Giving Better

December 18, 2017

Hint, hint. Wink, wink. It may surprise no one that I'm pretty direct in letting people know what I'd love to be gifted. Prime example: I told my dad that I would LOVE new retainers for Christmas. He is thrilled to deliver (don't judge me, adulting is expensive and teeth are important). Although I might not be shy about sharing practical things I'd like to receive, gifts and (gift-giving for that matter) is not my love language and I frequently struggle with what to get my friends and family. My main goal is to buy and give presents that people both want and need. The older I get, the more thoughtful I become, and the more I believe that less is more when you're gifting quality over quantity.

Cuyana and their "Fewer, Better" ethos has always struck a cord with me when I shop for myself and I definitely turn to them when looking for high quality gifts that I can personalize and know are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Of course I can visit Cuyana's site year-round and find things I know will be ideal for birthdays and special occasions, but this holiday they've really nailed their selection of giftable offerings. It's "Giving, Better."


So what makes Cuyana’s gift assortment “better”? I’ll tell you: 1) A small curated selection. You don’t get overwhelmed by an endless scroll of options. 2) Each product is made with integrity and from the highest-quality materials. So you can pick literally one or all the items and feel good knowing that each piece is created thoughtfully and will last and last and last. 3) You can add personalization to the leather! The options are simple, lovely, and done by hand (which means they’re the quality stuff). How cute would this heart-shaped cosmetic case be with a monogrammed “xoxo”?! 4) There’s something for everyone. There is! Stuff for guys, an array of leather pieces for every need and/or style, cozy accessories (the baby cashmere and baby alpaca is the stuff of dreams), new pajama sets (that I may or may not be gifting myself), and must-have style pieces any girl would be lucky to have.

Having already gotten myself a mini jewelry case – which is undoubtably one of my favorite Cuyana leather pieces of all time – and a little leather coin pouch I felt like it was worth showing them off because aside from them being fantastic, they’re both part of Cuyana’s gift guide and both would make excellent presents! I love the jewelry case for all my big statement earrings because the height of the box keeps them from being crushed and the strap for stud earrings and rings is ideal for keeping them all tidy and safe (I’m always fearful of my teeny earrings and thing rings getting lost in the shuffle). Speaking of rings, I’ve actually been using the leather coin pouch as my designated ring holder. Perfect for having on hand so said rings have a safe place to go during a workout. I guess I should use it for loose change but…I never do cash and coins so it makes more sense to use it as a catch for rings, bobbi pins and hair ties in my tote bag!

I know it’s crunch time for ordering gifts in time for Christmas but fear not, there’s still time to get Cuyana’s gift goodness (even the personalized pieces!) under your tree or in the hands of your favorite people…check out this handy guide for order placement and shipping turnout times!

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