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October 25, 2017

Step right up for a random bunch of vibes! Kind of makes me think of when I go to Target and checkout with the weirdest basket ever (think toothpaste, wine, dog treats, birthday cards, and light bulbs). No rhyme or reason today but I guess that makes it a little fun? (keep reading to actually see what the randomness entails)

1. INDULGING // GUILT-FREE COOKIE DOUGH: My friends from The Greenway Shop did an Instagram Story sharing that they made four ingredient brownie batter fudge a la @thebigmansworld. The ingredients they listed were so healthy – and they noted that the end result was out of this world – that I had to get more info on this…Big Man’s World person. Well, turns out Arman is the man, and his world is original healthy recipes with a heavy hand on sweets. When I say healthy I’m talking about paleo, vegan and gluten-free. I might not be any of those three things but I DO have a massive sweet tooth and love to bake. After scrolling through Arman’s Instagram account then jumping over to his site, I’m fully convinced that I need to be making one of his sweet treats a week…at a minimum. Just to experiment, you know? First up: Healthy Edible Egg-Free Unicorn Cookie Dough. It’s no bake (wonderful), made with minimal ingredients (ideal) and ready in five minutes (why haven’t I been making and eating this every day?!).

2. INSPIRED BY // HAPPY MENOCAL’S NEW SITE: Sally and I have had a longstanding crush on Happy Menocal – New York based artist and designer – and her one-of-a-kind work. Go to and search “menocal” to get a glimpse of the stunning wedding suites she’s created. Or see some of her work in action via the @happymenocalstudio Instagram. Or visit her recently re-designed website to find out how to try and lasso the designer into a collaboration. Though it seems there’s nothing she can’t do (restaurant design, murals, custom fabric) he true specialty and famed calling card are the custom emblems she dreams up for weddings, stationery, and more. Many people have tried to imitate Happy’s painterly hand, trademark crests, and whimsical touches but no one can really compare. Her hand-lettering alone is so special! I could stare at her site all day.

3. WANTING // SHEARLING-LINED BIRKS: I have a pair of Birkenstock Arizona sandals. They are the taupe suede and every bit as granola and comfy as you’d think. They add great juxtaposition to certain outfits. I was starting to think Birks were already back out of style (or “trend” if you will) but then I saw these Arizona Shearling-Lined Sandals on Jenni Kayne and immediately thought two things, 1) thank gawd Birks aren’t totally “out” (Jenni always knows what’s up), and 2) omg shearling-lined Arizonas?! Give. Me. It’s fall – so I should have booties and other closed-toe shoes on the brain – but I can’t get these furry friends off my mind. Maybe the shearling + sandal look is the perfect thing for the radical Dallas weather (50s in the morning, mid 70s by the afternoon)? Either way, I have the black on black bad boys on my wish list. Also find them here, here and on Amazon!

4. READING // “THE AUTHENTICS”: “Authentic” is one of my favorite words…genuine, original, real. So it wasn’t a surprise that when I caught wind that friends Dara Caponigro – creative director of Schumacher and founding editor of domino magazine – and Melanie Acevedo – talented and well-known photographer – were coming out with a book called The Authentics” my interest was already piqued. Getting said book in the mail was like Christmas. Not only does it feature true originals and tastemakers that have shaped our current culture, it also features said talents in their own homes. What’s more authentic than seeing the private lives and homes of creatives in art, design, and fashion while reading fascinating interviews of what makes them, well, them. Trust me when I say, you’ll want “The Authentics: A Lush Dive into the Substance of Style” on your book shelf or sitting on your coffee table. I don’t want to give away everyone featured but you can expect to see Miles Redd, Kelly Wearstler, Christian Louboutin, Jonathan Alder, and more.

5. DREAMING // SOUND MACHINE: When I moved into my new place at the end of August I didn’t have to buy much at all (if anything, I purged, sold and donated as much as I could before the move) but the one thing I got that I was so excited about was a sound machine. Before my move I slept with a floor fan turned on just for the added noise. But having a fan blowing year round wasn’t ideal and it also got absurdly dusty. And the sound…it wasn’t perfect. I wanted pure white noise – something that would prevent total silence but not be so loud that I couldn’t hear my iPhone alarm in the morning or my dogs causing mischief at night. Sally suggested I get the Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine. It was recommended to her when she was making her baby registry, has two speeds and sound adjustment, and the reviews looked great so I ordered it. Since my move in, not a night goes by that I don’t use it. Call me high maintenance but I can’t dream without it (and my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep has vastly improved!).

6. LOVING // ALISON LOU ENAMEL: Every time I say I’m putting a pause on my jewelry lust I see something that I can’t resist. Since these Current Vibes sometimes act as a place for me and Sally to express love for all the things we do not buy, I’m going to keep including the jewelry designers and pieces that are fabulous and fully lust worthy. Alison Lou fine jewelry is made up of playful designs born from the creativity of Alison Chemla. Her Emoticore collection put her on the map but it’s her use of symbols, color, detailing and enamel that keeps her line so fresh and fun. The latest Custom Enamel collection has a range of teeny symbols that come in a variety of enamel colors and I die for all the options. If money were not object I’d take an ear full of flower studs and a few little necklaces and bracelets, too…they just look so great layered, don’t they?!

7. LASHING // MAGNETIC LASHES: Please tell me I’m not the only one who has seen magnetic eyelashes pop up on their Pinterest scroll? I guess eyelashes are a big interest of mine and Sally’s because the same magnetic lashes kept popping up. So I did what any bored procrastinating girl scrolling pins would do and clicked to see what it was all about. Enter One Two Lashes – patent-pending micro-magnetic technology and the first to introduce magnetic lash strips that sandwich your natural lashes and stay together to give the look of volume and length without the ritual of mascara, mess of false lashes + glue, expense and upkeep of extensions, or hassle of lash growth serums. Sounds pretty great, right? I have to say that the before and after photos/videos have me really curious to try them myself. Has anyone given them a go? Eyelashes are my favorite beauty feature to pamper and play up and I really like the idea of achieving a look with minimal effort. Will be doing more research on if the product works as well and is as easy as they say…

  1. I got a set of the magnetic lashes in the mail and they are total bogus. I bought them from a place called Boulder Vibes. Do not work at all!

  2. I bought the birks in black and then went back for a pair in brown/cream. I looooove them! so fuzzy and cozy, yet they are perfect for those transitional seasons when temps hover in the 60s.

  3. I SOOoo badly wanted the one two lashes to be awesome. I ordered them about 6 months ago. They finally arrived 4 months later. All i can say is… utter disappointment. They are flat as opposed to curved. So, they sit on my lashes with only one point lining up with my lid. They don’t blend in with my own lashes and look crazy fake. I am going to try to cut them and see how they look on the outer corners of my eyes?! my sister ordered them and had the same problem. I’m sure if we had flat lids we would be really excited about them. 🙁

    1. Nooooo! I had a feeling that they sounded too good to be true 🙁 So strange that they didn’t design them (or couldn’t design them) to have any curve to match an actual lash line…huge bummer. Thank you for the first-hand feedback! xx – M

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