Current Vibes

May 24, 2017

It's been awhile since I've written one of these so I'm excited to share the latest vibes around here. Our mama left town yesterday morning after staying for three weeks to help with our move and then baby. Feeling a little bit lost without her as she was such a HUGE help around here during a time when we truly needed it the most. Molly and I are both mourning her leaving, big time.

1. SHOOTING WITH // NATALIE YATES PHOTOGRAPHY: I hadn’t given much thought to newborn photos other than that I figured I would have Molly snap a few of us to have for a birth announcement or for baby book purposes. When I met Natalie Yates in Pilates and she reached out about taking our pictures, it couldn’t have come at a better time. We were experiencing mild chaos with our move and new baby all happening within days of each other and Molly was going through her own craziness. I had admired Natalie’s work through Instagram – who can resist a feed of stunning, light-filled photography and precious babies, and felt like it was definitely meant to be. It turns out that newborn photography is no small feat! Natalie had the ability to calm our fussy babe with ease and swaddle him much better than either of us could. She also had such patience when we needed to take a break to nurse and change outfits after an accident. On top of all of this, our session with her produced the most beautiful photos of our family of three that we will truly treasure forever.

2. LOVING // VETIVER COLLECTION: I’ve done next to no shopping the past few weeks, but have been eyeing just about everything from the newfound Vetiver Collection. Think pretty, breezy pieces in classic colors and prints – stripes and gingham, yes please! After seeing this dress on Little Blonde Book, I am dying to add it to my summer wardrobe. I also love this dress as it looks absolutely perfect for our hot (!) Dallas summers. I can’t resist a great white top and this one with its pretty crochet detailing may have to be my next buy. The description of it being the perfect blouse for a food baby (or post real-life baby!?) makes me that much more inclined to buy it.

3. EYEING // MARYSIA SUMMER ’17: The last two bathing suits I purchased were both by Marysia and also the two that I wear the most. The quality and fit is better than any other suit I own, making them worth every penny in my opinion! If there is one bathing suit I buy for this summer, it will no doubt be Marysia. I am particularly smitten with her brand spanking new Summer 2017 line, which brought back the zig zag edges of her first ever collection – Molly still has hers! Having a hard time picking a favorite amongst the newness, but I love this top paired with these bottoms. Also, this smocked top in the lavender bandana print is adorable.

4. OBSESSING // POURED BOWLSFound by Maja is a San Francisco based store that is just brimming with unique treasures. Since we no longer live in the city, I am able to keep up with the store and all of their gorgeous finds through their Instagram account. I have been thinking about these poured, marbelized bowls ever since they were posted a few weeks back. Each piece is handmade and hand dyed in Denmark, so no two are exactly alike. I am determined to make one of the pieces mine, but first need to narrow down a color as well as where/how I want to use it. The small bowl would be perfect on our bookshelves, but I also love the idea of the large bowl as it would make such a statement.

5. CLEANSING // AURELIA MIRACLE: Before baby I had a pretty extensive skincare routine with multiple steps – often doing a mask a few times a week as well. Since coming home from the hospital, I have tried to simplify this routine as much as possible. My newest favorite product that makes this whole simplification that much better is Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser. If you ask me, everything Aurelia does is amazing, but this stuff is my latest obsession of theirs. The cream cleanser is massaged into dry skin and smells fresh and spa-like. Making the whole process satisfying and enjoyable. Especially for this sleep-deprived new mama! I follow the cleanser with Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator and Vintners Daughter Serum and call it a day – easy peasy, which is just what I need these days.

6. WEARING NONSTOP // OV LEGGINGS: Since I ended up unexpectedly having a c-section, I have been wearing thiscompression situation as often as I can – mostly because it feels good to wear something that gives me the extra support. I am also looking into this one because the one I have is becoming looser. Aside from these, I have also been living in my Outdoor Voices leggings on a daily basis. I’ve always loved OV’s leggings for their ability to really suck you in and the fact that they are higher in the waist, both of which are coming quite in handy for recovering from the surgery. Luckily I had accumulated quite a few pairs prior to pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my eye on a few more (this pair in particular) now that they’ve become my newfound mom “uniform”. When I’m not in pj’s that is:)

