Ruffle Front (on sale!)

October 17, 2017

PSA: I love this Ruffle Front shirt and it's on sale! 48% off. Making it $39.99. That's prettttttty good. I have to say that I kinda sorta wish I had ordered it in the "tall" version that's available online but I was too in love with it when I tried it on in a J.Crew store months ago that I had to take it home immediately.  It's not necessarily short in the regular length but I like tucking things in and since there's a banded hem it would have been nice to have a smidgen more length to do so. But hey, it has been a favorite and worn more times that I can count. So jump on the good deal while it's still in stock (in all sizes!).


And because I think it would be loco for me to not mention it: I love the shoes I’m wearing. They’re the Penrose Sandals (but I think of them more as a mule/slide than a sandal?) by kate spade and I even more crazy about them than I thought I would be…super comfortable and just the right amount of embellishment to be eye catching without making me feel like I look like a Christmas tree or something.

In case you’re wondering…I’ll be wearing this exact outfit on a date night with my husband on Friday. Date night! First meal alone, at a restaurant, in months. Can you tell I’m excited?! We might even go crazy and see a movie after. #parentsgonewild

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