Current Vibes

July 19, 2017

Since we (me, my husband, le bebe, and Molly) leave town on Saturday for a family beach trip, my list of things to-do seems never ending! I don't get out of the house more than once or twice a day, but I am trying to make myself run as many errands on my list as I possibly can each day in an effort to get it all done by Saturday. Needless to say, the week is flying by and I'm wanting it to slow down just a bit. Molly and I finished The Handmaids Tale the other night and I still can't stop thinking about it. It is a must watch show for sure - can't believe we have to wait until 2018 for season 2! On the upside, Bachelor in Paradise starts in a few weeks, which gives me life. Yes - I can't help but watch. Its so bad that its good. (read on for more vibes happening around here...)

1. SWOONING // JCJ: To many, Jean Godfrey June is one of the OGs of the beauty world, and has been for quite some time. The former beauty editor of Lucky Magazine and now currently beauty director at Goop, JGJ is an expert on all things beauty. Since joining Goop, her focus has shifted to more natural beauty. Seeing that she is somewhat of a truster advisor to many in the beauty world, I absolutely love reading “Ask Jean” for her latest favorites, advice, and the like. Just in the month of July, The Coveteur has featured Jean Godfrey June twice (here and here) – if that tells you anything about her current status in the beauty world! In the spirit of our almost 100 degree temps here in Dallas, I am loving her take on summer glamour. Hint: less is more. I’m so glad to know that the JGJ would approve of my current relationship (or lack thereof) that I have with my blowdryer.

2. SNACKING // RXBARs: Full meals are few and far between these days as I am pretty much constantly feeding or holding baby H. Who can resist a baby sleeping on their chest?! When I’m not doing those two things, I am either frantically doing laundry or trying to get other things done. Read: not a whole lot of time on my hands! Thankfully, Molly introduced me to RXBARs, and I feel like my life has been changed. To be honest, I have never (ever) been one for any type of protein bar situation. They always tasted grainy and just plain gross to me. I am a pretty picky eater and even pickier about texture. I was sure that I would hate RXBARs just as much, but was pretty desperate for a quick, easy, healthy, and protein-filled snack. Game. Changer…specififically in the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor. It actually tastes like a brownie. No, seriously! Each RXBAR only has 8 whole ingredients, all of which are listed right on the wrapper. With natural ingredients that I can recognize, RXBARs are definitely living up to their motto of no B.S., and I love them for that. Best part: I can order boxes on Amazon!

3. MISTING // TRUE BOTANICALS: Ever since reading this feature on VIOLET GREY, I am certain that True Botanicals‘ Hydrating Mist needs to be my next beauty purchase. The company’s latest line (known as the Basics Collection) was made with pregnant women in mind. It may have surfaced just a few weeks too late, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not intrigued all the same. Specifically by the Hydrating Mist, which VIOLET GREY dubs to be the “standout” product in the Basics Collection. Instead of being water-based, like similar products, the Hydrating Mist is actually made of aloe vera and green and white tea, which nourish the skin and help to prevent damage. I love a good mist because they can be used for a multitude of purposes – as a refresher, to add moisture, and even to set makeup. I’m thinking I need a bottle to keep in my bag at all times!

4. LUSTING // SEA EYELET SLEEVE SWEATER: With an upcoming trip and flight, I will most definitely be reaching for some sort of sweater situation for the plane. No matter the weather outside, I always, always have to wear long pants and long sleeves while traveling. I have to feel cozy and to me that means having pretty much zero skin exposed. Strange, I know. I can’t even wear sandals either – my feet will get too cold. Since I am trying to get a head start on packing, I find myself seriously wishing I had purchased this Sea eyelet sweater. The sweater body combined with fuller eyelet sleeves makes for the perfect Spring/Summer/Fall travel (and beyond!) knit. The eyelet sleeves also make me think that it wouldn’t be too hot, which is perfect for this time of year while traveling. Its also in my most favorite color to purchase tops in – white. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