7. LISTENING // S-TOWN: While nursing I need my phone to keep track of feedings, but really don’t love being distracted by browsing through social media on my phone the entire time. In an effort to put a stop to this before it becomes a habit, I just downloaded the S-Town podcast which is from the makers of Serial and This American Life. I love a good podcast and especially those two, so I have high hopes for S-Town. I’m only in the very beginning so I can’t fully report back yet, but so far so good! Would love any other podcast recommendations for when I finish this one:)

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Welcome home, baby bunny

May 15, 2017

Yesterday was an exciting day around here - I got to celebrate Mother's Day as a first time Mama because our little one arrived the week before last!

Our baby bunny is completely perfect and we truly cannot imagine how we ever lived without him. We've now been home from the hospital for a week and keep telling each other how this has been the absolute best week of our lives. The love we feel for our sweet son is bigger and deeper than we ever could have fathomed.

We are loving getting into the grove of being a family of three (five with the pups!) and feel beyond lucky to have a healthy, happy baby boy.

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Current Vibes

May 10, 2017

It's kind of a gloomy day in Dallas and yesterday was about the same - so I feel like the brightness of today's vibes are giving me a little bit of a pick me up! If you haven't scooped something up for Mother's Day (it's this Sunday, le duh) maybe some of what you see will inspire you in the gifting department. And don't forget, if you want to order pieces from MacKenzie Child's Taylor Collection you have until May 14th to get your order in...if my mama and the love she has for her personal collection is any indication, it will make for a wonderful present! (mmmmk now get on to those vibes!)

1. COLLAB LOVING // COACH & RODARTE: Can’t remember where I first learned about the COACH & Rodarte collaboration but the limited edition capsule collection totally caught my attention. The embellished pieces – bags and ready-to-wear clothing – are so gorgeous and dimensional…they definitely capture the classic spirit of COACH and the innovative avant garde of Rodarte. Both brands looked to each other’s heritage to blend aspects of both. The most notable part of the collection (at least in my option) is the sequin detailing (a key part of Rodarte’s embellishment) reimagined in metallic leather (to keep with COACH’s leather heritage). The pieces are selling out but I’m dying to get my hands on one of the bags before they’re all gone…the quality and craftsmanship looks insane! I’m really loving the pale pink bags (this one!) with neutral metallic sequining, but the whipstitch eyelet pieces are so dreamy (hello, this dress) and I love the bags, sweaters, sweatshirts (love this), and tees printed with archival COACH ads from the 1970s.

2. WATERCOLORING // SPLASH OF COLOR: If you haven’t heard, adult coloring books are one of the latest crafting crazes. And they’re wonderful because 1) you can find some super beautiful books with black and white line drawings just begging to be filled with color, and 2) you don’t have to be crafty to color inside the lines (or outside the lines). I have a couple coloring books that I whip out from time to time for a little zen zoning out action (it’s seriously therapeutic) but the latest book I just added to my collection is “Splash of Color” by illustrator extraordinaire Liz Libré of Linda & Harriett. Done with Liz’s distinctive and bold hand-drawn style, the removable watercolor paper pages come with a backing board to make coloring or painting easy to do anywhere. I highly suggest getting the the set of 10 L&H designed Watercolor Pencils to use on the book…they can be be used wet or dry – working like regular colored pencils alone or then brushed over with water to blend into watercolor effects. Seriously so fun to watch the pages come to life!

3. SUPPORTING MOMS // SACHIN & BABI x SICKKIDS FOUNDATION: Raise your hand if you love Sachin & Babi and really swoon for their hand-beaded earrings? Okay, put those hands down. I right there with you. The brand does some insanely beautiful clothing but the “Grapes” and “Coconut” earrings are instant outfit makers and I’ve always coveted a pair for myself (as has Sally). Well, the husband and wife team has always been active in charitable causes and after learning recently about the SickKids Foundation – an organization dedicated to supporting mothers with chronically ill children – they were so moved by these women’s stories that the brand immediately wanted to find a way to help the foundation. In honor of Mother’s Day and to celebrate the strength of the mother’s of SickKids, 20% of all earrings sold on the Sachin & Babi site between May 1st and May 14th will be donated to the charity. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pull a trigger on a pair of Grapes or Coconuts for yourself (or for your mama!), I highly suggest making that time now. I got my own pair of Coconuts in Rose and could not be more in love with them…makes me feel happy knowing that part of the splurge went to such a wonderful cause!

