R+R In The New Year

December 30, 2016

It's time...to make that list of resolutions for the new year. I've got a few things I plan on taking on in 2017 but the biggest thing is prepping for the arrival of my sweet baby. So much to look forward to (designing the nursery, researching the best equipment and must-haves, nesting and getting life organized, etc.) but I'm still feeling so exhausted and just thinking about the "to-do's" makes me feel slightly overwhelmed and very sleepy. I've been told that I'll get an amazing burst of energy soon (honestly can't wait) but till that happens, I want the start of 2017 to be about rest & relaxation...charging my batteries and indulging in a little bit more "me" time while I can!

For me, rest means lots of naps (I've become a champion at taking them over the past 22 weeks) and relaxation means treating myself to some soothing activities. I've never been a huge bath-taking person but lately I've been craving spending lots of time in the tub and really into slathering myself with various products that make me feel like I'm treating my changing body. Over the past few months I've acquired some new beauty goods from Nordstrom that are natural, organic (they have a great selection in this category!), and super great for helping me feel relaxed and pampered. Since I know I'm not the only one who might be wanting to make relaxation a focus of 2017, I thought I would share some of my new favorite products. And hey, only two of the 12 are specifically for pregnant bumps - the rest can be enjoyed by all!


.Aveda ‘Comforting’ Tea Bags ($19): I’ve been trying to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum (which doesn’t necessarily help with the constant fatigue I feel) but I’ve really been craving tea. Iced tea and a bagel have become my morning go-to and in the evening I like to have a cup of this Comforting Tea by Aveda. It’s super calming and the flavor (licorice root and peppermint) make me feel like I’m at the spa and not in bed or on my couch.

.8G Greens Dietary Supplement ($12.50): One of the most alarming parts of my first trimester was how terrible all food sounded to me. Except for anything bread based. Bagels (so many bagels), toast, croissants, cereal, Saltine crackers (so many Saltines), etc. I’ve just recently started to want more fruits, veggies, and proteins but I still feel like I need more nutrients. I discovered the 8G Essential Greens Booster tablets and was amazed by all the vitamins and super vegetables packed into the dissolving tablets. I checked with my OB and was given the green-light for using them and it’s given me a little piece of mind that I’m getting “as much vitamin C as five oranges, as much vitamin B5 as 20 cups of broccoli, as much vitamin B3 as 18 cups of carrots, as much B6 as seven cups of lima beans, as much B12 as nine cups of milk and as much zinc as 10 cups of asparagus” each day while I continue to reach for the bread.

.Mullein & Sparrow ‘Rose Blossom’ Mini Bath Salts ($19 on sale!): To make my baths to the next level, I’ve been trying out various bath salts and soaks. This Rose Blossom Salts from Mullein & Sparrow is really nice because the crystals dissolve quickly and have a great natural aroma that’s not too overpowering. I’m not sure if adding the salts has created a placebo effect or if they’re really working like they should, but I feel like they do help relieve my muscles and give an extra calming effect. Plus I think the bottle is really pretty in my bathroom, ha!

.Whish Almond Body Wash ($16): When I mentioned croissants earlier I should have specified almond croissants. I’m obsessed with all things almond, including beauty products. It just smells so good to me and not in a sugary way (like vanilla-scented products). I picked up the Almond Body Wash by Whish on a whim really recently and using it has been a serious treat. It’s super moisturizing and leaves my skin incredibly soft. And obviously, the scent is divine. I’m wanting to try so many more of the all-organic products from Whish now…people seem to love the Body Butter.

.Herbivore Botanicals ‘Coco Rose’ Coconut Body Oil Polish ($36): I’ve been dying to get my hands on a product or two by Herbivore Botanicals…if only because the packing is so beautiful and the all-natural ingredients are right up my beauty-loving alley. I’m really good at exfoliating my face but realized I had been neglecting the rest of my bod once the fall chill hit Dallas and my skin wasn’t absorbing all the lotions I was slathering on it. I wanted to try the ‘Coco Rose’ Coconut Body Oil Polish because it sounded like the ideal scrub to gently slough off any dead, rough skin but wouldn’t dry me out since it has coconut oil. Love that the rose ingredients are good for sensitive skin (which mine tends to be in the colder months).