5. REMEMBERING // GRAPHIC IMAGE BABYGraphic Image has always been my go-to place for quality leather goods. Year after year, Molly and I consult each other when picking out our leather-bound planners for the year. Recently, Graphic Image launched a baby collection that has me wanting just about every single thing. I firmly believe that photo albums and printing photos are still such a sweet and sentimental thing to do for your children and love looking back on mine to this day. Otherwise, if you don’t print the photos, they almost get lost amongst so many others on your phone! The “Baby Notes” journals would make for such a darling gift for someone that is expecting a baby. The perfect place to write down nursery ideas, registry items, baby names, and the like. Would be SO fun to look back on too. Totally wishing I had one of these while I was pregnant! I can’t help but want the “Firsts” pocket-sized journal to document each exciting little first that happens and to keep them all in one place. SO much better than the notes on my phone – which is what I have been doing – and such an amazing keepsake to have.

6. GIFTING // MAISON LABICHE ONESIES: With how hot it is here, we wear a lot of onesies. Paired with a cute pair of bloomers they look put together and sweet and are perfect for the days where were just hanging around the house or running errands. I recently discovered that Maison Labiche makes onesies and am dying to place an order. These would make such a precious gift as well – all babies need onesies! While I’m at it, I may need to pick up a tee (or two) for myself – some of them are even on sale! Perfect to pair with my new skorts from Outdoor Voices – which I am obsessed with, by the way.

7. INDULGING // HALO TOP ICE CREAM: Lately I cannot get enough of sweet treats. Its a bit of an obsession, honestly. I’ve always had a major sweet tooth, so I don’t know why I’m acting surprised by this. In an effort to somewhat pull in the reigns with the sugar, I try to limit what we keep in the house and have “healthier” options – if that is even possible. Dark chocolate is my best friend, especially when it’s nice and cold from keeping stored in the fridge. I’ve also fallen hard for Halo Top ice cream. Halo Top is low-calorie, low-sugar, and high protein and made from all natural ingredients, so I don’t feel nearly as bad when I do indulge. It is also not lacking in taste, whatsoever. The stuff is absolutely delicious. Although I’ve only tried the Vanilla Bean and Chocolate, I am completely sold. Next on my list: Cookies & Cream and S’Mores. The best part? You can search Halo Top’s site to see which local stores carry your favorite flavors so that you aren’t left disappointed in the freezer section when they don’t have that Birthday Cake your heart was set on. And in case you were wondering, you can order the pints via Amazon Fresh!

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Rosé + A Porch Picnic

July 14, 2017

Rosé is the wine synonymous with summer. It's crisp, light, easy, and an ideal refreshing beverage when served chilled. If you're like me, you already know all this and make rosé a go-to wine varietal starting in March and sip on it all the way through September. If you're also like me, you probably shoot in the dark and/or stick to familiar labels when buying said wine. I'm not a wine expert (by any stretch) so I tend to go off price, packaging, suggestions, and luck when buying. That being said, I love tasting and trying wines from vineyards and regions that are new to my tastebuds. Even with my inexperienced palate I know what I like and adding new names to my list of "wineries I like" is always exciting.

This summer I've gone international - as far as wines go - and have been loving everything bottled by Villa Maria Estate. While it's New Zealand's most awarded winery, the brand is less well known in the US even though many of the estate's varietals can be found state side. I'm so glad I recently discovered Villa Maria because the wines are beyond delicious and wallet friendly. And when you're stocking your fridge with rosé for the summer, both those factors become very important!

What I love about wine is that it's an "open and enjoy" drink. No mixing or extra ingredients or fuss - just chilling, pouring, and sipping. My favorite spot to twist open a bottle of Villa Maria (no corks, yes please!) is among friends and family at my place or theirs. The comfort of a home allows us to get comfortable and occasionally be creative. A picnic on the porch has become a fun outdoor hangout spot for happy hours. We keep things, some snacks, music, and spots for lounging.


