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November 2, 2017

Welp. This was meant to post yesterday, but I am a day behind and have no real excuse besides the fact that my days are crazy and I don't like to sit behind a computer unless its during naps. Sorry friends! Now that I've checked finishing this post off my to-do list, I'm off to bake some banana bread and finish laundry - exciting stuff over here:) (read on for more vibes that are a littttlee more thrilling than my never ending pile of laundry and bananas that are going bad.)

1. BOOSTING // TRUE BOTANICALS ANTIOXIDANT: I’ve mentioned before that with pregnancy, and now while breastfeeding, I developed some Melasma on my face that seems to want to stick around. Aside from freckles that I’ve had since a young child, I’ve never had any sort of brown spots or discoloration until now. It was quite alarming initially, but now I think I’m just used to it. Ugh. Because many treatments for this aren’t safe while breastfeeding, I just try to use lots of Vitamin C (love this one by Ursa Major and this is unreal, but I always have to borrow/steal from Molly) and Indie Lee’s Squalene Oil (purchased from The Greenway Shop here in Dallas!). The other week I saw that Jessica of Bare Beauty Blog posted about True Botanical’s new Antioxidant Booster on her Instagram stating that the product improved her melasma x100. After reading these I quickly researched the Antioxidant Booster and found these before and after photos that have me convinced the Booster is just the ticket to solving my melasma drama.

2. WATCHING // STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2: We finallyyy started the second season of Stranger Things on Halloween after setting the remaining candy on our front porch and turning the lights off – oops. When we watched the first season I was the biggest skeptic. I admittedly hate all things Sci-Fi or Fantasy related – I never could quite jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon. Not that this is any comparison, but you catch my drift. After countless friends told me of their Stranger Things addiction I decided to give it a shot and am so glad I did. If you haven’t watched, nows your chance to spend the weekend binge watching Season 1. We will be doing the same for Season 2. Any other skeptics turned fans out there?

3. PLANNING // GRAPHIC IMAGE 2018: Each year Molly and I have the best time picking out our Graphic Image “desk datebook” planners for the new year and this year is no exception. There’s nothing like a new planner to help you feel organized, am I right? I can never quite seem to get around typing calendar items into my phone and much prefer the pen to paper method. There is something so therapeutic about taking the time to write things down, too. I am just now sitting down to look at the 2018 offerings from Graphic Image and trying to narrow down my favorites. Every year I have the hardest time deciding. Kindddd of into this moss green color.

4. RESORTING // MARYSIA SWIM: The other day Molly and I were talking about brand loyalty and how we both feel as if Marysia is a brand that we are completely and utterly devoted to in the swimwear department. Over the years I have amassed a decent collection, but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Not to mention that with each new collection, the brand is pretty hard to resist as everything is next level amazing – always. And what I do know about my Marysia suits is that I wear them. Over and over again. And they last! Making them worth every single penny. I also find the fit to be amazing and think they really do offer something for just about everyone in the swimwear department, depending on what you like. With a Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii in just two weeks, I am really wanting to add a new Marysia suit to my collection. So when Resort 2018 launched I felt as if it was meant to be that it happened just weeks before our trip. Aside from white and black, it doesn’t get any more classic than a great red bathing suit and red makes up the better part of the latest collection. How good is this one??

5. SEEKING // BLACK BOOTIES: If there is one item my closet seems to be desperately in need of this Fall/Winter it is a great pair of black booties. I am torn between wanting a pair that is more of a “nighttime” pair vs. one that can be worn both day and night. Realistically, I don’t get out that much, so it seems to be a better buy to get something that I can wear white running around during the day. I’ve long loved the Isabel Marant Dicker booties and don’t really care if they had their moment years ago. They’re comfortable, easy, not a high heel, and can go with pretty much anything. Thats a win in my book. Also love these and the price is ideal. Also the heel height! This pair is fairly similar to the J.Crew version, but an even better price and they have awesome reviews. Decisions, decisions.

6. COZYING // SHEEPSKIN MOCCS: When the weather in Dallas cooled down, albeit temporarily, I was so excited to break out my UGG slippers. I have this weird thing where I can’t walk around in our house barefoot and always have to be wearing flip flops, but when it was chilly, slippers felt much more appropriate. Much to my dismay, I learned that with my foot growth that happened during pregnancy, my slippers that were brand new last Christmas are toe-crunching small. Not. Ideal. I had seen the Sheepskin Moccasins by The Small Home awhile back and loved the look of them, but two pairs of slippers is excessive for someone living in Dallas. Buttttt, now that my others no longer fit, I can surely justify them – right?! The Moccasins are all 100% handmade in the Polish Mountains using traditional techniques making them that much more special. I of course love the various embroidery colors, too. This pair may be my favorite.

7. READING // OLIVA WILDE’S ITG TOP SHELF: Speaking of True Botanicals, my curiosity in Olivia Wilde’s beauty routine peaked when I found out that she was the chief brand activist for the company. Since then, Wilde has been very outspoken about her journey with nontoxic skincare. Excitingly, her partnership with True Botanicals represents the first prominent celebrity signing of a natural skincare line in the beauty world. I remember reading that Olivia first became interested in nontoxic skincare when she was pregnant and decided to put more thought into what she was using on her body. That was years ago. Its safe to say that since then she has most likely amassed quite a few natural beauty favorites, especially being in an industry where she is required to wear a lot of makeup. Hence why I couldn’t wait to read her Top Shelf. In the article she shares her love for all things True Botanicals (le duh) as well as various rms products and the amazing Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes. Now if onlyyy she would have shared her favorite all over foundation/tinted moisturizer, specifically what is making her skin look pretty and glowy in the feature’s photos. For now I will just slather my face and body with every single Olivia Wilde endorsed beauty product. Starting with ordering the Stretch Concealer from Glossier because I have yet to find a natural concealer that I love.

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