Current Vibes

April 12, 2017

Half of my vibes this week are in relation to vacationing - clearly I am feeling the travel bug. Either that or I am dying for the cloudy/rainy weather to leave Dallas. With my mom and Molly in Palm Springs last weekend at our best friends' wedding that both my husband and I were supposed to be in (doctor said no traveling after 36 weeks), I am only slightly jealous and in mourning of their warm weather, palm tree-filled trip. Not to mention having to miss witnessing some of our dearest friends tie the knot, but obviously it was important that we stay close to home this late in the game. (aside from dreaming of a vacation, read on for more vibes...)

P.S. Shopbop is having an amazing three day event that just kicked off through April 14th, use the code EVENT17 to get 20% off orders that total under $500 and 25% off orders of $500 or more! Hop to it!

1. VACATION SCHEMING // KID & COE: Have you all heard of Kid & Coe? The company has curated thousands of “kid-friendly” rental houses and apartments across the globe to make traveling as a family that much easier. Each home is equipped with everything you may need while traveling with little ones – cribs, toys, books, you name it. The houses also come with recommendations for babysitters as well as suggestions of what to do and see in the area – all family friendly of course. We have yet to plan a trip after my due date with the exception of visiting Kiawah Island for a family vacation in  July, but just browsing the Kid & Coe site has me wanting to get something on the calendar!

2. SWOOING // BRRCH: I am a sucker for a pretty flower arrangement and could stalk them on Instagram/Pinterest for the better part of my day. I discovered BRRCH Floral through Glossier when they used them for one of their events and have been obsessed ever since. The company was founded in 2013 by Brittany Asch who has made quite a name for herself since the beginning! Vogue even named her “One of Six Florists to Keep on Call”. What I love most about the blooms is that they are far from your traditional arrangement and tend to evoke actual works of art – where you wonder if what you’re looking at is truly real, live flowers. Do yourself a favor and check out their Instagram account – you won’t be sorry!

3. OBSESSING // HATCH TEES: It’s safe to say that Molly and I fell even more in love with the brand that is HATCH after hosting last Tuesday’s event with them here in Dallas. The HATCH team was amazing and the products exceeded our expectations. By the end of the day we wanted to own every single piece that they brought with them to Dallas. One of the pieces I fell in love with was their “longsleeve tee” in the chambray and ivory stripe. Its honestly the softest, coziest, and most flattering t-shirts I have worn in awhile. It can be worn while pregnant, but also if you aren’t pregnant. In fact, our friend Kelsey isn’t pregnant and the tee looks just as amazing on her, too. The best part? It literally comes in every solid and stripe that you could imagine so you can stock up, because something this good is worth buying in every color!

4. BOOKMARKING // CHIC STAYS: The latest addition to my bookshelves is “Chic Stays: Conde Nast Traveller’s Favorite People on their Favorite Places.” The book features 36 personal stories of favorite spots around the world with breathtaking photos and descriptions of each. Who doesn’t want to know where people like Sofia Coppola, Kate Moss, Florence Welch and 33 others consider to be their most favorite places? Having feeling quite “landlocked” and home bound these days, this book was just what I needed to fulfill my wanderlust!

5. SUITING // MARA HOFFMAN: With a family vacation planned in July and just a few months after my due date, I am being realistic about my expectations of “bouncing back” to a pre-baby body and therefore about what bathing suits I will be sporting on the beach. To be honest, I actually don’t own a single one piece as I’ve never found them to be flattering on myself, but I’m thinking these may become my new bff post-baby. Mara Hoffman has always, always killed it in the resort-wear scene, so its no surprise that her latest collection of swimwear is jaw-dropping good. With lots of one pieces that are anything but boring, I’m thinking I may need to make one (or two) of them mine. How darling is this pattern? Also love this – is there anything more classic than a black bathing suit?

6. SLIDING // GINGHAM + BOWS: I can’t get enough of slides these days. Mules, sandals, they’re all my favorite – mainly due to the ease at which I can just slide them on without bending over, which is key! My latest obsession in the slide sandals department is this adorable gingham, bow pair by Jeffrey Campbell. The blue and white would go with just about everything and if you wear a lot of solids like I do, they’d be a nice punch to an outfit. Think solid dresses all summer long. I would happily slip the sandals on today with jeans and a white tee!

