S + R Wedding

February 24, 2016

I cannot believe that it has been 10 months since my wedding. The past year has absolutely flown by but I can still remember the details of that perfect day in April like it was yesterday. Today I'm really excited share some of the photos Leslee Mitchell took at the wedding and reception...thank goodness it was her and not me narrowing down which ones to feature; I love every single image from that day and can't begin to choose favorites.

The wedding photos will also be featured on Style Me Pretty today - along with a write up I put together with some details of the day and a bit of inspiration behind the vision for the ceremony and reception. I'll be coming back this afternoon to add a link to the post once it is live on the SMP site, but for now I hope you can enjoy this sneak peek along with a list of the amazing vendors I worked with and few other sources!


Thank you, thank you again to Leslee – our talented photographer and friend – who was with us on the wedding journey from engagement photos and the rehearsal dinner up until the last sparkler faded away at the end of our reception. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her gorgeous photos…she captured the best day of my life (so far) in the most dreamy way.

A list of the amazing vendors and talented people I worked with:


Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty  •  Rehearsal dinner featured on Style Me Pretty

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S + R Rehearsal Dinner

January 13, 2016

I'm so excited to share details from my wedding weekend - starting with the Rehearsal Dinner. I still love the way every detail of how Robert and my special weekend came together and it's exciting to re-live the festivities again with a few blog posts.

One of the very first things I did after Robert and I picked a date and location for the wedding was to look at photographers. I was already anxious about how I wanted the special time to be captured and worried about working with someone who would be responsible for the images that would help me look back and remember all the details and feelings that I knew would pass in the blink of an eye. After extensive searching I discovered a wedding Leslee Mitchell had shot in 30A (our wedding spot). Bingo. Leslee shot in a way that made me feel like I was at this wedding and nailed the kind of candid photos I had been envisioning. After having her shoot our engagement pictures (you can see them here!) Robert and I felt event more confident about Leslee being the perfect photographer for our wedding.

When working with my awesome mother-in-law to plan the rehearsal dinner she suggested hiring Leslee to shoot the event and I'm so glad that we did!


As soon as the wedding planning kicked off, I felt like I already had a vision for the rehearsal dinner in mind. I knew that I wanted it to be casual, relaxed, and barefoot on the beach. Nothing stuffy because it just didn’t fit with the overall vibe of the town or me and Robert as a couple. I had also known for quite some time before our engagement that I wanted to have a “white party” as a part of our wedding weekend somehow. Ever since I came across a photo on Instagram posted by the Coveteur (it was this event to be exact) I dreamed of trying to recreate something similar. I was completely struck by the image and how amazing it looked with everyone in white. Not to mention that I am always drawn to wearing my crisp whites each time I visit the beach.

Christina from Events by Nouveau was our florist/designer for the wedding weekend. She is insanely talented (beyond belief) and was able to bring everything I had described and dreamed up to life. I had given her some inspiration images of what I had envisioned for the rehearsal dinner tables – bamboo chairs, driftwood and lanterns, peonies and blue ticking stripe tablecloths…all with cafe lights strung over them. When we visited Christina and the Nouveau office/warehouse, the vision for the night came to life even more. She had white adirondack chairs and natural colored Fat Boys to place around the fires on the beach for the after dinner “sips and s’mores.”

Because the rehearsal dinner was going to be an on-the-beach event, weather was always on our mind. Deposits for “rain tents” and consistent/obsessive checking of the weather became just an important (or more so) than getting the vibe just right. The thing about the beach is that rain can be on the forecast every day, but it could just be a 30 minute shower that passes and allows the clouds to clear for sun – you just never really know. In the week leading up to the wedding, it was showing rain every single day and the percentage of likeliness was pretty decent. We had to make the “call” for using the rain plan two days in advance of the actual event because of the changes it made to the plans – the dinner would have to be moved onto the lawn where the reception was.