4. EYEING // HAND-PAINTED LEATHER: Our friends at The Loveliest are so full of talent, we weren’t all that surprised when they debuted hand-painted leather clutches. Made with love by the team that already has us swooning for their wonderful embroidered color combinations and heirloom-quality goods, the leather clutches are all cut, stitched, and painted by hand in Dallas. I’ve seen them in person and can tell you they’re even more awesome up close and personal. The flat design is perfect for an iPhone, few cards, and a little lip gloss for a night out or as a makeshift wallet in your tote, I’m obsessed with the combination of 100% vegetable tan leather and pretty painted colors. Get one while their in stock…I have a feeling they are going to start selling out!

5. BUYING // BOOKS: I’m slightly ashamed to say that while I’ve been on a back-t0-back book reading kick, I managed to not even start the book I was supposed to finish by today for a book club meeting. The shame! I still plan on reading the club pick (“A Gentelman in Moscow” by Amor Towels) because it sounds amazing but I’ve added another book to my iPad – “The Night She Won Miss America” – thanks to seeing it on Luella & June (Bradley always has the best book recommendations!) and just scooped up Assouline’s coffee table book “Flowers, Art and Bouquets” after seeing it displayed in Sally’s house (y’all the pages are so insanely gorgeous they have to be turned daily when propped open in this acrylic stand). Excited to have  two good novels to read and one beautiful coffee table book to enjoy…

6. DOWNLOADING // WEEKNIGHT SOCIETY: True life confession: I am horrible at cooking for myself. I say it’s because cooking for one sucks (which is kind of true, right?) but really, I think I’m just lazy and uninspired. Meal planning and making a grocery list for a week of meals feels daunting. It’s for these reasons that I was so excited to learn about Weeknight Society. The app is the brainchild of lifestyle expert and working mom of three Alexandra Hedin, and she created Weeknight Society for busy parents who, like her, wanted to create easy, healthy meals for their families. I might not be a mom but I still think the app is genius because every Saturday, weekly menus are uploaded to the custom app, complete with step by step photography and an aggregate grocery list (which allows you to check off items as you shop). Each recipe contains seasonal ingredients found at a local farmer’s market or grocer, so you can take advantage of the freshest flavors of the season. No more searching for recipes, or organizing a grocery list, or forgetting things and needing to make multiple runs to the store. The $3.99 per month app promises to get you from prep to plate in 35 minutes or less (!) and every recipe I’ve seen so far looks both delicious and easy to make. I’m starting my first month with the app on Sunday and can’t wait to finally cook consecutive meals for myself!

7. OBSESSING // PATRICIA’S COUTURE: If you watch Bravo’s Southern Charm then you already know about the fabulousness that is Patricia Altschul. And if regularly tune into Watch What Happens Live you may already know about her line of caftans, Patricia’s Couture. The southern socialite was on Andy’s show the other week (watch full episode here) wearing a bold silk caftan (her go-to ensemble of choice) covered in…pug faces. But not just any pug, but her personal pup Chauncey. Of course I was tickled to learn that Patricia’s custom creation could be made with the photo of any beloved pet via her Couture line. The description on the site: “Delicately hand-crafted crystal and pearl embellishments add glamour and sophistication to this flowing custom printed caftan inspired by YOUR pet. Chic, refined AND versatile, this caftan can be worn from the beach to a barbecue to a cocktail party or black tie event.” Can you even? Be honest, do I need one for Blue and Rosie?! Don’t worry, the pet pajamas (like the pair she gifted Andy) will be available soon…

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Join Us + Mirth Caftans at Sabah House Dallas!

April 27, 2017

There are a few things I could talk about at length and with intense passion: my dogs, pizza, the Bravo Housewives (specifically of Beverly Hills and New York), and my entrepreneurial friends. I've been lucky enough to cross paths with some incredibly talented people who are doing amazing things - and then I've forced said people to become my friends. Though they each run independent brands and create different products, they all have a shared vision in that their goods are produced in far away places (Mexico, India, Turkey, Africa, China, etc.) and they strive to make special, quality designs while also shining a light on the artisans performing time-honored traditions and skillful practices.