7. STAYCATIONING // THE JOULE: My husband and I have had a lot to celebrate this spring. His 30th birthday last month, our two year anniversary this week, and our first baby due in just a few weeks. We would have loved nothing more than to take a beach vacation to celebrate all of these happenings, but all places that were warm enough had a risk of Zika that neither of us felt remotely comfortable with. Each day with pregnancy is such a milestone in itself, that it just didn’t seem worth it – our friends who were in Cabo in January told us there were warning signs for Zika everywhere – scary. Instead, we’ve decided to save the beach trip until we can go as a family of three, which we can’t wait for. We’ve also decided to take a “stay cation” within Dallas to the Joule Hotel, which is always the best experience. Between the delicious room service, to the spa (they have the best prenatal massage that I am still dreaming about), the rooftop pool and the Taschen Library – we’re pretty pumped for our little escape.

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Current Vibes

April 5, 2017

The event Sally and I hosted yesterday at The Loveliest was pretty lovely...HATCH was there with their spectacular spring/summer 2017 collection and The Tot had tons of adorable stuff for little ones. I made it my mission to alternate eating one Bird Bakery finger sandwich, then one of their famous cupcakes - going back and forth between savory and sweet all day (eight hours requires fuel and I can't say "no" to pimento cheese or mini cupcakes). Sally and I had a little too much fun with our friends and really got into the pop-up spirit by trying on all the clothes (HATCH is NOT just for pregnant people!) and picking out favorites. You'll be seeing a lot of said faves in the coming weeks because we're genuinely obsessed and can't wait to style and share the goodness here.

But alas, a long day of co-hosting made for lots of laughs but also meant that I pushed a good amount of work aside (that whole "I'll sleep when I'm dead" mantra has never been my thing - I chose sleep last night) and that's why you get two post from me today...this morning's outfit post and my Current Vibes. Because it's just not Wednesday without good vibes and Sally and I already got off track last week! (I'm done now...just see what I love this week)

1. PRINTING // JENNY’S: Have y’all heard about the incredible print shop Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook lunched mid-March? Jenny’s Print Shop is a digital print shop with over 50 original, hi-resolution prints are available to be purchased, downloaded, and printed. What makes this concept different than other print sources is that every single print is $15 (no more, no less) and once you’ve purchased you have the choice to print where ever you’d like…you can crop, rotate, mirror, edit…print with a glossy or matte finish, on whatever paper you want…then frame or not frame. Art – as most of you probably know – is not always cheap. And I love that Jenny’s philosophy of “your art can be huge, even if your budget isn’t” speaks to both the affordability of accessibility of the prints. My first thought was, “OMG I need this print in my life.” Followed by, “but where does one get good quality, affordable prints printed?” Jenny’s post announcing the shop’s launch here addresses that question…she swears by Costco for medium sized printing (who knew!?) and listed several other resources for sizes larger than 20″ x 30″. Genius, right?

2. SENDING // CHEREE BERRY: Sally and I first discovered the fun and whimsy that is Cheree Berry Paper when our friends from Mary Kay  incorporated thoughtful and unique menus, itineraries, and notes all made by the creative graphic firm into the wonderful weekend. Their custom concepts are “unexpected, clever and command attention” and range from wedding suites and baby announcements to holiday cards and event collateral. Having dogeared them for one-of-a-kind projects I hope to be able to do in the future, I was super excited to see them launch a collection with Paperless Post because now I’ll hopefully be using their designs sooner rather than later! I love how they have a distinct flair for humor and that designs skew more towards quirky rather than traditional and formal…

3. FLIPPING // BILLY!: I can accurately say that I’m obsessed with everything Candice Pool Neistat does. Don’t know this goddess of the jewelry world? She’s responsible for the beautiful designs of Finn, the tiny charms of Minor Obsessions, and (most recently) the coolness that is Billy!. Candice is a creative maniac and though she has been kicking out highly covetable pieces for both Finn and Minor Obsessions like nobody’s business, she created Billy! as an outlet where her creative freak flag could really fly. Right now the line is comprised of a single necklace: one chain with two “tags,” inspired by the Brazilian scapular. Simple but not simple…the tags come in either sterling silver or solid gold, can be hand-engraved with initials and numbers or left blank, or one can go for the already engraved “Sí/NO” or gender symbols editions. I’m personally a major fan of the Sí/NO in gold…so I can flip which sits in front depending on my mood.