.Farmaesthetics Hand to Heel Softening Salve ($30): Speaking of slathering, in addition to all the lotion I use, I have been giving my hands and feel extra special attention with this organic Softening Salve by Farmaesthetics. It’s not super fancy – just a nice thick balm – and it is a little pricy for it’s size but it has been healing my ultra-dry hand and feel like no other. I keep it by my bed and load up before I go to sleep.

.RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream ($18): I’ve been using this Raw Coconut Cream for years now. It’s what I use to dissolve my makeup before I cleanse (literally just rub some all over my face and eyes) and often times wear a thick layer as a mask when in the tub for added intense moisture. It’s 100% coconut oil but unlike the stuff you can buy from the shelves at the grocery store, this is made made with a modern cold-pressing processing technique that makes it superior and ideal for the face and body. The other RMS Beauty item I can’t live without? The Lip & Skin Balm.

.COSMOS Lavender & Witch Hazel Toner ($28): One major habit I have when doing my makeup is using a setting spray before I walk out of the house. I had been using the All Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay and I loved it – but I really wanted to find an all-natural alternative. I found the Lavender & Witch Hazel Toner by COSMOS as part of Nordstrom’s “Love Pop-In Shop” and liked that it can work as a daily toner, makeup setter, after-sun spray and base moisturizer. Talk about multi-tasking! Excited to see how it matches up to by other stuff.

.Caudalíe Grape Water ($13): Another facial spray? I know…but this is different from the Lavender & Witch Hazel Toner because grape water is amazing for adding hydration and reducing sensitivity. When used, it has the ability to retain water within the skin’s corneous layer and hydro-lipid film. Cool, right? I use it after cleansing and swiping on my toner, before I apply oils and serums for an extra boost of moisture and love, love it! All the products by Caudalíe are amazing.

.Mason Pearson ‘Popular Mixture’ Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush ($205): This hair brush has such a silly price tag but it really is the best thing I’ve found for untangling the horrible knots my hair is prone to (friends with thin and fine hair, you know my pain). And this sounds weird, but I’m obsessed with how it feels on my scalp. It’s like I get an awesome head scratch every time. My husband likes to say, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” when he catches me brushing for more than 10 minutes. Can’t help it, the brush works magic and makes my hair shinier.

.Noodle & Boo ‘nectar’ Elasticity Oil ($18) and The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm ($16): When I found out I was pregnant I dove head first into Googling so many things and spent a significant amount  of time researching what other expectant moms found to be the best products for combating stretch marks. Let me tell you, the recommendations are all over the place and there’s just as many good reviews as bad…and many more products with potentially harmful ingredients than good. I couldn’t determine if an oil or balm-based product was going to be best for me so I didn’t want any concerned pregnant lady would do and went for both. My choices: the ‘nectar’ Elasticity Oil by Noodle & Boo and Organic Belly Balm from The Honest Company. I knew of both brands as being awesome organic lines for baby and children’s products and was surprised and excited to see that they had a few products specific to the mamas. Both products have all the good stuff recommended for expanding bellies (improving elasticity, relieving itchiness, soothing dryness, helping reduce and protect against the dreaded stretch marks) and I basically just massage in the oil, follow up with the balm, then say a bunch of prayers each day.

Whew! That was a lot! But more is more when it comes to kicking back and relaxing, right? Hope you all have a safe and happy time celebrating the New Year!

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Beauty Stocking Stuffers

December 13, 2016

I take stocking stuffers seriously...probably because my mama has always spoiled us by finding pint-sized giftables that are either useful, fun, pretty, quirky, or a combination of all. While I haven't quite nailed her uncanny ability to find a diverse range of items perfect for weighing down stockings (individually picked for each child, no less) I've found tons of beauty items this year I think are ideal for stuffing in the stockings of friends and family. Nordstrom has an unreal selection of Holiday Beauty Gifts - sets, limited editions, holiday themed formulas, and more - and I could literally almost add one of everything to my cart. But I limited myself to what I think are eight top items. Unintentionally, they are all pretty perfect for travel...maybe they're perfect for some peeps on your list!