I was desperate to not go through with the rain plan as I wanted our on-the-beach rehersal dinner so badly, but in the end the thought of being on the beach, tent-less and in the rain wasn’t a risk I wanted to take. We did still follow through with the s’mores and bonfire on the beach because that couldn’t be done on the lawn. Our thoughts were that if it did start to downpour, we would just do the cocktails under the tent. So many things to consider! Lucky for us, the rain held off, everything for the dinner looked just as beautiful under the tents as it would have on the beach, and we were all able to walk barefoot down to the bonfire on the sand for s’mores and cocktails with everyone who was in town for the wedding. Robert’s parents surprised us with a “sand sculpture” featuring our beloved pups which was a huge hit!

I actually think that one of the hardest parts about the rehersal dinner was deciding what I would wear. Having everyone wear white made it tricky because I wanted to wear something that stood out against what everyone else would wear. I searched and searched for a longggg time and ordered (and returned) many different options to try on for the night. I eventually settled on a dress from BCBG after trying it on just a week or so before leaving for the wedding. I loved that it was all lace – which would be different than what most would wear and also super different from my wedding gown – and that it was long. The pleated and frothy ruffles on the sleeves made it feel beachy and were also very “me.” We ordered Robert a custom all-white Dos Carolinas Guayabara shirt with a white monogram to wear with white pants and his off white loafers that he already had. I have to say that I was pretty pleased with our outfits came together and think they went quite nicely together, ha!

Looking back on photos from the event that kicked off the best weekend of my life (so far) makes me smile all over again. It truly was the most incredible time for me and Robert with all of our most favorite people in the world in our most favorite place in the world.

Location: Alys Beach, Florida // Florals and event design: Events by Nouveau // Catering and Bar: Café 30A // Invitations and Hand-drawn Maps: Bunny & Bear Paper Co. // Sand Sculpture: Beach Sand Sculpture Architects // Photography: LESLEE MITCHELL  •  Sally's dress: BCBG // Molly's dress: C/MEO Collective // Robert's shirt: Dos Carolinas

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Sally’s Bridal Luncheon

May 6, 2015

So I've been having this issue where I refer to Sally's wedding as "our wedding." I'll say things like, "Our photographer was amazing" or, "It was just perfect, we're so happy with how everything turned out." Obviously I wasn't the one getting married but since this was the first wedding in our immediate family and due to my closeness with Sal, it felt like it was almost-kinda-sorta my thing too.

Sally is someone who doesn't like a lot of public attention (which is hilarious because she has this blog with me) and having a whole weekend that was centered around her garnered a little bit of anxiety for the bride-to-be. My mom and I know this trait of her's well and tried to make sure the planned events circling the wedding felt like a celebration of her and Robert but didn't make them the center of attention. One of my favorite events I planned with my mama was the luncheon held the afternoon before the wedding for Sally and her Bridesmaids...


George’s in a restaurant spot in Alys Beach that has one of our favorite menus on 30A. We (my mom, Sally and I) got to do some tasting back in February and I had been looking forward to eating our selections for months…if you happen to go, I suggest the Salmon BLT, the Dab Salad, and “The Goo” for dessert. Aside from having a super yum menu, my mom worked with the floral designer (Events by Nouveau did the whole weekend) to have happy, colorful arrangements of ranunculus and I set name cards into the vase place card holders (sourced by my mama). It was simple and pretty and the long tables along the windows made it so Sally wasn’t “front and center.”

Besides having all the bridesmaids, our friends, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and girl cousins were also at the luncheon…our sweet Mimi (who Sally is named after) was matching the bride in pink. Pretty adorable. Also adorable were the little girls in attendance – baby Liza Jane (mom is Hannah of Not My Circus) and “Flower Girl Grace” (mom is Bailey of Biscuit) kept everyone smiling and so entertained. I stuffed myself with good food and it was really a nice way to kick off the weekend of fun for S+R!

P.S. A lot of you have been asking where to get the white vases used…I don’t know the exact source but I found this one and this one that are very similar.

