Current Vibes

February 15, 2017

Molly and I had the best, most wonderful weekend in Austin. The weather was beyond amazing and we spent a good portion of it outdoors on our Aunt and Uncle's back patio. My only regret is that we didn't get Amy's Ice Cream (Mexican vanilla, obvi) like we had intended to. Wondering if we can have that shipped to Dallas? I always have a very hard time transitioning back and getting motivated after being out of town and our rainy day yesterday certainly didn't help. With today being a sunny day, I'm going to walk our dogs (they missed their mom but maybe missed our walks more!) and get organized around here. (keep reading for my vibes...)

1. BUYING // ALL THE BUNNIES: One baby/child company that I have loved since early on in my pregnancy – after discovering it at MADRE here in Dallas – is Petit Pehr. They make the most darling, yet tasteful products that don’t scream bright colors and obnoxiousness like these products for children often do. The pieces are classic, yet also have a more modern vibe to them and can easily mix into anywhere in the home, not just a child’s room or playroom. Practical products like quilts/blanketshooded towels, and swaddling blankets are done in darling prints that are sweet and subtle and for the most part, gender neutral. Being the bunny lover that I am, I absolutely adore each and everything thing done in their precious tiny bunny print. Have you ever seen anything cuter? I love how thick and soft this is – perfect for tummy time on the floor. I also can’t get enough of their pom pom storage bins that come in various sizes. They could be used for everything from a laundry hamper to housing toys and books or even diapers. The brand also makes products for the home that are equally as pretty and visually pleasing!

2. LOVING // KLD BRACELETS: Since the beginning of blogging, Molly and I have always said that one of our most favorite parts about blogging is connecting with small brands and businesses. Among these businesses is the ladies of mml pr out of LA. The owner, Merritt ranks right up there with one of my favorite people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with over the years. Its no surprise, living in LA and working amongst fabulous brands, that Merritt has great taste herself. A few weeks ago, Merritt posted an Instagram of her and some friends wearing stacks of these amazing gold, beaded bracelets by Karen Lazar Design. Ever since discovering the brand through her, I can’t seem to get creating a stack of my own off my mind. The bracelets come in yellow goldrose gold, and sterling silver and come in various widths. I love the look of mixing different sizes and having a few bracelets stacked. They even look good mixed with other bracelets/watches – see various stacks here! I’m thinking that I definitely need to start a Karen Lazar bracelet collection of my own!

3. SPRAYING // JOSH ROSEBROOK: I don’t remember which site I found Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator on, but I read the reviews and then proceeded to binge read reviews on multiple other sites. The results seemed undeniable and people were completely obsessed with this miracle product. Consider me another smitten kitten to add to the masses as this is my latest “must have” beauty buy (I’ve been using it for a few weeks now!). I wasn’t necessarily needing a new toner or facial mist, but then again maybe I was and just didn’t realize it. The Hydrating Accelerator is the perfect amount of moisture on top of my freshly cleaned face and I find that it really helps whatever serum or oil I apply next to absorb into my skin. I always have anxiety that the $$ I spend on expensive serums and oils just ends up rubbing off on my pillow at night and this spray eases those worries. I also find that I have to use less of those said serums, which is an added bonus! On top of using this as a toner after cleansing (double cleansing if I have had makeup on), I also have been using it as a makeup setting spray. With how dry my skin is this time of year, doing this keeps my skin dewy looking for hours. I haven’t even mentioned the smell, which reminds me of marshmallows – in the best way possible. As of a creature of habit with my skincare routine, I already know that the Hydrating Accelerator is going to become a regular of mine.

4. COLLECTING // PJ SETS: I told my husband that for Christmas all I wanted was pajamas, slippers, and a robe and I wasn’t kidding with him. Luckily, he took me seriously and my wishes were granted. You can never have enough PJs in my opinion – especially white pregnant! Had I made a wish list for Valentine’s Day (we both decided on no gifts as a new baby is the best gift we could ever ask for), these new jammies at Madewell. I just love their pj’s – and the wide-legged, cropped pant is different but in the best way, especially  paired with the classic, short sleeved top. The blush-colored stripe is different than any other pajama set I have…

5. READING // GOOD BOOKS: These days, pregnancy insomnia is no joke. I think my family has become accustomed to my late night emails with random thoughts/concerns with the subject line “insomnia” to explain why I would be sending such things at such an hour. Late night emailing aside, I’m often up far later than my husband indulging in a good book as I find it is the best way to eventually give me the tired eyes and put me to sleep. At the recommendation of a friend, I’ve read two books lately that I find myself telling all of my reader friends about. “It Ends With Us” and “Swear On This Life” were both so amazing and captivating that I couldn’t help but share them with you all. I am always open to more recommendations, too!

