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November 29, 2017

Its no surprise that over half of this week's Current Vibes are holiday/Christmas related. December is mere days away and Thanksgiving is behind us, which means that its completely socially acceptable to become obsessive about the next holiday - right? Christmas feels that much more fun with a baby this year, so I just can't help myself! Read on for this week's vibes...

1. GOOP GUIDING // FOR GIFTS: To be honest, I get a little OD’d on gift guides this time of year. They seem to be everywhere I turn – I think it just gives me flashbacks to when Molly and I would slave over them. But, I’ve got to say that the Gift Guides from goop feel different. They’re perfectly curated with a little something for everyone without seeming overwhelming. Obviously, in true goop fashion, there are some larger ticket items, but some other really great things, too. Because guys are nearly impossible to buy for (dads included), I particularly liked the Guys recommendations. I need to track this down for a stocking stuffer! Also, am I allowed to put this on my own list? This is another great stocking stuffer! Thanks, goop!

2. ORNAMENTING // 12 DAYS SET: Thanks to our mama, we have a pretty full Christmas tree which makes decorating it each year that much more fun. Years ago our mom gave me a set of the Crate and Barrel 12 Days of Christmas ornaments and I just love them. The set is perfect when trying to fill a tree and I’m even considering buying this years version since they’re different from what we already have. They would be darling on a small tree in a child’s room, too.

3. UNIFORMING // BURU SWING SHIRT: White shirts are my uniform. In all varieties. Tees, button downs, blouses – you name it, I love it. Years ago, Molly and I bought some tunic-style button downs from J.Crew – also known as the “Endless” button down, that I have literally worn to death. Its a miracle the shirt is still white. Its definitely had its fair share of Oxy Clean. To this day, I still regret not buying a second one of these shirts because I wear mine that much and its always nice to have multiples in something white that can’t keep clean for long. That’s why when I found my new favorite button down in a swing style from BURU, I ordered a second one as soon as I decided that I was in love. The Sandra Dee Swing Shirt is a mom/girl’s best friend. Literally. The longer length and swing style take it up a notch from your typical button down and are also super practical. Not to mention that the shirt has pockets, which is an actual game changer when juggling 15,000 things at once. I’ve already worn the shirt multiple times and plan to make it my mom-uniform with jeans and my favorite sneakers. I guess I should apologize now for wearing the same thing every day?

4. GNOMING // HUDSON GRACE: Another Christmas, another year with our Hudson Grace golden gnome. My husband and I splurged on the gold guy when we were living in San Francisco a few years ago and he has spent every Christmas (I think 4 of them!) with us since. It was the first piece of Christmas decor that we bought and picked out together which brings back all of the feels each year when we bring him out. This year he is sitting front and center on our console table and you can see him from the window. My husband is dying to get two red guys to go on either side of the gold one, which would be pretty cute and kind of fun to represent our family of three. Give me alll the gnomes.

5. WEARING // HOLIDAY JAMMIES: One of the ways in which I am fully embracing Christmas with a little one is in the form of lots and lots of Christmas jammies. I jokingly told my husband that baby H would be wearing them every night from now until Christmas. But I’m kind of not kidding. As long as I can keep up with the laundry! I have a few pairs at home and a few more en route to us. Thesethese (which we got for the whole family!), and these. We will obviously be packing all of them when we go to Kansas City for the holidays so that we can be super festive. Can’t. Get. Enough.

6. BURNING // UMA INCENSE: I’m a big fan of all things UMA. We swear by the Baby Oil – its amazing for eczema and the smell is unreal. A little goes a long way, too so our bottle has lasted us quite awhile! I also can’t live without their Ultimate Brightening Oil. Its the perfect “primer” to apply before foundation and is great for this time of year when my skin is dryer. I have noticed a dramatic difference ever since I started using it regularly. Definitely a holy grail product for me. I use the Pure Calm Oil every night before bed and lovee it. With how much I love UMA’s products, I jumped at the chance to try their new Wellness Incense Sticks from West Elm. I am constantly worried that our house smells like dogs – two big dogs will do that to you. Ugh. Love the dogs, but not so much their smells! Trying to stay away from synthetic fragrances in the home, while also keeping things smelling nice can be a bit of a challenge. Thank goodness for UMAbecause our house now smells beyond amazing and we’ve been burning the incense in every room. We have the Pure Calm which I’m going to buy more of (with the great price!), but I also want to try the Pure Bliss. Since it works so well I am going to keep a back stock – I’m slightly obsessive about keeping our house smelling nice.

7. WATCHING // THE ROYAL ENGAGEMENT: Did you hear? Yea, I know you did. I’m pretty excited as I know it will be a fun spectacle! I love keeping up with the royal family just as much as the next person, so I’m pretty excited to follow along with the engagement and upcoming wedding.

. Goop Gift Guides // 2. Crate & Barrel 12 Days of Christmas Ornament Set ($50) // 3. Buru Sandra Dee Swing Shirt ($88) // 4. Hudson Grace Gnomes ($95-195 each) // 5. Roberta Roller Rabbit Sno Global Holiday Jammies ($65) // 6. UMA Incense Sticks ($16 per pack) // 7. Image via the google

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