Opening a bottle of Villa Maria wine is kind of like opening another world. I’ve never been to New Zealand but drinking Villa Maria – and subsequently learning more about the values and heritage that serve as the foundation for their wines – makes me feel like I’m getting a taste of the country. For anyone geographically challenged (me), New Zealand is a country that sits in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, south east of Australia. Though the New Zealand produces less than 1% of the world’s wine the moderate marine climate, rich soil, and entrepreneurial spirit of the country has contributed to wineries like Villa Maria being able to thrive.

Being the nerd I am, I loved learning that Villa Maria was started in 1961 by a solo founder – Sir George Fistonich – and over five decades later he’s still the driving force behind the wine and their core values of innovation, sustainability, and family. You’d think that an estate like Villa Maria boasting a title of most awarded wines in New Zealand would make their culture more corporate and less soulful but the opposite is true for them. While the quality of their wines ranks as their primary goal, they credit their incredible wines to the people who help them produce the wines and share their passion for excellence. Sir George may have only been 21 when he started Villa Maria but his youthful ambition and excitement is what’s made the company the continued success it is today.

So yes, the Villa Maria wines are exceptional. I wish I could serve you up a sampling through this blog so you could immediately taste some of the varietals if you haven’t yet. But…you’re just going to have to find local retailers and restaurants near you to do so! Don’t worry, Villa Maria has a super helpful “where to buy” tab on their site which makes this part easy peasy.

If you’re not sure what Villa Maria varietal to try first you can of course read all about the tasting notes, vineyard climate, processing, and other facts for each wine on the website right here. I highly suggest the Private Bin Rosé (it’s has a great fruit flavor but doesn’t have a sweet taste), the Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc (Villa Maria’s most popular wine – it’s so crisp) and the Private Bin Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc (seriously incredible, same crisp factor as the flat version but made even more fresh and vibrant with the bubbles). The Private Bin collection wines are designed to be approachable, consistent and excellent value and can attest to all of these points…and add that they are all delicious!

Now that you know a little bit more about the company, my hope is that the next time your browsing the wine aisles of your local store or scanning a wine list while at a restaurant that Villa Maria’s New Zealand varietals stand out from the other options!

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Current Vibes

July 13, 2017

I honestly have absolutely nothing of interest to write in this introduction. I'm blaming the heat for feeling braindead, blaming the anxiety for looking for a new place to rent for keeping me up at night, and blaming my boring life for not providing any recent excitement or antidotes that I can spin into some cute fluff for this paragraph. (vibes right below!) 

1. VACATIONING // HOTEL SAN CRISTÓBAL BAJA: Liz Lambert is a Texas boutique hotel wizard/goddess. Her projects across Austin, Marfa and San Antonio provide authentic stay experiences that are all different but all infused with this same well-crafted and perfectly effortless spirit. It’s hard to explain the aesthetic that is Liz if you haven’t visited one of the hotels but you can get an idea of what she and team Bunkhouse is about via their website. Liz’s latest project is her first outside of Texas and no surprise, it’s getting a ton of buzz. “Named in honor of Saint Christopher, patron of travelers, surfers, sailors and protector during long journeys, Hotel San Cristóbal sits on the beach on the southwestern edge of the Baja peninsula in Todos Santos, Mexico. Positioned along the Tropic of Cancer and framed by the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, Punta Lobos, and the Pacific Ocean, there is something about the quality of light here in this convergence of nature.” How dreamy and soulful does that sound? Like all Liz Lambert hotels, Hotel San Cristóbal is designed to reflect the culture and vibe of the location and the property and 32 rooms feel distinctly Mexican-inspired though there’s no “theme” or gimmicky elements. Thoughtful, done well but not overdone, and attention paid to all the right details – these are the hallmarks of Liz Labert’s hotels. All I can say is this: I wanna stay at Hotel San Cristóbal.