6. SWOONING // MI GOLONDRINA x MADRE: Our love affair with all things Mi Golondrina runs deep and wide and we have a true appreciation for each and every product they put out. I have to admit that when I saw they were working with local children’s store MADRE on products for little girls, I told Cristina I only wished they could do something for little boys, too. I’m still holding out hope! Regardless, I cannot get over how adorable this sneak peek of the collaboration is. The bloomers paired with Mi Golondrina embroidered tops are perfect for Spring and Summertime for little girls. How sweet would they look with a little cardigan before it gets warm out? I’ve already told my husband that I might need to buy a set just in case we have a baby girl in the future, but he thought that seemed slightly crazy seeing as we don’t even have our baby boy yet. I guess in the meantime I will spread the word to all of my friends who have baby girls!

7. WATCHING // HIDDEN FIGURES: Our trips to Austin to visit our aunt and uncle are always just what we need – lots of relaxing, time in the sunshine, yummy food and quality time. We usually end up watching a few movies at night and going to the movie theater too. This time, we saw Hidden Figures and all concluded that it was beyond amazing. I think I experienced all of the various feels throughout the movie, including both an aching heart and a happy heart. Without giving anything away, I definitely recommend seeing it, especially since its up for Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

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Meet The Loveliest

February 14, 2017

Happy Heart Day! I could not think of a better time to share one of my favorite small businesses in Dallas: The Loveliest. Since moving back to Dallas I've had the pleasure of getting to know the Britni and Kelsey, the sisters who own the beautiful embroidery shop with their darling mama. Essentially, I've forced them to become my friends. And though my weekly visits might make me a full fledged stalker, I can't stay away from them and their store and my love (pun intended - especially today) and admiration just continues to grow.

Britni and Kelsey have managed to perfectly mirror their personal aesthetic onto their brand. They're incredibly warm (and happy, and kind) and their charming southern roots (they grew up in Abilene, TX) compliment the bohemian undertones and layered mix of clean, traditional (but not boring), sweet (but not sugary sweet), and whimsical (but not trendy) offerings they so carefully curate. My soft spot for entrepreneurial women - especially sister operations - is well known but that's not the only reason why I'm crazy for The Loveliest. Standing out in the vast world of retail can be difficult but and these sisters have managed to set themselves apart with unique monogram options (done with extreme attention to detail and quality), lovely linens, special decor items and tabletop pieces, and thoughtful gifts and accessories. They love each other and it's impossible not to see that same love reflected in every inch of their brick-and-mortar store and on each page of their online shop.

I did a little Q+A session with the Kelsey and Britni as a way to get to know more about them and showcase what makes The Loveliest so special...hope you enjoy it on this Valentine's Day!


Q: How did you take the leap to opening The Loveliest?
A: We have always dreamt of creating a business together, but in true Wood girl fashion, we really just took a leap of faith in actually going for it! Britni and I had both lived all over the country since graduating from SMU and both decided in December of 2014 that it was time to start thinking about moving back to Texas to be near family. While home for Christmas, we spotted a darling house for lease in the Fairmount District, which is one of our favorite areas in Dallas. Within a couple of weeks, we had found our storefront, purchased an embroidery machine (which we had no idea how to use) and were headed to market in NY for our first buying trip! We hit the ground running when we got back to Dallas and opened our doors in May of 2015. While creating our brand has been a lot of work, it’s also something that has come rather naturally for us.  From the look of our shop to the lines we carry and the monograms we design, we always try to stay true to what we personally love.

