Beauty Dish

April 17, 2016

Long time no Beauty Dish post, huh? Honestly, these posts are among my favorite to create. But the reason Sally and don't have a new one each week is because we really only post what we have tried, tested and truly love, love, love. Whether it's drug-store budget buys (hey, hey), an investment serum, or daily favorites that are being showcased - you can trust that we're only dishing products we can't live without. Today I have what I consider to be tiny but mighty must-haves, both of which have been rocking my face off. Literally.

Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment ($42.50): acne, adult acne, breakouts, blemishes…and the worst of them (as far as I’m concerned), cystic acne. Let’s just say that I’ve had my fun with all the aforementioned skin conditions. Wouldn’t wish ’em on my worst enemy…feeling like you have bad-looking skin can debilitating and humiliating. Lately (for the past 2-3 weeks) I have been having crazy breakouts and I’m chalking it up to a final round of skin purging that’s still happening since using the Active Botanical Serum by Vintner’s Daughter and some intense emotional stress that’s worked itself onto my face. For years I have been notorious for picking at my skin. Gross I know – but I’m sure some of you out there can empathize with the urge to pinch, pop, and pick, pick, pick whether it’s something small or huge on your face.

I figured “better out than in” when it came to picking, but after working with many talented estheticians I now know better. So now I try to sit on my hands and conceal with makeup until the blemish is actually ready to be gently released. However, I never really knew anything about blemishes aside from the “no pick” rule till Renée Rouleau (my skin “spirit animal”) told me and Sally the real deal…you can read everything I’m about to summarize in Renée’s super helpful blog post here, but basically, blemishes are an infection under the skin that wants to come out and most (i.e. most all) blemish spot-treatments try out the surface and trap the infection, making it stay longer.

The best thing you can do is let the blemish do it’s thing and work it’s way to the surface in the form of a yucky whitehead that can then be gently squeezed out. But…I can’t just not do anything! Renée, being the genius and skin educated goddess she is, realizes that many of us have this “I gotta put something on it” mentality and luckily she has the perfect product: her Anti-Cyst Treatment. Not only does this clear, thin gel work miracles on cystic acne spots – but it can also be used to help heal and reduce inflation of regular blemishes.

I order the Anti-Cyst Treatment over Easter weekend when Sally advised me that it legitimately works wonders and after using it on both cysts and blemishes I can say that it is the real deal. No, it’s not going to make a blemish or cyst disappear immediately but there’s nothing that can do that. What it does do is cut healing time in half, diminish redness and swelling, and aid the blemish infections to reach the surface of the skin faster. Highly, highly recommend. The best part? The formula is so light but a little goes a long way and even though it glides on like water, it truly does the job and wont irritate or dry out your pretty little face! Once the infection’s out, follow up with the Post-Breakout Fading Gel so that those dark marks won’t stick around.

P.S. Renée is always publishing incredibly helpful and informative posts to her blog so make sure you subscribe to her e-newsletter or check back regularly to see what she’s published!

Sara Happ ‘The Lip Slip’ One Luxe Gloss ($18): I’m a nude lip kinda girl. Give me light and natural 99% of the time and that other 1% I’ll bring the boldness with a ruby red or burgundy wine stain. Since I’ve recently gotten a few of you leaving questions on the blog comments and via Instagram asking what I wear on my lips, I figured it was a good time to share…my go-to product right now is ‘The Lip Slip’ One Luxe Gloss by Sara Happ.

Don’t know who Sara is? Well I was in the dark too until just before the new year but she’s made it her mission to develop lip products that do what the promise…what her promises is goods that exfoliate, hydrate and heal. I’m a gal who has tried a looooot of lip balms and glosses (they are a favorite impulse buy) but since trying Sara’s Lip Scrub (I use the Peony), Lip Slip, and Luxe Gloss I can say that I haven’t felt the need to impulse buy or swipe my lips with anything other than those three products.

The best part about the Lip Slip is that it’s an insane dose of moisture (side note, you almost want to eat it tastes so good) that can be worn all day and at bedtime. It has no color, just shine and wonderful balminess (if that’s even a word). The One Luxe Gloss has the same formula as the Lip Slip just with more shine and in a tube that’s easier to swipe on the lips. Thus, I have the One Luxe Gloss with me at all times and am pretty much always wearing it. It gives the perfect “naked lip,” glossy pout!