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Sally’s Bachelorette Weekend

March 23, 2015

Two weekends ago I had the honor (as the maid-of-honor) to throw Sally a Bachelorette Weekend. I don't feel like I have been super involved or helpful in planning the wedding so putting together a fun weekend for Sal and her girls was really my moment to step up and dare I say, shine. I got really into it...way more into it than I thought I would. And my first task was to pick where this festive few days would happen. After talking to some of her bridesmaids and friends I decided that because the wedding is a little difficult to get to that I would try and make the Bachelorette Weekend as easy as possible and make sure everyone could truly relax and not have to worry about anything while there. Bailey was kind enough to offer up her Shmamptons country home in Bellville, Texas and it was the most perfect, cozy, carefree environment for everyone to twist off and celebrate the bride-to-be.


Once I had settled on the spot I started thinking about details. Before I even planned what I would cook or how much booze to buy, I began to brainstorm about some sort of gift I could give Sally and each of the girls attending the weekend. I know how tough it can be for people to step away from work and families (particularly new babies!), pay to travel, and take time away from life so I wanted to create welcome bags as a way to thank everyone for traveling and making time to celebrate Sal. My brain automatically thought to reach out to Hayden Reis about getting some of their amazing sailcloth tote bags and filling them with goodies. We have worked with Emily at Hayden Reis several times and adore her and her products…both Sally and I use our HR totes all the time, especially at the pool and beach. Emily and I decided that Middy Totes with metallic leather stripes in pink and blue would be perfect and I can’t get over how perfectly they turned out and all the girls were blown away when I doled them out.

I didn’t just want to put “stuff” in the tote bags – I wanted each item to be something people would like and use. I made a list of some of products Sally and I absolutely love and can’t live without and was beyond lucky to work with some of our favorite people to stock the bags…here is what was in each Hayden Reis Middy Tote:

  • Turkish T Basic Towel, Terry Lined with Zipper Pocket: we first wrote about Turkish T products here and they have become a cozy obsession. I had the pleasure of working with the brand’s founder, Sue, to determine the perfect Turkish T product to put in the welcome bags. We decided that their new Terry Lined Basic Towel would be perfect…it’s made with the same soft Turkish cotton on one side and shaved terry cloth on the other, making it perfect for the pool and beach. The best part about it is the small zipper pocket in one of the bottom corners – great for stowing sunglasses, hair ties, and such. All the girls looooved the towels and we used them by pool and as wraps throughout the weekend.
  • Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint and Aromatic Stress Treatment: Tata Harper products are like gold…they are so luxurious and both Sally and I love all the things we have by the brand. Putting some Tata products in the totes was a no-brainer and worked with Clare, Tata’s Creative Content & Online Marketing Manager, to think about what items would be fun for all the girls to receive. We determined that a little lip & cheek tint in the popular “Nice” hue along with some Aromatic Stress Treatment were the perfect duo for girls on the go. Both were a hit and loved seeing people using them.
  • Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits: the minimergency kits by Pinch Provisions are one of my favorite little gifts to give – mainly because I keep one in my car, travel bags, desk drawer, and bedside table. They are so tiny but hold everything a girl could need. Bridesmaids got these, my mama got this, and everyone else got regular minimergency kits…except Sally. The lucky little bride took home this “Bridetastic Kit” that is so well stocked for the wedding day that I know she will be more than prepared!
  • Truffle Clarity Pouches: Sally and I really can’t live without Truffle bags. The clear clutches and pouches keep us organized while the privacy clutches are go-to bags for day and night use. One of the founders, Sarah, lives in San Francisco and she has been so sweet and awesome to Sally…Sarah suggested we give each girl one of the small clarity pouches and I loved choosing a color for each person and used them to hold the pretty packages of Tata products.
  • BaubleBar Meme Alphabet Bracelets: an assortment of our favorite things would not be complete without something from BaubleBar. At any give time I either have on a piece of jewelry by the company and/or several pieces in my handbag. The fun, trendy jewelry never fails to make a statement and I always love getting to work with my friend Grace (blogger bestie who also works for BaubleBar) to discover what items are new and must-haves. Grace and I both thought that the Meme Alphabet Bracelets were both hilarious and cute – perfect for a group of Bachelorette girls.
  • COOLA Sport spf 30 Spray and Face spf 30 Matte Tint: I couldn’t have pool and beach essentials without including some sunscreen. COOLA products are made with up to 97% certified organic ingredients and everyone loved how the spray and face tint smelled and how light the formulas were. Both of these are going to be great for Florida!
  • Plum Pretty Sugar Eye Masks: is there any novelty item more fun than a girly eye mask? I don’t think so. I figured the girls could use these to make sure they got some extra shuteye over the weekend and even on the flight back home. Plum Pretty Sugar is known for their robes (I’m sure you’ve seen them in a lot of getting ready wedding photos) and I love that I got to include something with their signature printed fabric in the totes!

