanting to improve my skin, but also the amount of products that I want/need/have to have is never-ending. I am convinced that each one will be life-changing. Pregnancy can definitely do a number on ones skin, and 5 months later, I am still seeing that. Melasma and forehead wrinkles are my current complaints – ugh. Unfortunately, a lot of products to help with these issues aren’t safe while breastfeeding. What. Gives. Lately, there’s been a lot of hype around the GloPro. A “MicroStimulation” Facial Tool that combines MicroTips with red LED light function and VibroTactile Stimulation to rejuvenate the skin. The product has practically rave reviews in the beauty world and beyond and upwards of 90% of test subjects reported results like improvement of skin’s firmness, collagen stimulation, and evenness of skin tone. Not only that, but the gentle microneedling allows for a 200x improvement in absorption of key agents in those pricy serums and oils I love so much. Um, hello, this sounds like everything I need and more.

5. SLIDING // NEEDLEPOINT MULES: When sandal season is over, I become allll about my mules. They’re easy and instantly seem to make any outfit look put together. Since its still in the 90s here in Dallas (W.T.F.), I am currently sporting them with my jean shorts, but will eventually trade those out for jeans. I came across this pair of Rachel Comey needlepoint mules awhile back and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. The color combination paired with the needlework and metallic blue heel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Which is perfectly fitting for Rachel Comey, who is known for her stop-you-in-your-tracks designs. The mules would look so good paired with everything from a white button down to a classic black cashmere sweater and would look especially awesome with a pair of wider legged, cropped jeans or pants. Yes. Please.

6. COOKING // 2 INGREDIENT PANCAKES: Oftentimes I find breakfast to be one of the trickier meals of the day. I generally eat a Chocolate Sea Salt RX bar first thing in the AM and then call it a day. But this can be as early as 6:30/7, so by the time 9-10am rolls around, I am hungry all over again. But not quite hungry for lunch food yet. I was researching healthy, yet filling “breakfasty” foods that are somewhat easy and came across this recipe for 2 (!) ingredient pancakes. Ingredients that I almost always have around the house (bananas and eggs), making them that much more appealing. Not to mention that I constantly find us unable to finish all of the bananas that we have bought at the store. This would be perfect to make on those days when our bananas are nearing the end of their life-span. Please tell me that we aren’t the only ones with this debacle in our house. This recipe seems like the perfect solution!

7. PRE-ORDERING // “SISTERS FIRST”: I find first families and former first families to be absolutely intriguing. And the Bush family is no different. Couple that with watching Jenna Bush Hager on the Today Show every morning and you’ve got a major fan girl over here. Just from watching her on the show you can tell how close-knit their family really is. Jenna and sister Barbara’s “Sisters First” book comes out in just a few weeks and features intimate stories from their lives in the White House and beyond. Talk about intriguing. Its been awhile since I picked up a book on anything other than babies and sleep, but thinking this one is a must read.

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