When my friends Katie and Erin of MIRTH Caftans mentioned wanting to come to Dallas this spring for a pop-up trunk show I told them that they needed to do it with Mickey and Sabah. Pushy? Yes I am. But I have always thought that my MIRTH caftans and Sabah shoes made for an amazing pairing and I have always loved the idea of seeing my favorite small brands and entrepreneurial friends doing something together.

These three friends met over margaritas in Houston and my matchmaking dreams came true...Sabah House Dallas is hosting MIRTH while they pop into Dallas! Next Wednesday, May 3rd you can stop by the Sabah House and shop a selection of MIRTH's caftans! They'll be there all day (11am to 7pm) and trust me, you will never meet caftans more wearable than these. Their designs are so flattering and the hand-blocked, hand-woven and hand-loomed fabrics are beyond dreamy...I absolutely live in mine. And of course, they look just amazing with a pair of Sabahs! I couldn't be happier to see these two brands get together and feel super honored to play host for the event. Hoping some of you in the Dallas area can join us! (read more to get all the details)

Here are all the event details:

.Place & Time: Sabah House Dallas (2312 Routh Street) will be hosting MIRTH all day on Wednesday, May 3rd from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm! I’ll be at the store (wearing a MIRTH caftan and Sabah shoes, duh) from 4-7 pm!

.Shop MIRTH: MIRTH will be bringing their latest Spring 2017 caftans (beautiful blues, soft corals, the most airy whites, and insanely gorgeous hand-printed and hand-woven fabrics) as well as a selection from from their Resort 2017 collection. Try on and take home!

.Shop Sabah: Being that this pop-up is hosted at the Sabah House, you’ll be able to shop the in-house selection of Sabah shoes…their colorful walls of stacked leather and calf hair soles will give you a whole new appreciation for handmade shoes.

.Enjoy: snack on lite bites (with a taste of India) and sip a libation while you shop and visit…the Prosecco will be poppin’ around happy hour!

Don’t live close to Dallas? We will miss you dearly…but I’ll be sharing some of the fun from the event and you can follow @apieceoftoast on Instagram so you can feel like you’re there!

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Current Vibes

April 26, 2017

I told Molly that the closer I get to my due date, the more I feel that when I write posts, my brain doesn't feel completely all there. With a fully grown baby in the belly, its no surprise that my brain power is feeling a bit compromised! Either that or the fact that I am scurrying around, trying to get as much done as possible that has my thoughts going a million which ways. Either way, I hope you'll bear with me and enjoy this week's vibes. Crazy that this could be the last one of these I do before our little one comes! (vibes, vibes, vibes after the jump)

1. CHEERS-ING // BON VOYAGE: I’ve always been drawn to photography as art, so Gray Malin’s work really speaks to me. His newest Bon Voyage series is inspired by cultural icons as told through the window of an airplane. Individually, each piece tells a story of the person traveling by giving a small glimpse into their lifestyle while at 30,000 feet. From their drink of choice to their accessories. I love the idea of hanging them in a series down a long hallway – they would make quite the statement all hung together and make for some great conversation starters!

2. SAMPLING // FOLLAINFollain is a go-to shop for non-toxic and green beauty buys. Knowing that I can go to their site and every single product has been “Follain approved” takes the research and guess work out of buying clean beauty products – which can be completely daunting! I love the site for their curated categories like pregnancy & baby and the travel sized shop, making it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for, or what I never knew that I absolutely needed. Follain’s latest in the form of “Go-Clean Kits” is pure genius. The starter kits for skin and body contain trial sized products for whatever skin situation you may be in – normal, dry, oily, or combination. The kits allow you to try products geared at your skin type to see whether or not you like them before investing in the full sizes. They contain the stores best sellers so you know you’re getting the best of the best. At just $55, these trial products come with their very own pouch – which is incentive enough for me to buy!