Q: How did you decide on making Dallas the spot to open the store?
A: Dallas is a very sentimental place for us. We love this city! Growing up just three hours away in Abilene, we spent a lot of time here as children. As I mentioned above, Britni and I both moved here to attend SMU, but then moved away after college. Our parents still live in Abilene and will likely move to Dallas in the near-future, so when we decided it was time to actually go for it and start a business together, it was a no brainer as to where we do it. Dallas has been the perfect place to create the business, but we are having so much fun that we plan to expand beyond Texas soon!

Q: I know that your mama’s linen collection was the starting point for your joint love of linens, but how did you decide to embark on embroidery and monogramming as the hallmark of The Loveliest
A: We felt that there was a real void in the market for monogramming and embroidery that we could identify with. We weren’t finding the linens or the designs that we were drawn to, so we decided to create our own!

Q: As someone who is not a “monogram girl,” your options have totally changed my view of the traditional (or stereotypical?) monogram styles we usually see. Did you have this in mind when you were creating and choosing the styles of monograms you would offer?
A: We hear you, sister! Neither one of us have truly ever been the traditional monogram type. However, we have had such fun coming up with non-traditional and modern designs that appeal to even the least likely of monogram fans. We know that we’re not the only ones offering unique embroidery options, but I do think that our attention to detail is a rarity. Perfectionists to a fault, we even use the matching bobbin when stitching an item so that it looks the monogram looks the same from both sides.

Q: I love the color combinations you all come up with when pairing linens with thread colors and the mix of boho and traditional products you offer. How do your personal tastes and aesthetics influence what you do/buy for the store and the brand?
A: Our rule of thumb is that we must be able to imagine everything that we buy, design or create in our own home. It’s been really fun to see all three of our aesthetics come together to create a really colorful and thoughtful variety of offerings.

Color is so important to us! We’ve been able to base not only the branding, but the products of our store on color. It’s so important to know how colors work together. It’s easy for a design to look too sweet or too masculine, but being able to use the right colors, the design on a whole looks very balanced. That is something that we hold ourselves to in every design!

Q: If you all were a monogram style you offer, which would you be?
Kelsey: I would be Crepe Myrtle and would pick Forget Me Not for Brit
Britni: I would be Hollyhock and would pick Ginger for Kelsey
Britni and Kelsey: We both think that as the Queen Bee of the family, mom would be Cherry Blossom

Q: What are the best and worst parts about being small business owners? 
A: As with any job, there’s always the good, the bad and the ugly, but we absolutely love our new role as small business owners! What could possibly be so bad about waking up every day, working with your mom and sister from a darling little white carriage house, visiting with customers who have become great friends, and putting our heads together to create beautiful things? If we had to complain about something/anything, it would be that we never feel like our work is really complete. From buying for the shop to keeping up with online orders, creating our own line, handling our own graphic design and marketing efforts, and so on, it’s a lot of work! All worth it though!

Q: What are the best and worst parts about retail?
A: It is no secret that the retail world is a tough world to be in most of the time. We’ve seen trends that we didn’t even know existed until we decided to open a retail store! Hence, why we quickly discovered it was imperative that we create an online shop that would allow anyone to shop from anywhere at anytime. We knew that we wanted to try and create the same enjoyable experience that we offer in the shop, but in a way that doesn’t leave one feeling completely overwhelmed while choosing from a computer screen. Now that our online shop is off the ground and our customer base is growing on a national level, we are even more focused on create awareness of our brand on a larger scale.

Q: Because Sally and I get asked this a lot: how do you like being both sisters and business partners? 
A: We honestly have no complaints! How often do you get to speak your mind and know that you won’t get fired for it?! Ha. We really do have a blast working together. There are certain things that we have each ended up taking ownership over, but we truly try to make most decisions together on everything from buying for the store to coming up with new monogram designs to managing finances. The best part about being business partners and sisters is that we both understand how much we each loved our former careers. When given the opportunity for Britni to travel back to Los Angeles to style a photo shoot or for me to consult on a political campaign or event, we push one another to take it!

Q: What experiences from your past careers help you today with The Loveliest?
Kelsey: We have all worked in creative roles prior to starting The Loveliest, but each of our careers have been quite different from the other!