2. DATING? // BRACKET: This isn’t something I’m vibing (aka liking) – it’s more something that I just want to talk about. If you’re happily married just skip over all this and get to the nail polish that is No. 3. If you’re dating you can keep reading if you want and just know that I feel your pain. Bracket Dating is a recently launched app for singles. Unlike Tinder, Bumble and the like, this one is not about swiping. It’s based on a tournament style bracket (yes, you read that correctly). Each day a user gets matched with 16 others based on profile preferences. Then head-to-head eliminations go throughout the day to eliminate matches on the bracket till you end up with one winner. Then you can chat with your “winner.” Or if you “win” on someone else’s bracket you can talk to that user. Apparently the elimination process is based on fun questions that reveal personality and cut through the awkward back and forth banter that can happen on other apps. But the competition part is what gives me pause…dating is kind of already hard enough. Play at your own risk!

3. PAINTING // MADEMOISELLE: As much as I like getting pampered, I stopped getting gel manicures almost a year ago and prefer to paint my own nails. I’ve gotten really good at the prep work and have a super steady hand for painting. My only issue was spending all the time doing said painting – base coat, two coats of color, top coat – only to have the polish chip or peel away from the edges of my nails after a few days. Huge problems, right!?! I thought lighter shades would be better than the dark hues I favor but most of what I tried was super streaky (the coats never looked even) and the chipping within days of painting persisted and drove me nuts. In my attempt to find a non-streaky pale/barely there color I scooped up a bottle of Essie Mademoiselle (love that most Walgreens and CVS now carry Essie). I loved it with two coats and wasn’t even that bothered with the predictable chips showed up because the pale pinky nude made it not so noticeable. But then one day I didn’t have time to do a second coat followed by my usual Essie Gel-Setter Top Coat (which is amazing and SO shiny) and I went a few days without finishing the job. Glad I did because I realized that one coat of Mademoiselle on top of my Essie First Base Coat miraculously resulting in NO chipping. None. For like a week plus. No pealing or cracking either. The time I spend doing my nail painting ritual has been significantly cut down (praise) and my nails look happy and healthy. Holy grail found? Highly suggest trying this combo if you hate naked nails, but don’t have the time or patience to wait for four coats to try!

4. BABY BAGGING // MANSUR GAVRIEL: Bigger isn’t always better. Case in point with Masur Gabriel’s Baby Bucket Bag. Less than 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, it’s a very petite purse and significantly smaller than Mansur’s original Bucket Bag, Mini Bucket, and Mini Mini Bucket. In case you missed it, they kind of kill the whole bucket bag situation in a big way (the style was what launched their fanatic fan following). The best part of the Baby Bucket – aside from being so tiny and adorable – is that the vegetable tanned leather options are $195 and the calf coated leather versions are $225. Those prices may seem outrageous for a bag that might only fit your cellphone, a lipstick and a credit card but for Mansur Gavriel it’s downright cheap.

5. COILING // INVISIBOBBLE: Have y’all seen the latest hair-tie craze? Move over elastic knotted versions that were hot for years and enter plastic coils. I 100% scoffed at these things the first time I saw them. Even after Sally started wearing them I was still skeptical. But when I asked Sal for a hair-tie while sitting in the scorching heat on the 4th of July and she handed me one of these hair invisibobble hair rings I had no choice but to give it a go. It worked!  My hair is straight and fine but I have a lot of it and it gets very heavy when in a pony tail or bun. I finally just gave Sally the coil back so I could get a set of my own (hello pink)…$8 for three isn’t horrible considering that they really don’t leave kinks. One coil wrapped twice around a low bun was perfect. Three times wrapped for a pony tail is great too. I can’t wear them when working out (heavy hair + movement is too much) but they’re fantastic to have on hand for all other times.

6. NOTING // NOBLE 31: Two sets of sisters = four Texas women on a mission to make great clothes and support great charities. It’s not all the time that you see a start-up clothing brand and immediately want to buy one of everything but Noble 31 has totally knocked my socks off with their small collection of tops. There are seven styles and…I want one of each. Loving that these ladies are focusing on quality and not quantity with their first assortment – each style has a unique shape that’s familiar but slightly different and completely wearable. I’m crazy for the frayed, unfinished hems and only single-color options! Of course my two favorites (the Madison and Lolo) are sold out in the white denim…here’s to hoping for a re-stock!

