Baldwin Bliss

October 16, 2017

The title for this post is very appropriate. Not only is BALDWIN a blissful brand and all their products bliss-inducing, but the BALDWIN jeans I'm wearing are named the Karlie and the color I have on is "Bliss." So there you go. If you read this Current Vibes from a few weeks ago you know that Sally and I have a long-time relationship with BALDWIN founders Matt and Emily Baldwin after falling in love with their Kansas City-based retail store Standard Style back in high school. Upon the launch of BALDWIN in 2009 - Matt's namesake line devoted to denim and other wardrobe staples - Sal and I became automatic fans. It wasn't hard to root for our friends and fall for their tight assortment of must-haves. Best of all...the denim fits like a dream. Made in the US with quality denim fabric sourced all over the world, perfect details (the white rivet on the back right pocket is their only branding aside from a simple leather logo), and silhouettes that will work forever.


If you’re all “I want to get in on this BALDWIN business!” I can totally understand. If you live in Dallas you can shop at their brand-new store on Knox (their other store locations can be found right here) and they have a lovely website as well. But I have to say, there’s something magic about their stores. They feel like a hug. Maybe it’s the Midwestern girl in me and the fact that Matt and Emily love their Kansas City roots, but the customer service, inviting seating and unpretentious fixtures feel so much like home. Or maybe I just love their store designs so much that I want to move in? Probably both.

So I obviously love the jeans (and if you ask any BALDWIN denim owner they’ll sing the same praises) but I have to note that the Imogen Trench Coat I’m wearing with my Karlie jeans is amazing. It’s not your typical trench cut but that’s what I love about it…it’s got the classic khaki color and length but the lightweight washed cotton, covered button blacket, and drawstring cinch versus belt or tie (done with selvage striped cotton, no less) make it effortless, timeless and (dare I say) beyond cool. And hey, it’s ON SALE. Get yourself one (my mom already has) and thank me later.

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