Britni was a Style Editor for Martha Stewart Weddings before moving over to the Anthropologie brand to start their wedding shop, BHLDN. She went on to start her own styling company and continues to style for various magazines and brands. As her sister, I feel like I can say that she has a way of making everything look perfect. From changing the store around from week to week and making everything look new, to designing many of our beautiful custom monograms, she is hands down the most creative person I’ve ever known.

Our mom owned a children’s clothing store when we were much younger, which she also did a lot of the designing for. She has such an eye for design, is quite a lover of textiles and a lover of people, which are all things that are a huge asset to The Loveliest!

My background is rather interesting because of the different arenas in which I’ve worked in. I have always loved interior design and so enjoy styling homes for customers and friends, but my background is primarily in special events. The majority of my experience was in the political arena, where I worked on the 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns, followed by a position with The Make-A-Wish Foundation, which I continue to care so deeply about.

Between the three of us, we manage to make it all happen and are just so grateful for this opportunity to create something wonderful together.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge and biggest celebration?
A: Our biggest challenge is weathering the nature of a brick and mortar retail store. Our biggest celebration thus far has been the launch of our beautiful website! Every single item was photographed in-house, every detail was seen to, and it was a true labor of love.

Q: Aside from the launch of the website (which is amazing) and offering all your in-store embroidery options and products online, are there any future plans for The Loveliest you all can share with us?
A: Yes! We are in the process of creating our own line of table linens, pillows, bed clothing and baby accessories, with plans to grow a presence in markets beyond Dallas.

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Current Vibes

February 8, 2017

Ugh. I am not feeling 100% today. I don't think I can classify myself as "sick" (no fever, no intense cold) but I'm definitely under the weather. And that feeling of being unwell combined with a lack of sleep recently and whole body soreness from running (more on that in an upcoming post) and a recent pilates class has me feeling super sluggish. Hence the lag in getting this post up today. Going to shamelessly nap for a an hour or so in hopes that I can get back into work mode for the rest of the day. (oh right, keep reading for my vibes!)

1. WAITING // BIG LITTLE LIES: Oooo I just can’t wait for February 19th, when Big Little Lies premieres on HBO. I read the book by Liane Moriarty last year while part of a book club group in Houston and really liked the storyline. A little mystery, a little family dynamics and drama (my favorite), and plenty of women-to-women issues. I’ve read a couple of Moriarty’s novels and love how she approaches tough topics and social taboos. It will be really interesting to see the Big Little Lies story brought to life on the screen with such a great cast (I’m obsessed with Shailene Woodly) and I’m interested to see if I think changing it from being based in Austria to California impacts the overall vibe (we all know that taking The Girl On The Train out of England for the movie kind of really hurt the storyline). Anyone else planning on watching?

2. EATING // BIRD BAKERYBird Bakery opened in Dallas’ Highland Park Village in November and every time I go for a bite or a sweet treat pick-me-up it’s packed. I get it…the sweet, feminine vibe (with a “Let them eat cake” sign in scripted pink neon!) and delicious offerings has been an awesome addition to the Village (now that Celebrity Bakery is gone it’s really the only in-and-out lunch spot) and it’s hard not to love the bustling atmosphere and approachable menu. And let’s be honest – knowing that it’s the second location of the ridiculously good-looking actor couple Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer definitely adds to the allure. If you haven’t been, it’s a must-visit. The chicken salad is just as good as the cupcakes and cookies!

3. USING // DERMANAIL: Manicures are one of my favorite vices. I love painting them myself – all the prep, patience and dry time is like therapy for me – but when I moved to Dallas I broke down and started getting gel manicures kind of often. The nail technicians at my favorite place (Hillcrest Nails, the best) continued to tell me that my nails lacked vitamins. I was all, “Oh ya, I know they peel and do that weird separating thing at the tips, that’s just how they’ve always been.” But with each new gel application my nails got more and more thin…and a month ago I finally took the advice from the sweet technicians and asked my dermatologist about what I could do. Apparently what I had/have is a real condition but thankfully, it’s not permanent and can be treated. My derm sent me home with Derma Nail (which I’ve since found on Amazon) and for a month I’ve been sporting naked nails (SO weird for me) and dutifully applying the liquid formula three times a day. It’s super easy to use – the hardest part is not washing my hands for at least an hour after I put it on each nail – and I’m so happy that after four weeks I can say that my nails have gotten stronger and aren’t splitting and peeling like they were before. I still have a few more months before all the damage from getting the gel manicures is grown out…you know how they buff your nails so much when removing the polish and to get the gel to adhere? Well that texture is still on the top half of my nails. I just wish I had started using Derma Nail sooner! Hoping to get my dark polishes back in action after a few more weeks of going naked…

