*The* Sweater-Blazer

December 19, 2017

Run - don't walk - and get yourself this Sweater-Blazer while it's fully stocked in all sizes and colors! If you're a J.Crew fan (which Sally and I are, despite the overdose and addiction we went through in college) then you may know that their Open-front Sweater-Blazer was a huge best seller this fall. It would come back in stock then sell out immediately. Sal and I were determined to get one in our size (Tip: size down, it runs big! We wear it in xs) and even though it has been and continues to be excluded from every discount and sale the Crew runs (grrrr) we both bought it at full-price in the heather khaki color in early November. Good buy? Um, yes. I wear it so often that I'm considering getting it in the black.


Throw it on over a t-shirt (these Everlane ones are my current fave), an embroidered top (like I did in this post!), a button down, a henley, a bodysuit, a turtleneck…really anything. It’s polished but casual. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the five colors available in the sweater though I have to say that the heather khaki (which I have), the black and the heather cilantro are my top faves.

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Sally’s Moreau

December 18, 2017

If you didn't catch the photos and recap of my visit to Moreau's very first U.S. store via this post, be sure to do so. It is an absolutely stunning space and the perfect home to some of the prettiest, luxury bags around. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to pop into the store while in SF and meet Graciela - the brand director for the San Francisco store. Being in the store meant that I was able to touch and feel each bag in person as well as see the endless (literally!) options for personalization that Moreau offers. Even down to interior leather colors and handle colors - you name it and it can be personalized to your taste and liking. This is the only brand that I know of that does such customization, making it a truly unique experience.

As Molly mentioned in her postMoreau-Paris has no shortage of beautiful bags to choose from on the floor of the San Francisco store. While visiting the store, Graciela raved about how much she loved the Vincennes style tote bags for their durability, storage capabilities, as well as how lightweight the bags are. I am a tote girl through and through and with a baby, tote-style bags have become even more practical for me to have a decent amount of room for diapers, wipes, and a few toys when on the go. I instantly knew that this would be my bag of choice from Moreau.

Deciding on the style was the easy part, but the colors, now that’s another story! I wanted to get something that was different than anything else I own in the tote department. I own two Goyard totes, both in darker colors – navy and black, so after much deliberation I decided on the Vincennes bag in the white, printed calfskin version. The white bag features black handles and black and grey detailing in the print. Although it is a white bag, the combination of white with the black makes it feel that much more wearable and year-round. I love how different it is from the other bags I own! And I have to say that as a loyal Goyard customer, the quality of Moreau is above and beyond that of Goyard.

When it came to choosing the personalization on my bag, like Molly I did A LOT of scrolling through Moreau’s Instagram account (@moreauparis) for inspiration. Its the best way to see the different combinations that have been done in the past and to see how the specific color of bag I chose had been painted before. Yellow is my absolute favorite color, but one I don’t often buy when it comes to wardrobe items or accessories. As soon as I saw the combination of the yellow and “tan” painted on the white Vincennes bag here, Molly and I decided that that was the way to go. Molly made a great point that by adding the yellow and tan to the black and white bag, it would make the bag that much more wearable because I could also easily pair it with tans – not just blacks and greys. I admittedly can be the most indecisive person ever, most especially with big, permanent decisions like this one! Graciela was amazing and quickly sent me a mock up of what my initials in this color combination would look like on the white bag. Seeing the visual was a game changer and made me realize just how much I loved the combination. I cannot sing Graciela’s praises enough for how helpful so was throughout the entire process – even though I visited the store in person, I made all of the bag decisions over text and email and she was so responsive and helpful and offered great suggestions along the way. It really was a truly personalized experience, which is exactly what you want when buying something so special and investing in a handbag. I personally think that by customizing the bags, they become that much more special and that is an area where Moreau-Paris really excels – customization to the nth degree!