4. LOVING // EMBROIDERED CACTI: One thing I love about living in Texas (and believe me, there are many) is that a cactus is one of the unofficial fauna stamps that’s easily associated with the southern state. While I can’t really get away with wearing things with icons like a palm tree/anchor/magnolia blossom/etc. – I can, however, rock stuff with cacti and feel totally normal and (dare I say) on brand with my surroundings. The cacti piece of clothing I’m currently coveting: the embroidered Courier Shirt at Madewell. Bitty baby cacti covering the brand’s iconic oversized shirt makes for a definite win.

5. CASING // ST. FRANK: It’s about that time…my current iPhone case is starting to look a little sad and the fresh factor it once had is slowly fading. Time for a new case! Since I went a little wacky when first dressing my iPhone 7 I’m thinking of going a little less bold on my next case choice. St. Frank’s selection of textile-based designs have caught my eye both for their handmade and global factor. They still pack personality – and I love the patterns – without being too over the top!

6. WATCHING // HONEY & BUTTER: I don’t think I get lost in Instagram the same way other people do. I get so bored trying to scroll through our feed (thanks to Sally following thousands of people/brands/blogs/publications I don’t know haha) that I often find myself clicking around the weird curated posts in the “search” section. There’s always a super random assortment just waiting for me to be all, “WTF isssss this?!” and I happily fall down rabbit holes and melt my brain on a daily basis just falling prey to whatever Instagram algorithm has deemed these posts as stuff I might like. Let’s just be clear: most of it I do not like and I am shocked (and sometimes scared) that it’s been presented for my eyeballs. But generally, there a precious gems hidden and I get lost watching videos of calligraphy (so relaxing!) or waste an hour stalking a Korean beauty review feed (even though I can never buy what they’re reviewing let alone read that it is). @honeyandbutter is one such gem that I found, got sucked into, and now feel like I need to share. Watching macarons get made is easily addictive but Honey & Butter makes the most insane and adorable little animals, people, shapes, etc. that are so cute and cool it will make your eyes literally turn into hearts if you stare at them too long. You’re welcome.

7. READING // SOHO HOUSE: After spending four days in the company of Lynsey Eaton and hearing her talk about what sounds like the coolest home design project ever (don’t let her fool you, she’s killing her building project) I realized I really need to school myself in the aesthetic dream that is Soho House & Co. Lynsey is using the Malibu Soho House as her design inspiration and upon stalking her blog posts and mood boards and hearing her talk more and more about the look, feel, inpso behind her house I felt like I was missing out on some serious design kool-aid. In an attempt to be as cool as her – or at the very least educate myself on the member’s only places, spaces, and lifestyle – I’ve ordered “Eat, Drink, Nap: Bringing the House Home.” Not only does the title really speak to everything my soul LOVES (it’s just missing “Puppies”) but I think the pages of interior design tips, recipes and more will inspire me to bring a little slice of Soho House heaven into my own life.

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JOIN US + HATCH and The Tot at The Loveliest!

March 31, 2017

Spring is nearly in full bloom in Dallas...the gorgeous warm weather has us ready to shed the layers, slip our feet into sandals and break out the breezy dresses. As we leave March behind and head into April the two of us are anxiously awaiting May and the arrival of Sally's sweet baby (less than 5 weeks to go!). Being that we're feeling particularly seasonal and festive, we think there's no better way to celebrate this exciting transitional time than with a festive POP-UP event with a few of our most favorite brands...

Next Tuesday, April 4th - our wonderful friends at The Loveliest will be hosting an exclusive shopping event with HATCH and The Tot and we get to co-host along side our dear blogging bestie Hannah of Not My Circus! If you're not familiar, HATCH is a collection of chic clothing for before, during and after pregnancy. Whether you're a mama-to-be (like Sally), a mama who recently had a little one (like Hannah), or just a woman who loves comfortable and wearable styles (like Molly), HATCH has silhouettes that can take you from one life stage to the other without sacrificing an ounce of style. We just adore them as a company and are beyond obsessed with their current Spring/Summer collection! And since this sweet shopping event is slightly skewed towards mommies and mommies-to-be, it's just too perfect to have The Tot popping up along side them...the Dallas-based company is a go-to for all things mama/child/baby and they'll be bringing an assortment of must-haves and more!