.slip for beauty sleep “Slipsilk” Sleep Mask ($45): I’m obsessed addicted to wearing a sleep mask at night. It’s a little debilitating because I can no longer sleep without one. And when it comes to sleep masks, a silk one is just the ultimate luxury. What makes the Slipsilk Sleep Mask so special is that it’s make 100% of pure silk (both inside and out) and was designed over a period of 10 years to be shiny, durable, think, and luxurious. To me, this is a gift perfect for someone who “has everything”!

.Kiehl’s Jeremyville Dry Relief Duo ($16): cute packaging, check. Cult products, check. Travel sized, check. This little duo is made up of two of Kiehl’s most-loved products, Creme de Corps allover body moisturizer and Lip Balm #1. The adorable limited-edition artwork by Brooklyn-based artist Jeremyville makes it an ideal form + function set great for stuffing in a stocking or two. A truly fool-proof gift that’s unisex (seriously, my husband may be the biggest buyer of Lip Balm #1) and will definitely be used and appreciated by whoever you gift it to!

.C.O. Bigelow Marvis Travel with Flavor Set ($15): we all have to brush our teeth, why not elevate the daily experience with toothpaste that’s both good-looking and good-tasting? This Marvis toothpaste set of three comes with the Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste, Whitening Mint Toothpaste, Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste. Great for someone who travels and is always needing a mini sized tube of toothpaste or just a chic little something unexpected. And, at a $19 value, the $15 is pretty fab!

.Hello Crush TSA Travel Set ($20): when it comes to traveling with my skin care products, I don’t like to bring my full-sized bottles but I don’t want to stray from my regimen. This little travel set with empty tubes and jars are perfect for holding my favorite products (at the regulated TSA sizes) so I can use them when away from home. Such a bonus that the empties come with a clear punch that’s TSA approved. It makes a great gift because it’s one of those things y people need and often want but won’t always buy for themselves! P.S. the set also comes in coral and you can buy individual tubes and jars!

.FOREO Luna “Play” Facial Cleansing Brush ($39): I’ve been pretty curious about the FOREO Luna Facial Cleansers but all the various sizes range from $99-$249…all expect the “Play” size which is $39! That’s a pretty great price tag considering it does gives same deep yet gentle cleansing but at a petit size. Any beautybuff – including me – would love finding one of these Christmas morning. Dear Santa, I want one of these in my own stocking. 

.Jo Malone 1oz Cologne ($65): when it comes to sophisticated scents, I always turn to Jo Malone. The fragrances are complex and unique – making them really special. The 1oz size bottles are at an over $50 price but great for gifting to ladies that love a little luxury. And while scent is a very personal thing (nothing worse than getting a candle that’s not your favorite smell, am I right?) Jo Malone’s fragrances are designed to be layered and mixed, so there’s a pretty good chance that whatever blend you choose will compliment what the gift recipient already wears… P.S. if you really want to give a Jo Malone gift that is pure perfection, this set of five 0.3oz perfume set is amazing!

.AERIN Beauty Tangier Vanille Rollerball ($28): so this perfume might not be Jo Malone but it is by AERIN Lauder (a tastemaker of all things beautiful) and it’s a rollerball which makes it super awesome for traveling with or carrying in your handbag or gym arsenal for on-the-go fragrance. I love the under $30 price tag almost as much as I love the scent (for the record, the rollerball size comes in several other blends). The rich vanilla, amber, and musk is so perfect for this time of year!

.Moroccanoil Treatment Ornament ($15): I’ll flux between a few different hair products but the stuff I always end up wanting when I’m on a trip (but never back because I don’t have a small enough bottle) is my Moroccanoil Treatment. It’s the perfect weightless conditioner that protects when styling and gives unreal shine. I love that this mini bottle comes in a festive little ornament box and that I can refill it from my big bottle at home as it starts to run out from being used on trips! P.S. this trio is awesome for any true Moroccanoil lover!

Again, these are just my top eight favorites. Nordstrom really does have an amazing selection of beauty favorites perfect for holiday gifting right here!

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True Botanicals: Renew + Major Moisture

December 8, 2016

My efforts to make my skin and beauty routines "clean" have lead me down one Internet rabbit hole after another and over the past year or so I had heard amazing things about True Botanicals and read numerous rave reviews from various bloggers. There are lots of all-natural skin lines out there - many of which I have tried and loved - but True Botanicals is the first line of luxury anti-aging products that have also been certified "MADE SAFE" (read more on this here) while still meeting the demands of what it means to be a luxury skincare line in this modern world. The products are super-concentrated (re: high performing) and made with bio-active formulations (which means they have increased absorption rates)  but are made without the toxins that can be found in tons skincare lines these days. No pain, all the gain.

