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November 15, 2017

Our long awaited Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii as a family of three is tomorrow and we could not be more excited! Our flight takes off at 5:55am, which means that I will be scurrying around all day doing last minute things. Luckily, we're almost fully packed minus toiletries and one last load of baby laundry. I'm hoping to go to bed with our suitcases literally zipped up and sitting by the door. 5:55 is pretttyy early! The last time we visited someplace tropical was for our honeymoon a year and a half ago. We talked about doing this trip when I was still pregnant as a sort of way to celebrate a belated "baby moon", 30th and 31st birthdays and our second wedding anniversary. We have lots to celebrate around here! (read on for this weeks vibes...)

1. READING // CHARLOTTE’S BOOK: As Molly mentioned yesterday, we are complete freaks about skincare. Obsessed to say the least. I don’t even remember how I came across Charlotte’s Book, but I’m pretty glad that I did. Charlotte’s book has been called a “sophisticated take on Angie’s list” in terms of connecting consumers with the best of the best in beauty services. On top of this, the site also has loads of beauty content for people like me to spend hours upon hours reading. In fact, just while writing this post, I have become distracted with a link to this write up on Mind Body Green. Now my ever-growing list of beauty buys has grown even more. Shoot. Another favorite feature of the site is the Ask Charlotte Series – where I have found the answers to many questions that I too had wondered about. And I will now spend the rest of my day researching Cellfina. Needless to say, Charlotte’s Book is like the beauty consultant I never knew I needed. Maybe this will limit the amount of beauty questions I text Molly on a daily basis?

2.  OBSESSING // LOEFFLER RANDALL RESORT ’18: Dear Loeffler Randall, I just can’t with your new Resort 2018 collection. It’s just too. freaking. goo. If ya’ll haven’t check it out, this has to be one of the best ye. But then again, Molly and I seem to think that with each new season that LR releases. “Multi-colored ric rac ribbon trims, rainbow stripes, ruffled edges, fuzzy accents, and playful pompoms” make up the details of this collection and it couldn’t be a happier looking bunch. As always, we are loving the inspiration board behind Resort 2018. I’m finding it hard to pick favorites from the collection, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because I may have to make multiple pairs my own. The Birdie in the white is candy colored perfection and pretty much irresistible. Why did I not purchase these before our trip tomorrow!? My denim Vera’s from this fall are one of the most comfortable shoes I own and were so easy to wear that its no surprise I’m eyeing them in the bright red kid suede – with ric rac trim, of course. And because Molly and I have been talking about wanting a pair of fuzzy slides for what seems like months now, the Isabel slide in navy is so.much.yes. Most especially love the navy shearling paired with the black leather sole because black + navy = match made in heaven.

3. WANTING // FOUR EYES EARRINGS: I have a pretty decent collection of statement earrings, but I don’t see my love for them stopping anytime soon. Truth be told, I get so much wear out of them, so I can easily justify the purchase of a great pair. I know, I know, I write about a good statement earring just about every Current Vibes, but I clearly can’t help myself. And the good just keeps on coming. So I’m practically obligated to share my findings, right? When Pencil and Paper Co posted about Four Eyes Ceramics‘ large-scale, handmade porcelain statement earrings, they immediately moved to the top of my ‘must blog about’ list. Sadly, I completely forgot to go back to Pencil and Paper and purchase a pair for myself from their pop-up with Four Eyes and am seriously devastated. This pair was screaming my name – how good is the green for fall and going into the holidays? Its a perfect green too. Sigh. Guess I’ll have to try to track them down, because I’m not going to be able to let the idea go!

4. READING // “SHE”: Meet the newest addition to my coffee table book collection – kate spade new york’s latest, “SHE: muses, visionaries and madcap heroines.” The latest tome from kate spade features fifty iconic women – muses, visionaries, and heroines and includes photography, quotes, words of wisdom, and personal essays from these inspiring women. Included in the book are the likes of Jane Fonda, Iris Apfel, Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Dorothy Draper, and Carrie Bradshaw. Often times we get a new coffee table book and I never quite find the time to sit down and flip through it. Sad, I know. Someday! But, this one I’ve had on my bedside table ever since it came in and have loved reading a few of the stories each night. With Christmas right around the corner, this would be a perfect gift for the amazing women in your life!