7. LOVING // PEARL JEANS: Denim and pearls make for quite the pairing. I’ve been seeing denim jeans, jackets and the like embellish with pearls of all sizes and colors for the past year and I have to say, I’m loving the trend. But…a lot of what I see doesn’t seem totally practical. I’m the freak who looks at these jean creations and thinks, “How do I wash those?” “What if the pearls fall off from all my knee bending activity?” and  “Will my dogs just see these baubles and try to bite them off?” I love the look but I would want to feel able to wear the look – you know? The Pilcro denim + pearl pieces at Anthropologie are all things I feel like I could actually wear and enjoy and not overly stress out about. There’s the denim jacket (which is fantastic) and two pairs of jeans – high-rise skinny with pearls by the front pockets and boyfriend cutoffs with pearls by the hem. What I like about the pearl embellishment on all three is the cluster spread arrangement of pearls. It’s deliberate but concentrated…not too over the top or too all over the garment (which lessens my many aforementioned types of questions). The skinny jeans are my favorite. I truly can’t believe they’re priced at $158 (jeans today are usually way more $$$ and these have pearls!) and I’m dying to try them. Picturing with a white t-shirt per my typical daily uniform.

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Blue + White Nursery

July 6, 2017

I always knew that I wanted to have a blue and white nursery regardless of the gender. Mostly because that's the color scheme our mama used when we were babies (Molly, our brother, and I all used the same nursery), but also because I think it is equally darling for both boys and girls. Having the color palette firmly in mind made it both fun and easy to pick pieces for the room. Our mama was a huge help as she has a great eye when it comes to interiors and I love how everything came together...the room feels fresh but also sweet and nostalgic.

Crib: There is a tradition in our family where my grandparents buy the first great-grandchild in each family their crib. Our grandparents love finding sweet ways like this to be involved in exciting moments and it really is so special and something we will always cherish and remember in the years to come and as future babies also use this crib. This is such a weird personal feeling I have, but I think cribs can often times seem a little bit cage-like, which is why I love this one so much. The acrylic makes it so you can see right in and out, with nothing obstructing the view. Our dogs are completely fascinated by it!

Dresserducduc is a furniture brand that specializes in baby and children’s furniture. Each piece is made in the USA (Connecticut, to be exact!) and is carefully handcrafted using the absolute best in terms of materials. The furniture features solid wood frames with low VOC finishes – which is something that was really important to me. Each ducduc piece is made to order and can be completely customized, which is just what we did when designing a personalized version of their Savannah Dresser. Because the mirror hanging above the dresser is a heavier piece in terms of physical presence, I knew I needed a dresser below it that was long enough to balance things out. We were able to work with ducduc on a custom length to make this happen and I’m so glad we did. Since the two bottom drawers were nice and long, I was able to add drawer dividers so that they felt almost like two drawers side by side when you open them. This has helped immensely with organization! Along with these details, I was able to completely customize the paint colors of the piece. The actual dresser is a soft white and the trim on the drawers (though hard to tell in the photos!) is a warmer, creamy white. I love the surprise of pale blue when you open the drawers (which are self-closing so no pinched fingers)! I also wanted a classic, glass knob, which ducduc does not offer on their site, but it was not a problem at all when working with the brand. I had the knobs shipped directly to them so that they could install them at the factory. The entire experience of customizing a dresser with ducduc was honestly amazing and so fun – we couldn’t be happier with how the piece turned out and I know it will be a lasting piece whenever it goes from being used in the nursery to a big kid’s room.