4. NEEDING // BOX CLUTCH: My single ladiez…we all know that meeting other singles in the wild (re: not via social media apps) can be hard. I have been that person talking to a guy at a bar when his girlfriend walks up. I have also been that girl approached by a very eager guy wanting to buy me a drink when I’ve been in a relationship. Is there anyway to skip this in-person awkwardness? Sometimes I wish I could just wear a button with “SINGLE” on it so that guys know to approach me. When I saw this box clutch by Milly the other day I immediately thought “OMG this is slightly tacky and also kind of awesome and wouldn’t it solve so many problems?” It comes with a chain strap which makes it especially convenient for bar situations and I assume one could wear it around the neck like an actual sign if so desired. Not sure if I’m actually bold enough to rock such a bag but it would be a really fun experiment to wear something that literally spells out your status.

5. WANTING // RAIN MAC: I can’t believe I’m eyeing a rain mac when it’s been so sunny and gorgeous in Dallas the past two days, but Sally showed the jacket to me the other day and I told her it was going in today’s vibes. Some of you might be wondering, what is a “rain mac?” I was, too. I did some Googling. I found this article via GQ to be most helpful and historical. To summarize: a rain mac is a completely waterproof jacket. The liquid-coated garment was designed in 1823 by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh and the rain must-have has been adapted by various designers and brands ever since his patent on the design wore off in the twentieth century. Thank you, Charles – for making it possible for Topshop to make cool-looking versions of the mac. Because I’ve realized that my other rain jackets are just “water resistant” and “water repellent” but not actually waterproof, I think I might have to make the frosted grey and pink trimmed rain mac mine!

6. LISTENING // TORY’S TUNES: Seeing someone’s Spotify playlists can say a lot about them. Mine are pretty boring. I have three: Slow, Fast, and Country. I like listening to music but am not knowledgable when it comes to the hottest tunes, up and coming artist, etc. Don’t ever ask me to play DJ…I get big time anxiety. My lack of playlist innovation often leads me to checking out what other people and brands come up with. Tory Burch frequently releases seasonal inspired Spotify playlists via their blog and I’m usually impressed. The Resort 2017 list is particularly fun…there are some great throw-back singles and it definitely makes me want to be on a beach. ASAP.

7. LOVING // MADEWELL INTIMATES: Valentine’s Day may be just six days away but that’s not my only reason for including a little lace in this roundup. Madewell’s first ever branded collection of intimates is hot off the press and the launch has me wanting to burn all my unmentionables and stock up on all their styles of bralettes and undies. That’s not entirely true – I do like a lot of my undies – but this fresh newness has the cool, tomboy vibes Madewell is most-loved for and I can’t help but want to try one of everything. I loved reading more about their design approach to the understated pieces via this blog post and definitely think they nailed the goal of creating bras and undies that are sexy and feminine but more minimalistic than filly. I’m going to have to try one of the mesh-trimmed bras first…

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Current Vibes

February 1, 2017

I am now less than a week from my third trimester (!) which is completely crazy and somewhat hard to believe. I know that time is going to fly by, so I'm trying to get as much done each day as I can. Little things like cleaning out my closets and sending pieces to ThredUp, scheduling Child Birth classes to ease my growing anxiety, and finalizing ordering pieces for the nursery. This weekend is one of the last "nothing on the calendar" weekends for me and my husband and I'm thinking we need to go out and test drive some car seats/strollers together so that we can make a decision. Any recommendations? Everyone I talk to seems to absolutely love UPPAbaby. (baby update and nesting aside, read on for more vibes!)