I've been feeling the itch to incorporate a select few True Botanicals products into my routine and with cold and dry weather moving into Dallas and preparing to stay through the rest of the season, I knew this was the perfect time of year to opt in and add a little lot more hydration and moisture to my skin. Read on to see what I've been using and loving and for an exclusive 15% off discount code!

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but if you give me a quiz I’m gonna take it. So of course I jumped at the chance to take the True Botanicals quiz to see what skin type I was. Go figure…my thirty-year old skin was “Renew.” That basically means that my skin is pretty normal and I have to agree. I don’t have enough of a consistent amount of blemishes to classify myself in the “clear” category and I definitely don’t have heavy redness or inflamed skin to put me a “calm” type. What’s really nice about True Botanicals is that even through they have these three skin tracts (Renew, Clear, Calm) each one is formulated to have serious anti-aging benefits. No category skimps on the ingredients that will help address the causes of aging…which is amazing!

Once I established that I was in the Renew family type I started honing in on what products would be the best for me to test drive. As I noted earlier, I really wanted to focus on hydration and moisture. I had been a few noticing dry patches pop up here and there, which was a telltale sign of the seasons changing and my skin begging for more. Here’s what I landed on:

  • Pure Radiance Oil, Renew: the first thing I read about this product was that it’s True Botanicals’ best selling product. Fan favorite? Say no more. Actually, there was more to say. This oil is designed to add moisture while it strengthens barrier function, nourishes aging skin, softens dry or rough skin, smooths wrinkles, and shrinks large pores. The trick is to apply it before any other products (on moist skin – I put it on directly after my toner) and it works its magic by adsorbing directly into the top layers of skin, improving barrier function (water and nutrients get to the cells and toxins stay out) and replenishing the natural oils your skin has lost so that it can prepare to hold onto more moisture. It can be used both morning (followed by an SPF) and night (followed by a serum).
  • Cellular Repair Serum, Renew: again, this serum is part of the Renew family. And it’s actually the only serum in the Renew family. True Botanicals is pretty fool-proof in that each skin type tract has the exact products you need and there’s no guess work between choosing one serum over another, etc. What the Cellular Repair Serum does is plump and restore moisture while doing a lot of other fancy anti-aging stuff (improving barrier function, reversing cellular damage, softening wrinkles…). What I love is that it doesn’t just moisturize, but also gives super soft and dewy skin. Dewy skin in the winter? I’ll take it!
  • Vitamin C Booster: this really neat because it is Vitamin C in its purest form. What’s the point of having it as a separate additive versus putting it right into a serum? Well, “the moment Vitamin C is introduced into a liquid, it naturally begins to oxidize and over time, lose its potency.” By having pure Vitamin C available to mix to a liquid and then applied immediately, the skin receives the maximum amount of benefits. And the benefits are amazing…Vitamin C is essential for collagen production (which firms skin, fights wrinkles), brightening and and evening tone, and repairing damaged skin. The Booster is going to be great to use year-round but it’s especially ideal now because my skin always seems to look a little bit more “dull” and uneven in the cold weather months. To use, I just mix a couple shakes into a pump of my Cellular Repair Serum, mix till the booster powder dissolves in, and then smooth all over my face and neck.
  • Resurfacing Moisture Mask: for me, masking is not just for special occasions but a daily ritual – and this mask is a great one for any skin type. After reading about the Resurfacing Moisture Mask I knew I needed it in my arsenal…the mask gives a deep exfoliation (so great to remove dry skin cells) but doesn’t dry out skin (!) and actually adds a superior amount of moisture and hydration (!!). Just 2-5 minutes is enough time for it to sit on the skin and work it’s magic of giving an instant luminous glow.
  • Smoothing Eye & Lip Balm: the two areas of my skin that are notorious for being dry – all the time and especially in the winter – are my lips and eye areas. The ingredients in this dual-use balm (another product great for any skin type!) are super nourishing and actually seep into the skin to heal and protect the two delicate skin areas. I love that I can apply even a thin layer of this around my eyes at night and that it’s still there in morning…that might sound like it’s sitting on the surface but it’s really just super moisturizing and doesn’t dry out after applied. I also use it around my eyes before putting on any makeup to pump the lines around my eyes (I like to smile!) and deliver tons of hydration that prevents my concealer from flaking. It’s obviously fantastic on the lips, too!