The final touches for the totes were mini bottles of Tito’s Vodka (Sally’s must-have for her favorite greyhound cocktails) and hang tags with everyone’s name. I bought a bunch of colorful and neon ribbon from Michael’s but couldn’t settle on any name tags that I liked. So I made the last minute decision (at midnight, the night before the Bachelorette Weekend) to make tags out of some leftover white ostrich leather. It was kind of a labor of love but I’m obsessed with out the tags turned out and think they are the perfect touch of “Texas country” to commemorate the weekend.

If you’re wondering what we did out there in the county all weekend it went something like this: eating, drinking, laughing, pool time, pond time, fishing, lounging, cuddling, eating, drinking, laughing, watching Blue interact with the cows, laughing, drinking, eating the Barbie Bride cake (my crowning moment was presenting that), laughing, gazing at electric sunsets and foggy sunrises, eating, watching Sally open lots of pretty lingerie (I gave her the Stella McCartney undies!), laughing, eating, and getting sad to say goodbye to everyone.

The weekend really went by way too quickly but I absolutely loved seeing how much fun Sally and her girls had. Sal is so lucky to have such loving, sweet, and hilarious friends in her life and I’m so thankful that they could all make the trip to Texas. I think the wedding is going to be even more fun now that everyone knows each other a little better…the count down to being together at the beach is in full swing!

P.S. Sally and Bailey are wearing Mi Golondrina tops and dresses in the photos.

A huge thank you to all the brands who made the welcome bags possible. I am so thankful for the relationships and friendships I have with each of you!

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Mara Hoffman Second Bridal Offering

February 24, 2015

I got so much good advice after I fist got engaged and before I really dove into planning and decision making. One pearl of wisdom was, "When you find your dress, stop looking at others." So smart. I spent a good amount of time on Pinterest adding dresses that I thought looked like me or fit the vision I was going for to a secret board before going to try on gowns. Unlike some of the brides on Say Yes to the Dress, I didn't try on 100+ dresses or spend and exhaustive amount of time going to as many bridal salons as possible. My dress was at the third place I went to and even though I didn't have a huge emotional moment over it I just knew it was perfect - both for my body and for the venue...


So – I felt like I had to preface this post with saying that I’m not going back on my dress decision! I did stop looking (and pinning, and researching) other dresses and designers once I “said yes to the dress” and after my first fitting a few weeks ago I feel even more sure about my choice. But, Mara Hoffman recently launched her second collection of wedding gowns and it felt wrong not to share the stunning images of the gorgeous dresses. Mara “Devotional Collection” of bridal pieces are only available through her site.

True to her aesthetic, the collection has a boho feel that pulls inspiration from nature. Each piece is named after a goddess (I’m particularly loving the Feya Beaded Gown) and prices range from $550 and $2,200. Pretty “affordable” when you compare them to the bridal collections from other designers. I’m not a boho girl myself (I just consider myself a hippie wannabe during music festival season) but if I was at the beginning of my wedding dress search I think there are a few of the Mara styles I’d want to try…the flowy silhouettes and intricate but unfussy detailing is definitely my style.

Maybe some of you future brides-to-be or recently engaged gals out there can test drive some of the pieces in the Devotional Collection and tell us how they look and feel in person. I have a feeling that they are just as etherial and goddess like on as they look online and in the campaign images…

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