We so hope you'll be able to join us for what's going to be a fantastic day among friends...the combination of HATCH, The Tot, and The Loveliest is going to such a special brand trifecta, we don't want anyone to miss out on the fun! (read more to get all the details)


All the goodness you need to know:

.Place & Time: The Loveliest in Dallas (2417 Mahon Street), 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 4th.

.Shop & More: See and try on HATCH’s entire Spring/Summer 2017 collection and experience a fantastic selection of goodies The Tot while learning about their new Dallas registry and concierge services!

.Sip & Snack: Our friends from Bird Bakery will be serving up their delicious goodness of savory and sweet bites. Yum!

.RSVP: Let us know you’re coming by emailing!

Don’t live close to Dallas? We will miss you dearly…but we’ll be sharing some of the fun from the event and you can follow @apieceoftoast and @notmycircusblog on Instagram so you can feel like you’re there!

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Current Vibes

March 30, 2017

First thing's first: Molly and I apologize for the lag in blog posts. She's been in Aurora, New York since Tuesday - visiting what sounds like the sweetest town ever and getting an up-close-and-personal view of Mackenzie-Childs (my jealously is beyond). She'll report back on all the magic she's been experiencing soon, but was without wifi for the first part of her trip and thus, we were bad bloggers this Tuesday and Wednesday. Please forgive us for getting you our weekly Current Vibes a day late!

Our mom comes in town tomorrow for a long weekend for one last baby shower before my due date (35 weeks!) and I couldn't be more excited for her to come. It's been awhile since she's been in Dallas for a visit that wasn't to help one of us with a move, so it will be fun to just hang. Aside from excitement over seeing her and other friends and family this weekend, I've got some good stuff on my brain... (read on for all of my vibes)

1. SAVORING // KEEPSAKE BOX: With less than 5 weeks until my due date, we are definitely in full “baby” mode around here and trying to take inventory of what we still need before his arrival. I am really trying to only focus on the absolute necessities that we will need right away, whereas things like a highchair can wait a while. Although it isn’t a “need” as much as a “want,” getting some sort of baby book is high on my list of must buys. I’m worried that if we don’t get one now, we’ll get too busy and forget all about it and having a place to store all the baby memorabilia I know we’ll start to accumulate is hugely important to my sentimental heart. But then again, there are some memories that can’t quite fit in the pages of a book. I came across the Keepsake Boxes by Savor on Pinterest and think that they are absolutely genius. Growing up we had “keepsake boxes” of our own in the form of plastic bins that slid under our bed to hold all of the little memories as time passed. Savor’s Baby Keepsake Box features tiny “drawers” where you can put things like first shoes, a blankie, first locks, or a rattle. There’s also a section with folders for more paper type items that you want to save. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more visually appealing, yet also organized way to save all of your baby’s special pieces in one place!

2. CLEANING // DYSON CORDLESS: We recently got this vacuum (the practical part of my husbands 30th birthday gift) after getting tired of lugging our big vacuum out for little messes that the dogs made all of the time. Maybe it has to do with my being pregnant, but it always seemed like such a task to get it out of the closet due to how heavy it was. After having Dyson’s Cordless Animal Vacuum, which weighs only 5 pounds (!), for almost a month now, I am completely obsessed. The machine is beyond easy to use and fits under pieces of furniture and kitchen cabinets that our other vacuum couldn’t without an attachment which always drove me crazy. Having two big dogs that shed white fur on our dark wood floors, we are regularly vacuuming up tumbleweeds of hair (TMI?) and this has made that task SO much easier and dare I say even rewarding. I love that the vacuum mounts on the wall so it is easy to plug into the charger when it runs out of its 40 minutes of charge. The easy access of it hanging on the wall makes it that much more convenient to use, too. We’re actually looking at maybe investing in one of Dyson’s air purifiers next because my husband has such awful allergies. It doesn’t hurt that all of the products are pretty good looking, either!

3. LOVING // FLAT CUDDLE BEARS: I came across the Cuddle Bears by Elks & Angels years ago. Probably before I was even married. But as a teacher and one who has always loved all things for children, I never forgot about them. Now that we are about to have a baby of our own, one of these Cuddle Bears is at the top of my wish list. Is that completely crazy? I just think they’re beyond darling and different from your average “lovey.” I also appreciate that the bears are made of sheepskin which naturally resists bacteria, dirt, and odor. It is also hypoallergenic and never smells. All added bonuses to something that is bound to get a whole lot of love by a special someone. I mean, I’ll be honest, I don’t know the last time I washed my “lambie” that I still sleep with. Yikes. I plan to order one of these now and if our babe loves it as much as I am visualizing him to (ha!), then I will definitely need to scoop up a second (or third?) so that we never have a Knuffle Bunny situation!