I think “luxury” is a great way to describe True Botanicals. The modest packaging (which I happen to love) is almost like a juxtaposition to the amazing punch of ingredients and benefits each product packs. Simple outside with extraordinary inside. I haven’t been using my new skin care goodies long and already I can see and feel a difference. I’m just glad that I got them before the arctic blast hits Dallas this weekend – feeling prepared to take on the cold now that I have new key products to add major moisture and hydration!

If you’re all, “Baby, it’s cold and dry outside where I am, too! I want in on this moisturization goodness!” please get excited because my new friends at True Botanicals have created the code “TRUETOAST” so that you all can get 15% off purchases on their site from today through end of day Monday, December 12th! True Botanicals rarely offers discounts (I should know, I’ve been stalking them and their products for so long) and this is an exclusive offer for A Piece of Toast readers. So don’t miss out and take advantage of the deal while you can! Skincare makes for a wonderful gift, too…just saying 🙂 I’m personally going to be treating myself to one of the Body Balms…you know, for more (more, more) moisture action!

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Lip Stuff Queen

December 1, 2016

I know several lovely ladies who consider themselves lipstick queens. I am envious of their affinity for rich hues and awed by their ability to apply bold colors without a mirror. Sometimes I feel adventurous and try my hand at wearing lipstick...but I save those times for specific occasions and they are few and far between. You see, I'm not a lipstick queen, but a "lip stuff" queen. I might not be a hoarder of lipsticks but I consider myself pretty well versed with balms, treatments, tints and other lippy stuffs that moisturize more than the average chapstick. My collection for these types of products is vast - I even had to forbid myself from buying anything from the category for a few months because I realized I wasn't using the products I had till they were gone. But I can't help myself. And today I'm sharing some of my current tippy top favorites.


Gentle scrub…to get things super soft.

  • Sara Happ Lip Scrub in “Peony” ($24): any lipstick queen knows the importance of a good lip scrub – an essential step to keeping lips smooth, free of flakes, and prepped for color. But non-lipstick peeps (like me!) still need a little exfoliation action. I love this sugar-based scrub by Sara Happ because unlike some others I have tried, the sugar granules are large enough to actually buff of the top layer of dry, dead skin cells (so many lip scrubs claim to do this but aren’t coarse enough) but the formula won’t damage your lips. There are several “flavor” options but each is packed with essential oils so as you’re massaging the scrub onto your lips you’re also infusing them with tons of hydration. I try to use the scrub at least once a week to maintain super softness.

Super hydration…because lips crave intense moisture.

  • AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Lip Treatment ($35): while this might have an unusually high price tag (it’s a clear lip balm, after all) once you use it you understand why. The formula goes on like a gloss – it’s super smooth and more gel-like – and has a high-shine to it but it’s not sticky or tacky. It feels so light you might worry that the hydration factor will fade but it truly doesn’t…your lips stay moisturized for hours. This is probably due to the “superior antioxidant protection” factor of the ingredients. I usually stick to using this at night because it locks in hydration so well.
  • rms beauty Lip & Skin Balm in “Simply Vanilla” ($25): I really love this balm because I can use it under my eyes as well as on my lips. I’m also obsessed with the light vanilla scent…it’s pretty intoxicating. If you’re an all-natural junkie then I highly recommend this. Not just because the ingredients are awesome but because it really, really sinks into the skin – no “sitting on the surface and looking pretty” with this stuff. The formula has a night weight to it and you can really slather it on when you want to. (P.S. it comes in a “Simply Cocoa” version)

Shiny balms…when you want hydration with a little something extra.