1. NEEDING // STATE OF ESCAPE CARRYALL: When it comes to handbags, I am a tote girl through and through. Unless I am going out at night, I can generally be found with a tote bag on my arm. This especially came in handy when I was carrying all sorts of morning sickness remedies with me everywhere I went. A sleeve of saltines just wouldn’t have survived in a small clutch or cross body! I’ve had my eye on State of Escape’s cool bags for quite some time now. The bags are made out of neoprene and sailing rope, making them beyond durable, yet super lightweight. Started by two women (and moms) out of Australia, it only seems natural that all State of Escape products are also machine washable which truly takes them to the next level. I had decided that I still wanted to use a tote as a diaper/baby bag because then my husband would be fine carrying it around if need be, and the accessibility of a tote is something I love. Being able to reach in and grab something or throw something in – without zippers, etc. I think the State of Escape original “Escape” bag would make for a good baby bag because I could easy buy one of those tote organizing inserts for it. And, don’t forget that amazing ability for the bag to be machine washed. Yes and yes. Its also not too feminine so my husband would willingly carry it. Now the hard part will be deciding on a color! I’m super partial to the “khaki” color, but I also like this and thisBlack is always classic, too. Hmm…

2. WEARING // RRR ROBE: The other day I called Molly to tell her that when I was in Roberta Roller Rabbit picking up some baby gifts (their pj’s are our go-to!), I saw they had started selling women’s robes in their famous, softer than soft 100% pima cotton. RRR’s pima cotton is the stuff dreams are made of and is why their PJs are so popular and loved. The cotton gets softer with each wash and wear, making the jammies worth every penny. The very next day, Molly and I visited the store and each left with our own, brand spanking new heart-printed robes. Since then, I’ve been wearing my new robe on the regular, and I know that I will wear it all the time postpartum. Best. Buy. Ever.

3. OBSESSING // CARVED BUNNIES: Yesterday I went down an Instagram rabbit hole (pun intended) stalking Irene Neuwirth’s jewelry after discovering some favorite pieces by her by way of Ylang 23. Her pieces are colorful, happy, and truly special. Its no surprise that Irene claims to be fascinated by intense colors and raw, un-manufactured gem cuts as this makes up the majority of her most loved pieces. I personally am completely and totally in love (heart eyes here!) with her bunny charms that are carved out of various stones making each charm one of a kind. Bunnies have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember and my husband and I refer to our dogs as “bunnies” regularly. He’s already told me that we can’t refer to the new baby as a “bunny” as well, but maybe that will change once we meet him?! If you ask me, its quite a flattering term of endearment. And one of those carved bunnies would look quite flattering around my neck!

4. EYEING // BURU DENIM JACKET: I’m all about the classic denim jacket, but I often times can’t help but feel like I am maybe too “old” for the look or that it isn’t polished enough of a look when I am going out at night. You know, now that I go on regular date nights. Enter the Buru White Label Daphne Denim Jacket. The dark denim, collarless jacket has a raw hem making it just the right amount of “distressed” while still looking “nicer” than your usual jean jacket. I also love the slightly longer length of the jacket making it that much more wearable, in my opinion! The no collar means that I could still wear it over my favorite button downs, too. With how mild our weather in Dallas has been, I would be wearing this regularly whether it be during the day or out at night. The options are endless!

5. DISPLAYING // ART FLOWERS: I’ve had the gorgeous book “Art Flowers: Contemporary Floral Designs and Installations” for maybe a year or so now, but it was stacked under some other books, and not one I really took the time to enjoy. We now have it placed on an acryllic book stand in our front bay window and it a work of art in itself. The book showcases the most amazing floral sculptures created by 38 of the world’s most renowned designers. The best part about keeping it on the book stand is that I am able to leave the pretty pages open and flip them regularly to a new page. Both the stand and book would make for a great Valentine’s gift, too!

6. WATCHING // THE FOUNDER: Along with weekly date nights, my husband and I are also making an effort to see more movies while they are in theaters. You definitely can’t bring a newborn into the movie theater and we find that we focus on the story so much more when we’re not on the couch and distracted by our phones and computers, so we’re trying to catch up on some flicks now! After hearing from friends that The Founder was good, we decided to see it last week. If you haven’t seen it, its definitely one worth seeing. It was super interesting to learn the background behind a major food chain that has made a name for itself worldwide. Not only that, but to learn how McDonalds really revolutionized “fast food”. I’m a big fan of documentaries, so this was a win in our house. Next on our list: Gold. Any other recommendations?

