Mirth Krabi Wrap Dress

October 6, 2017

New favorite dress alert: the Krabi Jamdan Wrap Dress by MIRTH Caftans. As part of MIRTH's fall collection, this piece had my name written all over it...the handwoven grey fabric (I love grey for year round wear!), wrap style (this is the first season MIRTH has done a wrap design and they totally nailed it), and subtle perfect details (raw-edge tucks down the back, curved sleeves, and pockets). Pockets! I mean, it was only a matter of time before this beauty made its way into my life and now that I have it I truly can't stop wearing it. Perfect with a chunky heel or flat sandals (were still wearing both in the very warm Dallas weather) and equally fantastic paired with booties, cowboy boots (I'm pining for this par of Miron Crosby shorties) and a denim jacket.


What I nerd over most with all MIRTH pieces are their incredible textiles – most of which are hand-loomed or hand-woven in India. The Jamdani fabric used in the Krabi Wrap Dress and the Kolkata Top is super special because it’s created in the homes of highly skilled weavers tiny villages in west Bengal (outside of the city of Kolkata). Native only to this particular region, the motifs made in the fabric are created by weaves using a needle and thread while the itself is being woven on the handloom…they have no pattern, each weaver places the motif based on sight and each varies a bit from weaver to weaver. If you look closely you might notice subtle bands that look like variation in the fabric – this comes from the varying humidity that comes from the air in the hand-dyed yarn.

I seriously love knowing all these details and it really makes each MIRTH piece that much more special. And to be honest, I’ll probably be wearing this exact outfit this weekend even though I already sported it on Wednesday night. Can’t help myself!

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