4. OBSESSING // CR EMBROIDERED DRESS: I am constantly on the hunt for non-maternity pieces that I can wear now but also wear while not pregnant so that I don’t end up with a closet full of maternity items. The hardest part about this is that a lot of the cute dresses are too short and wearing them with a bigger bump like I have now, would make them inappropriately short. Most of the dresses I have bought that fit the bill are knee length or longer. Just don’t want to be that pregnant person in the risque dress. In fact, I’ve taken to wearing some of my shorter dresses that still fit more as tunics over white jeans. Cynthia Rowley consistently makes pieces that I am wanting to scoop up the moment I lay eyes on them. Classic pieces that are timeless and can hang in your closet forever. Right now, I am obsessing over her Polished Cotton Embroidered Dress which features a fuller skirt that would be perfect with my belly at the moment. Its warm here, but not too hot yet, so a dress with sleeves is perfect. And how cute are the elbow length sleeves with the ruffled hem? I love all three color versions –  mauve, black and white – but I think I’m most drawn to the white (you can’t always count on a white shirt dress, ImIright?).  I also love the contrast of the chartreuse embroidery against the white of the dress. Would be perfect with wedges for a date night or flat sandals for every day wear. I also love that the dress could be worn while breastfeeding due to the fact that it has a front placket opening! Thank you to Cynthia Rowley for giving my 35 week pregnant self an article of clothing to be excited about:)

5. TYING // DONNI CHARM x BAUBLEBAR: How adorable is this collab between Donni Charm (makers of amazing scarves) and BaubleBar? Mol and I consider scarves to be among our favorite accessories to spice up an outfit and these gingham neck scarves would be perfect going into spring with everything from a classic t-shirt to an off the shoulder dress. We love it wrapped around the wrist or the handle of a handbag just as much. The best part? They can be monogrammed with up to three letters. The letters almost look like they’ve been hand stitched, which I love. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, either of the three colors (black, pink, and yellow) would make for a darling gift for your mom or grandmother. Our Mimi (who we get our love of scarves from) would look precious sporting the black and white version. If only we could do four letters and make it say “MIMI.” (P.S. make sure you check out the entire “accessories” collection BaubleBar launched for spring…the other collaborative pieces are to die for!)

6. READING // THE NATURE OF BEAUTY: Imelda Burke is known as one of the earliest champions of the natural beauty movement and considered to be an expert in the field all across the world. Her store, Content Beauty in London has been in existence for almost ten years and many of the big brands in natural beauty started in her store. Pretty amazing, right? Make sense that she would be considered a trusted advisor on the subject of the natural beauty movement. So much so that she took to writing a book to share her findings with the world. Imelda describes “The Nature of Beauty” as “the book she wishes was around when she first made the switch to natural and organic beauty 17 years ago”. Needless to say, I am dying for my copy to arrive so that I can dive into what is sure to be a treasure trove of tips and insight into natural products!

7. TRAVELING // MZ WALLAE GARMENT BAG: Just about every time I fly or travel somewhere, I end up bringing a garment bag. Its so much easier to be able to leave my hanging pieces on their hangers and is especially necessary if it is a trip that involves nicer dresses or tops. I like to avoid ironing and/or steaming on trips as much as possible! I even bring a garment bag when we go home for the holidays so that I can easily transfer any dresses or coats to a closet once we get there. The thing about these said garment bags is that they are anything but fancy. They’re the plastic or canvas bags that come with a purchase that have since accumulated on a closet shelf. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with these, but they don’t hold up great and generally aren’t super protective. My husband bought himself a nicer garment bag a few years ago, but I have yet to follow suit. I’ve always admired MZ Wallace’s bags for their practical nature while also being pretty to look at. Specifically, their Metro Collection. The soft signature quilted nylon is just the right combination of sophisticated and sporty. The totes would be perfect for anything from the gym, to a carry on, to an every day work bag. If you google “MZ Wallace Metro Tote” you will find all sorts of cool, well-dressed girls sporting the bags, giving some serious inspiration as well as bag envy. Aside from having a big crush on the quilted totes, I am seriously eyeing the Michael Garment Bag. Good looking and practical – which is what MZ Wallace seems to do so well! With our next trip not until the end of July, I still have some time to decide between the black and dawn colors.