7. LOVING // HEARTLA SANDALSLoeffler Randall is hands down my go to place when I am need of a new pair of shoes. No matter the season or style, I know that I can count on them to provide unique, visually pleasing, and comfortable shoes that will truly stand the test of time. Each summer I invest in at least one new pair of sandals from them. LR makes great pieces that have unique details, setting them apart from your typical run of the mill brands. Take for instance, the Heartla Wrap Sandals. Even though its only February (!), these sandals are high on my wish list. I actually own the “Starla” version of these from a few summers ago and they continue to be some of my favorites. So unique and special and I can’t help but smile when wearing them. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the Heartla version is beyond perfect to last me now and through the summer. And beyond. I am partial to the red version because it is that most perfect red that is actually a great neutral and goes with pretty much anything!

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Current Vibes

January 25, 2017

Guys. I have an addiction. I've been binge watching The Killing on Netflix since last weekend and I just have four episodes left in the final season. Yes, I know it's a super old series and yes I love it (or am just very easily hooked on suspenseful murder stories) but ohmeegawd I cannot wait to have my life back and be finished so I don't feel the urge to keep watching. Anyone else get trapped in shows and series? It's super unhealthy for me because I can't stop once I start and can justify spending hours doing nothing but watching. Taking a long break from binge watching once I polish of the last four hours. Don't worry, I spared you all and didn't include The Killing in this week's roundup of vibes. (go an get 'em)

1. SPOTTING // REGID DENIM: Who What Wear totally called it back in December, but I’ve been seeing rigid denim everywhere I turn. There are a lot of denim trends I tend to side-eye rather than try (cropped flares, exaggerated fringe hems, etc.) because I worry about a short shelf life, but the ’80s style denim that’s been taking over looks like it may have some staying power. The style is stiff (made with zero stretch and meant to be broken in), slightly boxy, simplistic, and comes with an air of cool. Along with highlighting the trend that’s taken over, Who What Wear also pointed out FRAME (one of my favorite denim brands) and their Rigid Re-Release Denim collection as a go-to for wearable styles of the 100% rigid cotton and light, faded wash that the ’80s were known for. I’m not 100% sure I can pull off the look but I definitely want to give it a try…especially when girls like Aimee Song make it look so good! Thinking this pair needs to be what I experiment with.

2. LOVING // BECCA ATWOOD’S WOVENS: I can feel equal parts lazy, inspired, and awe-struck every time I look at what Rebecca Atwood is doing. You’ve seen and heard Sally and I share favorites from the artist and designer again and again and it’s because Rebecca always seems to be doing something great. Whether it’s coming out with a beautiful book (“Living with Pattern: Color, Texture and Print at Home” was released last August!), partnering with Method on pretty packaging, releasing original artwork, or adding new categories for the application of her prints and patterns – her thoughtful and what seems like endless creativity is captivating. The most recent launches I’m loving? The Woven Fabrics that would make for perfect pillows and upholstery and the one-of-a-kind quilts (which are selling out so quickly!). Rebecca, you do so much goodness I feel like the laziest person on earth…but keep it coming because I can’t get enough of everything you do!

3. DRY SHAMPOOING // OUAI FOAM: I have tried several dry shampoos – sprays and powders – but after a few experimentations I decided neither formula really worked at “refreshing” my roots and getting rid of oiliness and that actual shampoo and a shower was the best (and only) way to really get my hair looking and feeling clean. I feel envy for girls with hair that can look messy and cool and not greasy after multiple days of not washing. I would try spraying stuff or rubbing in powder and end up with really gross-feeling roots weighed down and coated by product. Not natural and not cute. Can’t win ’em all! Or can you…after reading this write up on VOGUE about the Dry Shampoo Foam just released by Ouai, it sounds like this magic oil and build-up erasing stuff could be just want I need. Unlike other dry shampoos in the spray and powder forms, this one is a foam with a mousse-like texture. Once worked into roots and down the ends of hair, it dries and removes oils and/or product build up. All while adding volume and softness. Jen Atkin – the stylist behind the new product, brand, and infamous hair of celebs like the Kardashians – advises using the foam after blowdrying for added volume and softness or for second (third, or fourth) day hair as a way to cleanse and condition. Sounds like magic, right?!