3. STACKING // DANA REBECCA: Between Molly and me, she is the definite jewelry queen and has the absolute best taste in jewelry and truly knows how to invest in great pieces. I doubt she has ever regretted a jewelry purchase because each one is so well thought out. I am constantly going to her for her input in this arena as is our mom. Although she may be the expert, every so often I come across pieces that I can’t resist wanting for myself like Dana Rebecca’s new Poppy Rae stacking bands. We’ve both loved the brand since the beginning and have continued to add pieces to our personal collections over the years. Its been so much fun watching them grow and consistently continue to create beautiful, collectible pieces. The Poppy Rae bands are no exception and I have a strong desire to add them to a stack of other dainty gold rings that I have had for a few years now! I am also equally as obsessed with these bands. This is why I can’t even visit the site – I create a wish list a mile long!

4. BABY BUNDLING // OEUF: Bunnies are hands down my favorite animal and I know I’ve mentioned that on the blog time and time again. I truly cannot resist a bunny item in my life and having a baby on the way has only made this inability to resist worse! There are SO many precious bunny items out there for babies and little ones. The mecca of precious baby bunny pieces has to be Oeuf. In fact, the brand even has a “Bunny Shop” on their site. Yes. Please. I have somehow (miraculously) resisted the bunny shop thus far – mainly because shopping for a child that hasn’t entered the world yet and navigating sizing has been quite overwhelming! You never know how big he’ll be and therefore if things will fit “true to size”. I hate to make an investment only for the product not to fit. As soon as our little one is born, I have big plans to buy him one of Oeuf’s Bunny Hoodies for the fall/winter. Thinking it will be precious paired with bloomers and knee socks since the weather here is so mild!

5. SLIDING // SABAH BABAHS: Can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to Sabah. Just this past week, putting on my tennis shoes for daily walks with the dogs has become quite the task because my belly gets quite in the way. It’s fairly comical to witness! When I’m not needing to wear shoes with laces, I am regularly turning to my Sabah shoes because they require no bending over which is most ideal. They’re also beyond comfortable – an added bonus for this soon-to-be mama. Molly and I each got a pair from the brand’s new Spring collection and have been wearing them non-stop. Roatan Rose for me and Thassos Tea for her. Our mama jumped on the bandwagon too and got the Isa Pink which is even more killer of a color in person. The latest creations from the brand come in the form of backless Sabahs, aka Babas, and we can’t seem to stop thinking/dreaming about them on our feet. The calf hair (!!) slides are currently in production now and available to order for delivery around June 1. Because the calf hair is all custom printed, there are limited quantities, which just further convinces me that I better purchase my pair before they disappear. Particularly dying to make the Cassis, striped pair mine!

6. HOOPING // THEORY WHITNEY: I rarely buy myself new bags because I continue to wear the bags I have over and over again and never truly feel a need for something new. Call me a creature of habit I guess! I did however purchase a “baby bag” that I had posted about a little while back and am completely obsessed. Aside from this practical purchase which will be used on a daily basis and used by both my husband and myself, I am realllyyy eyeing the Whitney Hoop Bag by Theory. If I’m not carrying a tote (my every-day bag of choice), I am either carrying a Truffle clutch or a cross body/shoulder bag. The Whitney Hoop bag is great because it can be worn multiple ways – as a shoulder bag, cross body, or held by its metal hoop as a smaller handbag. This versatility is what has me completely obsessed with the idea of owning one of these guys. The ability to wear it so many ways means that it could go from running errands during the day to a night out. I also love the idea that the “hoop” can be worn in the crook of your arm if you need two hands for something, which I always seem find myself in this predicament!

7. ORGANIZING // LE BATHROOMThis recent article on The Coveteur couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as I just spent the good part of my day yesterday organizing my bathroom. Nesting. I had been meaning to do this task for months, but just kept putting it off. Going through makeup, hair products, and body products, some of which is most definitely at least a year old can seem pretty overwhelming! Once getting started though, it was such a good feeling clearing out decent amounts of space and products that I no longer use. My makeup products are now super pared down and limited to only the stuff that I actually use and love. Why I had back stock of stuff I had purchased and never loved, I just don’t know – I can definitely tend to have a hard time parting with things out of sheer guilt for being wasteful. Don’t worry, everything will be donated or given to friends! I have a good feeling that my bathroom routine will be much more streamlined with this latest organization spree!

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