Getting Gifty with West Elm

November 16, 2017

When it comes to the holiday season, there are certain beliefs that I hold dear: 1) Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" cannot be overplayed. Ever. 2) Peppermint ice cream can and should be consumed the entire month of December, and last but not least, 3) It's never too early to start the gift shopping. Even better if you can be strategic about said shopping. For me, that means doing a little "one-stop-shopping" - scooping up gifts all in one place. West Elm is the ultimate gift destination during the holiday season...they truly have something for everyone and each option is more perfect, fun, beautiful than the next! Being the organized gift-giver that I am (humble brag), I scooped up some perfect presents while at West Elm the other week and thought I would share. I will say that even though I love everything I got (and feel that they're perfect for all types of people on my list) West Elm has even more gift goodness online - all in one spot and broken down into multiple categories - and I've got more a cart started with more great things I can't wait to wrap up and give!


FOR: the Entertainer: Some people are naturals when it comes to having gatherings and hosting parties. These entertainers make the impossible look effortless and I love them for it. If there’s one thing I know about people that love playing host, it’s that they appreciate pieces that they can put to good use. West Elm has so many good things any entertainer would love. As soon as I laid eyes on this painter’s palette-inspired cheese tray by Fishs Eddy Cheese Tray (on sale!) I knew it would be perfect for my bestie that puts together the most delicious cheese boards. It’s fun and playful – ideal for someone that likes getting to switch things up with each gathering. I also love this 2-tier cake stand, this pineapple trivet (something every hosts needs!), and this set of marble & brass cheese knives.

FOR: the White Elephant Party: I loooove holiday parties. Especially annual ugly sweater parties (I have a solid sweater I always wear) and white elephant parties (where the goal is to entertain with a silly gift). Getting to pick out a random and hilarious gifts for a white elephant party brings me so much joy. I could not get over the perfection of West Elm’s snow globes this year…though there were some great options (a unicorn, a llama, and more) I could not pass up the Merman Snow Globe. Is he not incredible?! Who wouldn’t want to take him home and find a special spot to show him off? I also felt like the fancy dog figurine and felt cacti would make for lovely white elephant gifts.

FOR: the Mixologist: Bar carts will probably never not be having a moment. I think every person I know has some sort of bar set up and some live the art of cocktail making more than others. For the friend (or friends) who are at home mixologists, West Elm has great accessories and tools that any cocktail connoisseur will love. I picked up a Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker while in the store (it’s sadly sold out online) for my friends that always mix drinks from the “Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails” since the book authors also created the shaker. For the mixer who prefers to stir and not shake, this mixing pitcher & strainer is gorgeous. And I love this bar tools set – equal parts form and function that will look super glam out on display.

FOR: the Adventurer: I’m not a “bucket list” type person but several of my friends are and I couldn’t help but think of them when I spotted this DOIY Poster of 100 Things You Must Do Before You Die. I think it’s really fun that it’s interactive – with little windows that peel off similar to an advent calendar – and that the design makes it worthy of actually hanging somewhere. And hey, the adventurous person might also need the 100 Places You Must See Before You Die poster. And I bet I know the perfect person to give the 100 Movies You Must See Before You Die poster to. So glad that West Elm included these posters in their gift section…I think they’ll be fun to give again and again.

FOR: the Ornament Exchange: If you haven’t been to an ornament exchange you either need to host one for your crew or find one to get in on. Every person brings and ornament and draws a number, going in order of the numbers, each person picks from the pile of wrapped ornaments OR “steals” an ornament that’s already been opened. If you’re someone who gets an ornament stolen you can steal or pick again from the pile. It turns into a really fun event when the ornaments are as fun as the guests! Each year West Elm has an incredible selection of ornaments – ranging from traditional and classic, to ornate and/or handmade, with some whimsical and playful goodness mixed it. I plan on bringing the Glass Cactus Terrarium Ornament (I can’t pass up something that feels Texas related) to my upcoming exchange but I might just have to get the ski bunny and candy cane shark for my own tree!

FOR: the Lover of Luxe: Sometimes people with excellent taste can be tricky to buy for. When I’m shopping for these people I like to look for things that are beautiful – ideally something that can be displayed – and interesting enough that the person getting the gift wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy it for themselves. Not many items fall into this category West Elm manages to always curate a handful of pieces that fit the bill. I love the Glass Knot objects because they’re simple but beautiful (and great to give along with a coffee table book or two that could sit beneath!). Other items that caught my eye are all upgraded ordinary things – these enamel & copper vases, agate bookends, a copper watering can – that any love of luxe would appreciate

FOR: the Chef: Friends and family who love all things cooking and kitchen related are among my favorite to shop for. I like trying to find things that they probably don’t have but would definitely use and love. West Elm broke out groupings of gifts by recipient and the “cooks + kitchen enthusiasts” was so fun to look through. While I was in store I found a little Marble Mortar & Pestle and thought it was such a nice tool for a favorite chef in my life. That said, there were a lot of other foodie things that caught my eye…how fun are the colors of this SMEG Espresso Machine and Dash Mini Waffle Maker?! I’m also a big fan of this oil & vinegar set and this butter dish.

FOR: the Person Who Has Everything: We all have this person on our gift list…they are notoriously difficult to buy for. Mainly because you feel like they have everything. Every year there’s one particular family member that I get stuck on…how to you find something they will love but don’t already have?! Well, you spy something like the acrylic Deco Stacking Game and think, “bingo.” It’s like a fancier version of Jenga – fun, elegant, and has equal parts form and function. I’m a little too excited to give this baby away! And hey, if all else fails, pick out a pretty frame or two from West Elm’s selection and print pictures your “person who has everything” would love (bonus points if you and them are in the picture together). I love these acrylic and metal frames!

FOR: the Zen Master: So I don’t totally love that I used the term “zen master” but I didn’t know how else to describe the person that’s all about relaxing, minimalism, and pretty but practical. They’re like lovers of serene (re: zen). An obvious choice for a friend like this would be a pretty blanket or candle but there’s way more interesting ways to give scent that’s not a candle. Like incredible incense! West elm carries Uma Incense Sticks – if you haven’t smelled them before, they are pretty major – and I thought that a case of the “pure calm” with an simplistic but elegant Incense Burner would be the ideal combo.

Feeling the itch to get started (early) on your own glorious gift list? Do yourself a favor and head to West Elm. They have even more great stuff than what I talked about here…I just didn’t want to go nuts and list every single thing that caught my attention! Ho, ho, ho and happy shopping!

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