  • RODIN Oilo Lusso Lip Balm ($34): this is one of my favorite lip stuffs because it feels so fancy and luxe. Rodin Olio Lusso is a renowned luxury face oil and this balm contains the jasmine and neroli scent of the oil into a lip treatment. I’ll let you know that this balm is very, very light. It’s not very build-able but I’m obsessed that just a little swipe of it gives moisture and a high-gloss look. I usually put this on as the finishing touch at the end of my makeup routine. (P.S. it comes in this super adorable ring. Great conversation starter)
  • Bobbi Brown Lip Balm ($22): I’m a Bobbi Brown junkie and there are many BB products I can’t live without…but this balm just might rank as number one. I love the creamy consistency, the simple but chic silver tin, the non-greasy but extremely hydrating formula. I especially love that the balm can be worn under or on top of a lipstick or gloss. Usually you have to be careful about this kind of layering with a balm but this one emulsifies and plays really well with lipsticks and glosses. (Has anyone tried Bobbi’s Extra Soothing Balm? It almost sounds like it’s the Lip Balm on steroids. Might have to sneak some into my stocking)
  • Sara Happ “The Lip Slip” Lip Balm ($24): unlike the two shiny balms above, this one does more than just add some gloss and hydration, it also has a nice little nude hue to it. My lips have a lot of natural redness to them so I love that this balm tones that down but it doesn’t wear as a “color.” It’s very thick and gives lots of shine but there’s not a stickiness like you might expect because it really is a balm and not a gloss. And don’t worry, it might look like there’s a slight sparkle factor when you see it the container but it defiantly doesn’t read as sparkly or shimmery on the lips – just dewy and pretty. (P.S. it also comes in a tube version which I love when I’m caring a small clutch and/or don’t want to get my fingers messy)

A little color…for a natural dose of color.

  • Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in “Very Charming” ($36): unlike almost all the other lip stuff above, this one has more of a matte look when applied – something I like when I’m choosing to add a hint of color because it seems to look more natural and not like I’ve put on a lipstick. And though there is more of a matte factor, it’s not cakey and goes on sheer and smooth. Another thing that makes it different: it’s got ingredients that help fill in the lines of your lips and add some plumpness. Magic! Science! But wait, it’s all-natural, too! Oh…and you can also swipe it on your cheeks for a natural, light flush. I like the “Very Charming” color because the pink is closest to my natural lip color – it’s what I wear when my hair is dirty and pulled back and I need to feel pretty but not done up. (P.S. the formula comes in five other colors!)
  • Fresh Sugar Cream Lip Treatment in “Buff” ($24): I’m sure you guys know all about Fresh and their Sugar Lip Balms/Lip Tints – they are pretty infamous and I do happen to like the original formula (though it wears a little gritty on me and why it’s not in this round-up). Up till recently, the balms and tints were the only lip offerings from Fresh…but they just came out with Cream Lip Treatments and they’re fantastic. They are thicker and creamier than the balms and the hues are more saturated, too. There’s a little shimmer factor, but I find the formula to not be especially glossy (because it’s not a gloss, duh) so this helps reflect light and gift the look of a gloss without the sickness and without sacrificing the nourishing properties of the formula. (Full disclosure, I got my tube in store at Nordstrom and it’s not on their website yet…womp womp)

And there you have it, lots of options from a lip stuff hoarder queen! You can get them all at Nordstrom…along with a ton of other great beauty stuff perfect for gifting and stuffing into stockings!

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Hello, Radiance

November 30, 2016

I love a good facial and really believe in turning to trained aestheticians when it comes to treating my skin. But I generally only book a facial once a quarter (four times a year) due to the expense and scheduling. Between those visits I try to do the best at-home care I can...I love getting to show up to an appointment and hear, "Your skin is looking great!" rather than getting scolded for under moisturizing, picking, and not using my SPF and anti-aging products.

So the home care I mentioned. There are certain things I will and will not do myself. Like I would never try to wax myself. Or use any tools that could seriously damage my skin. But I do try tools that are deemed safe and yield incredible benefits when used properly and consistently. ReVit happens to be one of the aforementioned tools I use and I seriously love it. You may have heard the term "microdermabrasion" and even had an aesthetician use a microdermabrasion tool on you during a facial. ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion tool by Silk'n, and like the ones used by professionals in the facial industry it combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation. What this means: it removes dead skin cells and draws them into the device, leaving you with seriously smooth skin while also improving the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars. Super easy to use and it's only $99. Sounds too good to be true but it's not...


