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December 22, 2017 I know what it's like to have a site that's been hacked and full of thousands of infected files! Three days, many phone calls to various tech supports and site security software peeps, and zero emails received (that happens when your Google Admin account is tied to your domain), we are back in business. Apparently it's shocking to have a site that's been running for 7+ years without any security that has never had hacking activity?

I won't lie. The forced "break" away from writing, emailing, etc. did feel somewhat freeing. Also irritating. To think, this Current Vibes has been waiting to post since Wednesday morning. The horror! #notrealproblems  (keep reading to see what stuff has been on my mind and meant to publish days ago but ohhhhh well, better late than never as we head into the Christmas weekend!)

1. SCREAMING // MARYELLIS BUNN’S MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM: The Museum of Ice Cream…a creative and highly instagramable concept (#musumoficecream) that’s been in four cities so far and sells out tickets each time. When it coms to the museum i think you’re in one of two camps, 1) “OMG I have to get a ticket and experience this bliss,” or 2) “Wait, this is a museum? About ice cream? Are those real sprinkles in that pool??” I was in the second camp till Sally made a visit to the San Francisco museum in September and she came back with tons of photos and a full explanation of what makes it such a special experience. So I’ve mad my way from camp 2 to camp 1 but I was still *slightly* confused on the museum as a whole. Thanks to The Coveteur and the interview / feature they did with Maryellen Bunn – the founder of the company that is the Museum of Ice Cream – I totally get it. Or at the very least, I understand that Maryellen came to the idea out of passion and dreams up the fantastical and colorful “rooms” that both reflect the culture of the city the museum is in and evoke feelings from the visitors. I highly suggest reading the interview (all your sprinkle pool questions are answered!). I for one am excited for what’s on the horizon for Museum of Ice Cream…and here’s to hoping that I’ll get to experience the concept in one of its 30-day city installations some day!

2. INSPIRED BY // GRAY BENKO’S HOME: If you don’t follow Charleston-based photographer Gray Benko on Instagram (@graybenko) you should do yourself a favor and do so. She’s extremely talented and her children are extremely hilarious. After getting glimpses here and there of Gray’s home via her feed I was very excited when it was featured on Glitter Guide last month. I loved reading the Q+A with Gray as much as I loved getting to see the full extent of her interior design aesthetic. So many things to love! I can’t decide which room is my favorite…the breakfast room with it’s amazing rug, table, well styled shelves and painting of a guy eating pasta…the playroom with a gallery wall of vintage painted portraits and floor-to-ceiling shelves stocked with uniform boxes (my type-A heart loves this idea)…or the office space with dark blue walls and a huge portrait of Gray’s daughter Farris in one of her signature beauty looks (look up #farrisdoesfaces and you’ll be cracking up for hours). Even better than all the design inspiration, most everything is linked! I’m now dying for this desk chair, contemplating stick-on wallpaper, and will more than likely buy a ton of these boxes to mimic the playroom shelves.

3. SLEEPING // NIGHT SHIRT: I’m sure everyone has their Christmas Jammies by now (I happen to be wearing my Roller Rabbit pair right this minute) but if you’re wanting to buck the red + green trend or looking for pj’s to gift, I’m loving this cozy nightshirt from Madewell. From the crisp white and pink oxford stripes to the contrast cranberry-colored piping, it’s a classic look that would look great snuggled up in bed, hanging by the Christmas tree, or even thrown on over a pair of jeans (why not?!). And guess what…you can get said night sort 30% off with code LATEBIRD!

4. NOTING // PRODUCTIVE AF: I am a big time pen-to-paper person. I have a physical planner (get a Graphic Image desk diary each year – my fave!), notebooks devoted to actual note taking during calls and meetings, and various notepads that I use for listing. Making to-do lists is one of my favorite things…not just because it feels so good to cross things off but because they keep me accountable (can’t “forget” to do things when you’re staring at the task on a list). As I prep for 2018 I’m getting all my paper products in order (nerd alert). I’ve got my Desk Diary and just ordered this notebook (Sugar Paper spiral lined notebooks are the best), and when I came across a pretty pink “Productive As F***“) notepad I thought, “Oh yes, much needed for list making in the new year.” Pardon the French, but this is just the kind of motivation and sass I love. Plus, it’s hard to lose a to-do list when it’s made on pretty pink paper!

5. SALTING // CAP BEAUTY PINK SALT: I didn’t realize till recently that CAP Beauty had a “grocery” section of their site. I can already spend hours getting lost in beauty sites (especially ones as pretty as CAPViolet GreyFollain, etc.) and getting to look beyond the selection of skin care, make-up, and beauty tools can be fun when the additional assortment is as well curated and on-brand as what’s on the rest of the site. Basically, the CAP Grocery is very fun to page through. From tea + coffee, pantry items, adaptogens and more – there’s so many new-to-me things that are fun to explore. My fave part of the Grocery is the CAP-branded goods…pretty packaging, check! I’m not sure how I feel about matcha (though CAP may be selling me on the drinkable mood-lifter and antioxidant power powder) but I’d love to add the Pink Mountain Salt to my kitchen. It’s just pretty, it’s “packed with 84 vital minerals and trace elements to sustain and promote complete body function and wellbeing.” So I need it.

6. WANTING // MARGAUX MADE-TO-MEASURE: I haven’t worn a pair of classic ballerina flats in…years. Probably because I have never had a nice pair that I’ve loved. But I’d love to have a pretty pair of classic ballerinas (leather, grosgrain trim, cord bow, slight stacked heel). Essentially, I’d love The Demi by Margaux NY (experts of classic shoe silhouettes). But since I have “unique” feet (re: bunions) it can be tricky for me to find flats that are comfortable and that actually fit. So I love that Margaux has a Made-to-Measure option where you can order a Fitting Kit for $15 that contains everything to take your exact foot measurements and determine which flats you want. The custom option is a little more expensive that buying a stock size and width but for someone who has a tough time finding a fit, the extra cost and six week turn-around time for handcrafted flats could be worth it!

7. READING // STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS: “Here’s to strong women, may know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” I’m a girl power nerd so I love the “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” (volumes 1 and 2). Each volume has 100 stories – and accompanying portraits illustrated by 60 different female artists – of great women throughout time (think J.K. Rowling, Freda Khalo, Cleopatra, Beyonce and so many more). Each bio is short, sweet, and inspiring. Great for yourself, fearless females and little girls and boys!

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