5. LASHING // LASHFOOD: I think I may have mentioned that a few months ago I got eyelash extensions and had them on for a few months. As much as I loved them and felt way prettier waking up looking less like a newborn baby mouse, they definitely did a number on my natural lashes. Ever since I have been aggressively trying to bring my natural lashes back to life and a decent length. It doesn’t help that Molly has the most insane lashes making mine look sad in comparison. Thankfully, LASHFOOD has an array of products at my rescue. The founders of LASHFOOD actually got their start in the lash extension business, which is why they created the company. The mother/daughter team spent years experimenting and researching the effects that powerful herb extracts and other pure ingredients have on lash growth. LASHFOOD’s Phyto-Medic Lash Enhancer is the world’s first and only Eco-Certified lash enhancing serum. Meaning that it is natural and safe from the chemicals that many lash enhancing products contain. While also remaining super effective in strengthening and nourishing lashes to look longer and thicker. I’ve been using this every night for just a few weeks now and cannot wait to see the results. Another LASHFOOD favorite is their Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer that contains lash extending, thickening microfibers to extend the look of lashes. I have been wearing this under my mascara and have seen such a drastic difference in how much better my lashes look. Seriously like night and day. Its almost as if when I apply it I can see my lashes instantly look longer. I am so sold on LASHFOOD’s products that the Eyelash Extensions in a Bottle is looking pretty promising to add to my collection.

6. WISHING // VINTNER’S DAUGHTER LIMITED EDITION: We’ve talked on the blog A LOT about our love and obsession for Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum. Since first purchasing the magic serum, that love for the brand has not wavered and if anything has only grown. This stuff is pure magic, people. If you want to read more about why we love it so much see posts here and here. Clearly, we’re big fans. I continue to rebuy bottle after bottle because its that amazing and is worth every penny. We’ve also converted our mama who has made her incredible skin that much better with the use of Vintners Daughter. If you have any questions on the amazingness of the product, a quick google search will lead you to article upon article touting just how incredible the serum really is. 22 of the world’s most active organic and wildcrafted ingredients don’t lie! This year, the company launched a limited edition 50ml bottle (the original size is 30ml) just in time for the holidays and gift giving. Is it terrible to want to gift this to myself? The bigger the bottle, the better. Vintners Daughter is also now offering a 3ml sample packwhich is awesome for those that want to try the product before committing to a full bottle.

7. LOOKNG FORWARD TO // HOLIDAY TRADITIONS: This year will be our first Christmas as a family of three and we couldn’t be more excited to start some Christmas traditions that we hope to continue for years to come. The past few years we’ve gotten a real tree for our house and decorated it with our growing ornament collection, but there is something about doing this with a little one around that makes it that much more magical. Last Christmas, my mom got us a little tree and ornaments for baby H’s room, which will be so fun to set up. We also have our needlepoint stockings that I cannot wait to hang above the mantle this year. With a third stocking of course, thanks to my mama and Molly working their little fingers to the bone stitching away for the past year. We usually drive around and look at the Christmas lights in Dallas which are crazy amazing, but this year I think we’re going to take a carriage ride as a family to see them. We’ll bundle baby H up in his Christmas jammies and bring hot chocolate because, duh. Even though he’s still so little, we know that he will absolutely love all of the lights.

1. Charlotte's Book // 2. Loeffler Randall Resort 2018 collection // 3. Four Eyes Ceramics x Pencil Paper Co. pop-up earrings ($75), get other pairs here! // 4. "kate spade new york: SHE: muses, visionaries and madcap heroines" ($25 on Amazon! also here) // 5. LASHFOOD Phyto-Medic Lash Enhancer ($80, also here, here and on Amazon!) // 6. Vintner's Daughter Limited edition 50ml bottle ($305) // 7. Highland Park Village (Dallas, TX) Holiday Lights

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