Leather Skirt Love

November 20, 2017

Butter. It's what this leather skirt feels like. I *think* I've had a couple leather skirts in my closet before (they were probably short or tight or both) but nothing like this one. Molly has been wearing a black leather a-line skirt by kate spade new york for a couple years and I've always been a little jealous of it...and wanting ac cool classic leather skirt for myself. Well, kate spade to the rescue (yet again). The Allyson Skirt was part of their fall collection and I completely fell for the color - a rich green - and the circle skirt silhouette. If I wasn't in Hawaii for the week, I would definitely be wearing it for Thanksgiving!


P.S. The Allyson Skirt is on sale but only a few sizes are left. But I found some other great leather and faux leather skirts! The length and fit of this is really similar to mine (but in black), this is suede but I love the color, caramel colored circle skirt with this, this a-line mini is a similar color to mine, the asymmetrical wrap on this is great, another asymmetrical hem but this one has a sleek zipper, this leather look-alike is an awesome price, and this is a classic.

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