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Boll & Branch for the Guest Bedroom

March 24, 2017

A few months ago my husband and I realized that one of our dogs was sneaking out of our bedroom and sleeping in the guest bed each night. Our dogs are too big (both are labs) to both sleep in our bed at night, so they usually end up on their dog beds on the floor by our bed. Or so we thought. The big guy was really making himself quite at home in that bed and I noticed that the bedding was really starting to look worse for the wear (to say the very least). With Spring finally here and our new baby's due date around the corner, my nesting mode has kicked into high gear and sprucing up our guest bedroom (which will be used by my mama and other house guests when the baby arrives) has been high on my "to-do" list. The other week I was washing the duvet cover (yet again) and couldn't take it...the bed was in major need of a refresh after being disrespected by a sweet but super large white dog for so long. After doing a little web research to find some pretty white linens I fell for the selection of modern classics, organic cotton (!), and fair trade mission from Boll & Branch...

With so much color in the room coming from the side tables and rug, Boll & Branch’s crisp whites instantly spoke to me. Selecting the white banded duvet cover and coordinating standard shams with just a hint of pale, “shore” blue in the clean border seemed like the perfect choice to pair with the blues in the rug and complement the orange bedside tables.

I didn’t just stop at the duvet and standard shams…this nesting mama-to-be needed the full bedding fix! I also got two hemmed edge euro shams – in plain white – to sit behind the banded standard shams. And since the sheets that were being used on the bed were a set that my husband picked up when he moved to San Francisco (from God knows where), I determined those needed to be updated those as well and I’m so in love with the Boll & Branch pleated sheet set. The small amount of tailored detail on the edge of the flat sheet and pillow cases makes for an understated statement that’s really nice alongside the duvet and shams.

The first thing I did when getting all the bedding in was marvel at the thoughtful packaging. Each piece came in a separate drawstring bag – perfect for when storing the sheets in our linen cabinet (though I don’t know when the linens will leave the bed now that they’re on and I’m so happy with the look!) – and in really nice, sturdy white boxes that are so great, I’m saving them to use for gifting purposes. Compared to the bedding I replaced, I was really impressed by the detail – though I was prepared to be blown away after reading about how Boll & Branch sweats the designs with exacting intention…each step of their construction (from the dyes used to every thread and stitch) is obsessively thought through to create beautiful products. Upon washing the fresh sheets, duvet, and shams I noticed that they felt even softer and I was impressed by how well they fit (fitted sheet wasn’t too small or too big, the duvet wasn’t oversized, etc.).

I’ve been kind of a nut trying to switch my husband and I over to as many green/organic/clean products as possible and knowing that all Boll & Branch is made with 100% organic cotton definitely makes my heart happy. You’d think that “100% organic” coupled with beautiful designs would make for a high price tag but Boll & Branch sells directly to consumers (no middle man wholesaling) which means that they manage their transparent supply chain (with equal consideration given for the human and environmental resources) and are able to sell at fair prices while creating economic opportunities for each person involved in their business. It’s both comforting and inspiring to know that Boll & Branch is committed to ensuring fair working conditions, living wages and medical benefits are available to all workers, from cotton farmer to factory worker. And, with full transparency and traceability into the origin of their cotton, it’s empowering as a consumer to know that the bedding is truly of the highest quality and, most importantly, ethically sourced and made. You can read more about Boll & Branch’s fundamental beliefs of being a better business via the “our story” on their site!

Does all of this white bedding make me nervous about our dogs? Not necessarily, because I’ve invested in a multitude of “dog blankets” (not gross or anything, don’t worry!) that I wash almost every other day to go on the beds in our house since we are long past the point of training our older dogs not to get on the beds. Those dog-only blankets will just come off when guests come to town and our friends and family can snuggle up with the super soft cable knit throw I couldn’t not add to the mix.

Although we still have a little less than 6 weeks left until my due date, it feels good to make small changes like this around the house so that everything is ready. And really, is there any better feeling than crisp, clean, beautiful linens? I have no doubt that our guests will love sleeping in this fresh bedding goodness…though it is nice to know that Boll & Branch offers a 30-day trial period and complimentary shipping to ensure every customer is happy with their  purchase. Why can’t more companies be this incredible and thoughtful?!

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