You might recognize the Silk’n brand for their additional at-home beauty products (hair removal, anti-aging, acne, and cellulite treatment). They’re a leader for creating innovative devices that are both effective and extremely safe. The light, laser and LED based products have made it possible to achieve results that are often only accessible via professional treatments at-home.

With one of my biggest skin issues being an uneven tone due to combination skin and scaring (stupid adult acne) I was really excited to discover ReVit and immediately put it to use. Anything that has to be plugged into an outlet induces a little fear in me (would this hurt? burn? damage my skin?) but after reading a ton of reviews, watching videos, and testing the device on the back of my hand before using on my face, all my worries were put to rest and I got to work getting into the routine of using the tool.

.Basics of the tool:

  • ReVit comes in a nice little case which makes for easy storage and keeps all the parts clean and organized (a must for anything that’s going to be touching your face). Included in the kit is the device and cord, three non-abrasive diamond exfoliation “tips,” and two little baggies of filters.
  • The tips can easily be swapped (they range from “precision” [the light aqua], “fine” [medium aqua] and “corse” [darkest aqua]) and the filters should be changed every few treatments as this is where all the dead skin cells get trapped.
  • The precision tip is going to be the most gentle exfoliation and there are two suction modes (partial and full). When you first turn the device on it will be the partial suction mode, clicking the on button again gets you to full suction mode, and clicking it a third time turns it off. It really is a fool-proof product!

.How to use:

  • The instructions recommend cleaning your skin, drying it, then using the tool (without any topical toners or moisturizers on)
  • Choose a treatment tip most suitable for the area/skin being treated (I started with the precision tip for my first time. Now I alternate between the fine and corse tips each time I use ReVit)
  •  Turn the device on to the desired level (I set it to partial suction my first time to be sure I didn’t have a strange reaction to the process but now use it on full suction each time)
  •  Hold the device in one hand and use your other hand to hold your skin taut near the area where you’ll be going over first
  •  Hold the tip to face – like a pencil, being sure that it’s in full contact with the skin – then run the tip slowly across treatment area. Don’t keep the device in one spot, always have it moving!
  • The guide that comes with ReVit has a handy face diagram that correlates to a numbered list of areas to treat: neck (move Revit in downward strokes), forehead, cheeks and chin (stroke from the center outwards towards the hairline), around lips and eyes (using short upward strokes above the lip/eye then short downward strokes below the lips/eye, and out towards the hairline on the sides), and nose (straight downward strokes)
  •  Try to treat each area for approximately 5 minutes…this is always a challenge for me so I set a timer on my phone (my sessions usually last 15 minutes)
  • After covered each area, wash your face with cool water and apply moisturizer
  •  Use every 3-4 days

.What it does:

  • The first thing I noticed was the noise – the suction aspect makes for a low hum. The second thing you’ll pick up on is the suction itself…it’s very light and super gentle but you do get the feeling that you’re running a teeny vacuum over your skin. Sounds strange but it’s actually extremely satisfying to know that all those dead skin cells are getting buffed off then sucked away.
  • Though I use ReVit every 3-4 days (usually twice a week) as recommended and I don’t get any irritation, my skin does get a little pink when using the tool. The rosiness completely fades after I’m finished – it just shows up from the light exfoliation and suctioning.
  • You can look at before and after pictures of people who have been using ReVit longer than I have (I’ve had mine a little over one month) but the results are pretty amazing. We all know that safe exfoliation is essential to having smooth skin – but the light abrasion of ReVit removes the outer layer of dead skin, promoting the growth of new cells, which is why it helps improve your complexion, reduces scaring and pigmentation, and even treats fine lines and wrinkles. It’s like your favorite topical exfoliator on steroids.

Baby-bottom smooth skin is lovely and definitely helps with the effectiveness and absorption of skin care products, but what I love the most is that the stubborn redness I have from scars is really fading now that I use ReVit. I’ve been sharing the tool with Sally (who also loves it) and have already promised my mom that I’ll bring my ReVit home for her to try over Christmas. I’ve also been encouraging people to add it to their wish lists and/or give it as a gift this holiday season…nobody doesn’t love more radiant, younger, smoother looking skin and ReVit can be used on all skin types!

P.S. Silk’n is offering an amazing discount for 15% off any purchases on their site between now through the end of the year with the code “SilknTalk”!

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