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November 22, 2017

I made it to Kansas City last night and it feels so good to be home! I've been dreaming of my mom's Thanksgiving meal for weeks now and can't wait to spend all day eating, drinking and being thankful with my family (minus Sally) tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be sharing an outfit post - because I'm been dying to share a Mirth top that I packed for my trip and have been wearing a ton - then get ready for a big, long, glorious Black Friday sales & steals list. (now, on to today's feature and my vibes, vibes, vibes!)

1. DONNI LOVING // ALYSSA WASKO: Formerly known as Donni Charm, DONNI is a brand that specializes in scarves and other upgraded accessory essentials. As someone who owns a couple DONNI pieces I can attest to their versatility and coziness. The woman behind the simplistic and special designs is Alyssa Wasko. The whole brand came about after she lost her father Donald in 2009 – creating scarves was a way for her to cope and the hobby quickly turned into a business that’s been gaining recognition and traction ever since. I really loved getting to read Alyssa’s business profile and Q+A on Create & Cultivate…very impressed by her authenticity and drive. And can I just take a minute to call out some of my current DONNI faves from this season: this looks like the coziest things ever, the colors of this make it the ideal wear-with-everything neutral, and I love the oversized scale and texture of this guy!

2. MAKEUP-ING // BURT’S BEES: How did I miss that Burt’s Bees launched a full line of makeup? I only realized it after reading this feature on Emmy Rossum via The Coveteur. Had no idea she was an ambassador for Burt’s Bees or that they now had a makeup collection. Oops? Now I know, and now you know! Like all Burt’s Bees products, the makeup is made with natural ingredients and without any unnatural and/or synthetic chemicals. What I’m liking about the line is how curated it is. There’s just three face products (a liquid foundation, a powder foundation and a powder blush), one mascara, eyeshadow trio palates, an eyeliner pencil and a brow pencil, and a few new lip formulas (including two lipsticks, lip crayons and a lip oil). Kind of nice to not be overwhelmed by a ton of offerings, IMHO. So far the reviews I’ve been reading are good…and I’m pretty intrigued by the liquid foundation (I just love testing different formulas) and tinted lip oil (the caramel cloud color looks perfect). Anyone tried and tested something from the collection yet?

3. ADORING // CUYANA MINI BOW BAG: I don’t really know what to say about this precious Mini Bow Bag other than that I love it. Cuyana recently released the bag as part of their holiday catalog and I got immediate hearts for eyes. I’ve been trying to find a small handbag that’s not a clutch for a while and I just love the design so much. It’s small! It has a chain strap! It’s got a bow that’s not a full-on girly bow! So sweet and simple. Basically, I want it in both the red and black.

4. SLIDING // EYELOVE MULE: We should just change “holiday season” to “collaboration season.” I feel like everywhere I look there’s another collab happening and each is better than the next. Case in point with Stuart Weitzman’s limited edition EYELOVEMORE Mules they designed in collaboration with Gigi Hadid. I’m a big mule-wearing-gal so I liked these right off the bat. The slides are lined in shearling (cozy!), available in three suede colors (black, pale grey, and tan – my fave). The black and tan pairs features a single leather eye talisman appliqué on the right shoe while the grey features a grouping of evil eyes on each shoe (thus the higher price tag). The final touch is the metallic detailing on the heel. Aside from the fact that this is a fashion pairing made in heaven, Stuart Weitzman and Gigi Hadid created the style as a representation to their commitment to build three additional schools with Pencils of Promise. Gigi notes that “The evil eye is a powerful symbol meant to protect those who wear it from negative energies. It’s emotionally comforting and beautiful and captivating to look at. The bright colors are fun and remind me why we designed these shoes – they represent our commitment to build three additional schools with Pencils of Promise.” Looking good while doing good!

5. GROWING // HUDSON GRACE: I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow (so. freaking. excited.) but I’m just gonna talk about the next holiday (Christmas) for a second. Each year Hudson Grace sets off the season with their signature gnome and a selection of other home pieces. Everything HG does slays me but the holiday stuff is just so clean, classic and unfussy – I always want it all. Since I’m trying to be better about buying for others than for myself this year (so far, not super successful) I have been eyeing the red amaryllis and paperwhite bulb vases. Both flowers always remind me of my mom – she forces some each year – and they would make such an elegant, pretty gift that would keep giving once the bulbs bloom.

6. COLLAB LOVING // JPJ x SKB: Another collaboration! And this one is super special because it’s between two very talented artists I’ve always loved and admired: Jane Pope and Sally King Benedict. Jane’s fine jewelry line is known for its imperfect and organic lines, unique stone settings, and everyday wearability. Sally’s “faces” paintings are instantly recognizable and highly coveted by fans and collectors alike. Two lovely artists who happen to be long-time friends – two different mediums – brought together in the form of a really beautiful small jewelry collection. Since Jane did such a great job describing the collaboration and inspiration for the collection, I’m borrowing from her site: “Friends for years, Jane Pope and Sally King Benedict have always admired each other’s craft. During Jane’s travel to Portugal inspiration sparked when she came across roman coins with raised faces. These coins instantly reminded her of Sally’s work. They have come together to create a collection of fine jewelry inspired by roman coins, old-world crests, and the nature of a wax seal. With Jane’s delicately imperfect shapes and Sally’s abstract figures, a collection of truly special pieces was created. Like the patron saint of Christopher, these pieces are meant to represent any child or person and remind one of home when away. These 14 kt gold pieces can be worn every day and never taken off. This special collaboration is the perfect marriage of fine art and jewelry.” So sweet, right? The collection includes the sweetest little pinky ring, a pendant necklace on a delicate chain and one on a ball chain, medium sized stud earrings and small size studs. Love, love, love.

7. DECORATING // ARIANNA BELLE PILLOWS: Need new pillows? I do. For my couch. The new couch I need but haven’t yet bought. Anyway, Arianna Belle has a lot of options and I love the mix of fabrics and the ability to do custom sizes. Just thought I would pass it along for anyone else looking for pillows that aren’t from a big box store. Some of my favorites: this, this (have always loved the Les Touches print), this, this (Sally has this fabric on pillows on her couch!), this, and this (the famed Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar!).

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