4. KISSING // EMBROIDERED LIPS: Fact, I just bought two colors of the Tippi Sweater (ivory and heather smoke) from J.Crew. Call me basic (because I am) but the merino wool style fits like a glove and I’m crazy about the simple, classic style. And then what do I see while looking through the new arrivals on J.Crack the other day…a Tippi Sweater with Embroidered Lips. Um, I may need this version. Available in just one color – a very pretty heathered tan called “dust sunset” – the sweater features a smooch near the collar that’s hand-crocheted by one of the J.Crew designers. Same price as the original Tippi Sweater but with a lot more adorable personality. And just in time for Valentine’s Day (20 days and counting).

5. HEARTING // AG JEWELRY: Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but have my eye on all things with hearts. Especially in the jewelry category. I’ve always loved the heart pieces by Ariel Gordon (one of my favorite designers for all things dainty) and I couldn’t believe that some of my long-time favorite heart designs are on sale as part of the AGJ Archive collection. All on sale: the Heart Eternity Ring (on was $285, now $215), Love Struck Bracelet (was $895, now $670) and matching Love Struck Necklace (was $720, now $350), and the Etched Heart Ring (was $525, now $395). Not on sale but also featuring hearts and amazing: the Sweetheart Bracelet, Heart Necklace, Mini Sweetheart Ring, Close to My Heart Necklace, and the Heart Silhouette Ring.  Nothing wrong with scooping up some of the heart-motif goodness for someone special or yourself in time for 2.14.17!

6. HEARING ABOUT // JOANNA CZECH: One of the things I love about Dallas is that it’s a big city but a small town…the six-degrees-of-separation factor always seems to be alive and well and even when I’m meeting new people there seems to be a common connection to someone else. There’s also a great “word of mouth” mentality. Dallas natives and transplants love dishing on favorite restaurants, shops, events, etc. All this is to say that I’m shocked that I just recently learned about famed aesthetician Joanna Czech and the spa location she opened in Dallas last year. In my defense, I was living in Houston for much of 2015 so I’m not too ashamed of my lack of insider knowledge. But after having one person mention Joanna and her luxurious treatments to me I now seem to been hearing and seeing her name everywhere. From what I’ve heard, her facials and brow skills are worth every penny and the curated assortment of products and lines she carries in her location are among the best of the best.

7. SLOW CLAPPNIG // VOW RINGS: Sorry, more jewelry. But are you surprised? If you know me, you shouldn’t be. Vrai & Oro (another brand I love for their everyday wearability and pricing) recently launched an a line engagement and wedding bands called Vrai & Oro White (aka, VOW) and I’m so impressed with the concept and offerings. No – I am not in the market for an engagement ring. But I am obsessed with all things jewelry and have become more educated on the gem and diamond markets. What I now know is that many/most diamonds and gems are acquired or sourced through corrupt industries (ex: blood diamonds) or created unethically (ex: manufactured with measures that harm the environment). What happens behind the curtain in an industry known for beauty isn’t always so…pretty. In 2014 Vrai & Oro brought something new to the fine jewelry category when their simple designs were backed by a bigger mission: a direct-to-consumer model (no markups) and commitment to quality (no plating, no filling, just solid gold). Two years later, VOW is born with the same mission but with an even stronger commitment to transparency through sustainability and ethics, specifically in the diamonds they use. The brand works with Diamond Foundary, which grows diamonds in a lab with a method thats scientific but results in diamonds atomically identical to those from a mine. The engagement rings and bands offered are simple – no wild settings – just classic, clean options with a range of diamond sizes to fit a range of budgets. And because buying an engagement ring is a major commitment and purchase, VOW has a neat try-on program. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the brand evolves (more styles? bigger diamond options? customization?) but for now, it looks like they’re off to a great start. P.S. this article has more about VOW and Diamond Foundary and is a great read!

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