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November 8, 2017

A few weeks ago Sally wrote about Reese Witherspoon's #bookclub in this Current Vibes post. Well, consider me a fan of her recommendations. I selected "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celest Ng as my pick for book club (hosting the meeting tonight!) and really, really loved it. Highly recommend if you're into stories about family dynamics.

For my Vibes today you'll notice a lot of collaboration love ('tis the season?) and then the typical randomness of things that have been on my radar or are making their way into my life. (go on...get 'em)

1. READING // “GIO_GRAPHY”: If you’re a fashion lover than you probably recognize the name Giovanna Battaglia – or you might just recognize her face and street style. Wether or not you know the Italian fashion editor and stylist by name or from pouring over fashion week archives, there’s no denying that she has a passion for fashion and way of dressing that’s uniquely her own. While at my bestie Mary’s house the other week she excitedly showed me her latest treasure: “Gio_Graphy: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion” (Giovanna’s recently released book). Mary might be Giovanna’s biggest fan…and while I’m a lesser devote, it took me a few flips through “Gio_Graphy” to determine that I needed a copy for myself. Aside from all the fabulous fashion and personal wisdom Giovanna provides, I just love the colorful, bold, fearless layout of pages. She arrives tomorrow. Pretty excited.

2. PUZZLING // CHRISTIAN LACROIX MASION DE JEU: I’m a self proclaimed puzzle nerd. My sweet grandparents got me into the activity at a really young age and I still love (love) working on a good puzzle (especially with my family when home during the holidays). Those 3D things aren’t really my jam but I love designs with complexity that make them more challenging to piece together. I recently saw the Christian Lacroix Maison De Jeu collection of pieces inspired by vintage French gambling houses and though the playing cards are beautiful, I immediately zeroed in on the 250 piece puzzle. It’s 2 sided! Which makes it doubly challenging and doubly cool.

3. BLENDING // MAKEUPDROP: Around this time last year I was reallllly into using a beautyblender for my foundation/CC cream/tinted moisturizer and concealer. And I liked it. But for whatever reason, I totally stopped using it last spring, tossed it (it had that not-so-great smell to it after consistent use), and never replaced it. I liked that the beautyblender make my makeup blend perfectly but I thought it soaked up a lot of product and I loathed the clean up. I traded my very well-blended skin in favor of using my fingers – not the best trade off and I can definitely notice a difference but figured “oh well.” Well.  Guess what. There’s now a tool that gives the benefits of blending but isn’t a sponge (so it doesn’t waste/soak in any product) and is antimicrobial and super easy to clean….it’s called the MakeupDrop. Defined as being a silicone makeup applicator, it’s the same price as a beauty blender ($20) and has a similar teardrop shop though the two are obviously quite different (the MakeUp drop is flat and the beautyblender is a rounded sponge). After seeing the MakeupDrop approved by the Violet Code (anyone else use VIOLET GREY as the final word when it comes to all things beauty and skincare?!) I’m even more intrigued and really want to try it for my liquid skin coverage, concealer, and highlighters. Anyone have it and love it??

4. PAJAMAING // LAKE x REBECCA ATWOOD: I love a good collaboration (as you’ll continue to see in the upcoming vibes on this list) and was really excited to see that textile designer and artist Rebecca Atwood teamed up with LAKE to produce a special collection of pajamas. The exclusive collaborative collection features one “flurry” print designed by Rebecca in two color ways – ocean (shades of blue) and blush – and made into various LAKE pj styles (all done in their signature super soft Pima cotton with contrast color binding. I pretty much live for my LAKE jammies (the sets that pair shorts with either short or long-sleeved tees are my go-to) and just love seeing Rebecca’s painterly hand made into this exclusive print. Pajamas make for excellent holiday gifts…just saying (;

5. WANTING // BOX BAG: Behold…a handbag that’s basically a mini suitcase! Different? Yes. Adorable? Indeed. Something about the simplistic structure of the Box Bag by The Daily Edited has me totally captivated. There’s something very lady-like, sophisticated, and old-world about it. Love that it can be carried from the top handle or worn with an adjustable detachable shoulder strap. And of course, I envision having one embossed with either a single “M” (sans-serif font, obviously) or maybe a pizza emoji (yes! they have TONS of emojis to pick from!) or even a simple heart. The website is so fun because you can play around with personalization and see mock-ups in real time. The Daily Edited has tons of other gorgeous bag silhouettes (all leather, all able to be personalized) and the Box Bag also comes in pale pink and peony pink. Also…check out tde’s collection for mini’s (aka little people/kids) if you want to scream over some cuteness.

6. LOVING // LOU & GREY x SUNDRY: Another collaboration collection! Lou & Grey specializes in creating comfortable, cozy, casual (but not sloppy!) pieces that you just want to live in. So it’s not a huge surprise to see them launch an collection with Sundry (a line of super soft pieces influenced by coastal casual and French chic). Lots of stripes and blue & white & red! When part of your daily uniform includes sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other knits it’s hard to resist wanting one of everything from the Lou & Grey x Sundry collection. I’m especially eyeing the Stripe Track Pants and Je T’aime Tee!

7. DREAMING // HILL HOUSE HOME x PRABAL GURUNG: And yet another collaboration! If you’re around me often enough you’ll more than likely catch me saying, “Some day, when I’m a fancy lady I’ll…” (fill in the blank). Not sure if it’s my way of putting my pipe dreams into the universe or being unnecessarily vocal about silly materialistic fantasies (ex: a backyard with a pool and astroturf, having Holy Kombucha on tap in my kitchen, etc.) but I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. And thus, I wanted to share that If I were a fancy lady, I would 100% buy the Hill House Home x Prabal Gurung Monogrammable Dinner Party Set. It’s exclusive to Moda Operandi, consists of 8 linen and hand embroidered placemats, napkins, and cocktail napkins. I’ve always admired the bedding collection by Hill House Home so this collab was really intriguing to me. It is very elegant, quite expensive ($1,700), and I picture a lovely fancy lady who loves hosting dinner parties/tea parties/luncheons having the set. Along with the pretty embroidered rose, each placemat has a line from Christina Rossetti’s 1877 poem “An Emerald Is as Green as Grass,” broken down and embroidered – line by line – across the top. Please, if you are a fancy lady, I implore you to indulge in this set and live out my fantasy.

  1. I look forward to this email every week — and it’s the only thing in my Inbox I read “cover to cover.” Thanks for always providing such lovely, unique content!

  2. i read little fires everywhere a month or so ago and loved it…i just finished celeste ng’s first book yesterday and it was equally as good! it’s called everything i never told you, and if you liked little fires and her writing style, you’ll love her first novel!!

    1. Sally and I listened to the audio of “Everything I Never Told You” on a long drive and now I want to listen to it again after finishing “Little Fires Everywhere”!!

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