Glider: Bunnies are an obsession for me and I always knew that I wanted to incorporate this Hunt Slonem for Groundworks fabric in the room because I absolutely love Hunt Slonem’s work. The fabric is playful and painterly without seeming too juvenile or babyish – and it may be my favorite part of the room. The actual glider is from Pottery Barn Kids and my mom had a woman in Kansas City make a custom slipcover for it out of the bunny fabric. This way, should an accident happen, we can just take the slipcover off and wash it. The glider and ottoman are super comfy and is the perfect home to the darling Goodnight Moon pillow needle-pointed by our mama. And because I just can’t get enough of those bunnies, the fabric was used again for the window curtains.

Lighting: The chandelier in the room was one used in our younger siblings’ nursery and I love that it is white and somewhat blends in, while also being sweet and whimsical. Our mom had the shades made out of a Pierre Deux fabric that was in our nursery when we were babies . I love that this piece is a hand me down and that we included the blue and white fabric from our nursery – both make it feel extra special and sentimental. I wanted another light source in the room close to the glider but because we don’t have a lot of surface space a floor lamp seemed like the best option. This one from Land of Nod stood out to me when I first saw it in one of their catalogues. The metal frame mimics the brass hardware on the curtains, which I wanted to be sure to repeat in the room without going overboard. I like how unique the floor lamp is and that its more on the contemporary side. I’ve mentioned before how much I love Land of Nod for their great children’s pieces and this lamp is no exception!

Rug: The first rug I ever “owned” was in fact a striped Dash and Albert rug in my dorm room. Ever since then, I have had such a sense of nostalgia for the brand and a love for their durability. Dash and Albert’s original, cotton rugs are classic and timeless and come in an array of color and pattern options. The woven rugs (which is what we used here in the Sweedish Stripe) are 100% cotton which makes them safer for little ones to crawl on versus rugs made out of synthetic materials, especially since babies and children spend so much of their time on the floor! Not only this, but the woven cotton versions are also extremely durable and can stand up to just about anything…ours has been super easy to spot clean when the dogs have tracked mud into the house. We also have a runner in our kitchen from Dash and Albert that is small enough that I can toss it into the washing machine when it gets dirty, which has been a game changer for such a high traffic area! I’m telling you, these rugs wear like iron, which is highly necessary in a child’s room. I love that the Sweedish Stripe version we picked is not only functional, but sweet enough for a nursery.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Lilly White

The built in bookshelves were actually original to the house and have been the perfect place to display little gifts we received at our baby showers, frames, animals, and tons of children’s books from my own childhood that our mom had been saving over the years. You can never have too many books!

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Current Vibes

July 5, 2017

A mid-week holiday has completely thrown off my brain's ability to decipher what day of the week it is. But I don't hate it. I feel like we just finished one great, long weekend and are already approaching another. What's not to love about that!? Now if I can just motivate myself to go to the grocery store since we've practically eaten out for every single meal over the past few days and have a nearly empty fridge. (more exciting than the state of my fridge, today's vibes - right this way)

1. PJ MATCHING // TOMMY’S FOLLY x RRR: It’s no secret that we absolutely love all things Roberta Roller Rabbit. Most especially their softer than soft 100% pima cotton PJs. It is our go to baby/child gift for friends and we’ve recently become big (!) fans of the adult jammies as well. Grown ups need soft pajamas, too! Not to mention that there’s nothing better than matching pajamas – am I right? When the most amazing pair of RRR pig PJs showed up on my Instagram middle feed I became intrigued. Tommy’s Folly is a clothing and accessories boutique located inside Congress Hall Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey and their boutique is chock-full of adorable pieces for men, women, and children (lots of pretty pieces on their Instagram page!). Rachel, the buyer and product developer for Congress Hall Hotel, is the creative genius behind the boutique and these amazing, completely custom to the hotel, Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas. The hotel has a restaurant called “The Blue Pig Tavern“, which is where the inspiration for the jammies came from. Even down to the exact “Blue Pig” blue and the stars which are a symbol of the hotel, the custom design is a true representation of this special place. If you’re as Roberta Roller Rabbit obsessed as we are, or a serious pig lover like Molly is, you can order your own pair from Tommy’s Folly – they ship! They made the PJs in every style, too, just adding to the amazingness of this collab.

