Reversible Coat + Take-Everywhere Tote

January 26, 2018

I got this "coat" (it's more of a long oversized sweater in my mind) from Cuyana back in the fall and it's been a daily staple ever since. AMAZING for this weird cold-in-the-morning-and-night but warm-in-the-afternoon weather Dallas has been having. Highly suggest scooping one up! It also comes in another cute color way (blush and camel!).

Fun Fact: my diaper bag is a State of Escape tote. This Escape Carryall. One of the best pre-baby purchases I made and get asked about all the time. If you don't know about SoE, the Australian brand makes bags with neoprene fabric supported and performance sailing rope. They're soft but super durable, light weight and can be hand washed. Win, win, win, win - especially for kid-use. I just got this Guise bag from the latest Premium Guise Collection. Obsessed with the denim tones in the Guise collection. Molly actually stole it and has been using it for awhile now...I get it. They're too good to resist.

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  1. This is such an easy coat to wear. I really never look at cuyana (i’m in canada), but every time i see something on you two, I think, wow, gorgeous!

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