2. LISTENING // UP AND VANISHED: Podcasts are my BFFs these days while spending many a minute nursing throughout the day. I mentioned before that I do this to try and limit my time on social media – which is hard! My cousin recommended “Up and Vanished” to me and I just started it this morning. The podcast is about a Georgian high school teacher and former beauty queen who went missing 11 years ago. Her story is the largest case-file in Georgia’s history, which is pretty crazy. These types of stories are right up my alley, so I have a feeling that this one will not disappoint. Stay tuned!

3. CLEANSING // RAHUA: In transitioning my bathroom products over to more natural versions, the hair department was one area that I kept putting off. I was sure that finding a shampoo and conditioner that I loved and that actually worked would be next to impossible. Rahua has completely changed this notion with their classic Shampoo and Conditioner. I love that the shampoo doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down by product, which can often be the case since my hair is so fine. The conditioner is easy to work through my very tangled ends and I have no problem brushing through the tangles once out of the shower – the true test when it comes to a conditioner with my hair! Recently, Rahua came out with a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, which are now high on my list to try. You can also find many of their products on Amazon here.

4. SCOOPING // OV SKORTS: I love, love my Outdoor Voices leggings, but with temperatures here in the 90s and the heat index in the 100s, sometimes they aren’t the most practical choice unless I am strictly wearing them in an air conditioned gym. We try to take an evening walk daily, but even then leggings just feel too warm. After seeing Man Repeller post Outdoor Voices new to me Court Skorts, I’m thinking that I may need to pick one (or two) up for myself. The skorts are not advertised as being strictly for tennis, so I feel like it would be completely acceptable to wear while out and about in this brutal heat, right? I also appreciate that they aren’t too short, which often times seems to be the case with athletic shorts and skirts. Now I just need to get myself out of this air conditioned house to go buy one!

5. PLANNING // TRAVELING WITH BEBE: Recently, The Mama Notes had real moms share 50 Tips for Traveling with Kids and Babies. We leave town two weeks from Saturday to head to the beach with our family and it will be our first time traveling with baby H, which means lots more planning ahead. I loved this list because it was from actual moms who have tried and true travel tips after many trips under their belts. After reading this list, I have quite the “to buy” list going, but I’d rather be well-prepared than not. We’re also flying again in August and for the holidays this winter, so I know that whatever I end up purchasing will definitely be used. Including a SollyBaby Wrap and Packing Cubes (genius!). Also, a change of clothes for each of us as accidents do happen – a lot.

6. LOVING // FRANK & EILEEN TEE SHOP: My friend Rachel and I share a love for longer t-shirts. There is nothing worse than a tee that is practically cropped. Most especially post baby! Recently, when we were together, she showed me her new favorite Frank and Eileen tank and mentioned their “Tee Lab”. As someone who is borderline obsessed with finding the perfect tee, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this. The Frank and Eileen Tee Lab features all of the brand’s classic, cotton jersey pieces all in one space. I have been desperately needing to clean out my t-shirt drawer and get rid of the tees that I no longer wear that are just taking up precious space in an already jam-packed drawer. Discovering the Tee Lab may just be the motivation I need to make room for a few new pieces. I am particularly loving this tank, this tee, and this dress. All perfect for summer, great for layering, and easy to throw on and go.

7. PERSONALIZING // PARKER & THATCH SWEATSHIRTParker Thatch is most known for adorning classic pieces (canvas totes and the like) with a custom monogram of your choice. Recently, I saw the brand post on Instagram a classic white sweatshirt with three, block-letter initials on the chest. I love a comfy sweatshirt – even in the dead of summer I wear them around our air conditioned house! I also love throwing them in my bag while traveling because you never know when you may need some cozy attire. Its been awhile since I bought myself one of these “nicer” sweatshirts that I like to collect and I’m thinking that I may treat myself to Parker Thatch’s version for my birthday in a few weeks. Just like a white tee, you can’t go wrong with a white sweatshirt and the initials take it up a notch!

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