I have since been carrying the bag non-stop and absolutely love every single thing about it. The handles feel SO sturdy and I have had no problem filling the bag with every day baby essentials. I have carried Goyards for years, but I love that the Moreau Vincennes is so much more exclusive and and much higher quality that is apparent just upon feeling the softness of the leather and the thickness of the straps. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a longstanding love for Moreau-Paris and their beautiful, craftsmanship creations. (Next on my list is a Vincennes in the orange color which is absolutely to die.) I know that I will love and cherish my bag for years and years to come.

Pieces From The Post

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Coziest V-Neck

December 17, 2017

It's a rainy, grey, cold Sunday here in Dallas and this v-neck sweater happens to be what I'm wearing. To say that this guy is cozy is an understatement. I think it's the combination of the oversized fit, big ballon sleeves and deep v-neck that makes it exceptionally comfortable but still feminine. Sally has a grey sweater in an open-back style that's also by Cuyana (she wore it in this post) and we both love how the merino wool and cashmere blend is soft and thick (no itch) and that the technique Cuyana uses keeps the fibers from pilling. You know how some heavy knits can get fuzz balls on the sleeves and near the hem from the fabric rubbing? Cuyana's ribbed pieces don't do this. Which just makes them all the more wearable and awesome.


What else? I’m so excited that Christmas Eve is exactly a week away. Cannot wait to be home! Obviously packing this sweater for the cold weather in Kansas City…hoping for a white Christmas!!

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Night Roses

December 14, 2017

Moody blues versus red and green going into the holiday season? I'll take it. Sally already mentioned it in this post from the other week, but I also love that kate spade's holiday collection is more about blues and metallics than the usual bold brights they go for this time of year. The more subdued colors are still incredibly festive - and perfect for holiday - thanks to ksny putting their usual special touches on everything. Who knew that a navy velvet dress with dusty blue roses was exactly what I wanted and needed for this party season?!


With velvet being such a big trend I’m slightly surprised to admit that the Night Rose Velvet Dress is the first and only velvet piece I’ve added to my closet as of late. I’m not sure if it was the soft fabric done up in navy or the pretty rose print that first got my attention but the a-line fit is what sold me. The fitted bodice is instantly flattering and the gathered skirt gives some nice volume. My favorite detail is the small sheer ruffle that trims the neckline and arm openings.

The yo-yo weather that Dallas has been having means that one day calls for tights and a long coat while the next is warm enough for just booties and a cape. So on the day I happened to be shooting the dress is was mild enough that my Garnet Booties could be worn with a bare leg. Not complaining…I’m such a wimp with the cold!

And for anyone curious: yes, the Knollwood Buckle Bag is even more adorable and amazing in person.

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Pollock Jeans

December 12, 2017

Both of the star players in this outfit - the sweater and jeans - are by Baldwin. Both of them are unlike any other pieces in my closet. And for that reason, they are both so fun to wear...and I have been wearing them often! Oh and both are on sale. And Baldwin is doing an extra 35% off sale items with code EXTRA35. Ho, ho, ho - just call me Santa for sharing that shopping gift!


Cardigan style sweaters are among my favorites because they allow me to layer (something I do more now than ever with a baby) but most all the ones I have are of the neutral variety. Which is exactly why I went for the Eve Sweater in the green cedar color while shopping at the Baldwin store in Dallas. After the store peeps informed me that the braided sleeve detailing was inspired by the woven wheat that’s native to the Midwest – I was sold. The emerald green color is a nod to the trees and plants of the plains (the plains of Kansas, that is) and it’s such a perfect hue for the cozy cashmere/mohair. I loved styling it as it started to get colder this fall but the color is even more festive for this time of year!

These jeans – The Kennedy in Pollock – were so far out of my comfort zone when I pulled them from the Baldwin shelves. For one, boyfriend-style jeans have never been my friend. So the low rise, relaxed fit combined with rips, distressing and tons of handpainted marks had me raising my eyebrows more than just a little when pulling them on in the dressing room. Imagine my surprise when I realized they were so comfortable and I felt like I could carry off their coolness. Word on the street is that the Pollack is beloved by Vogue and Elle editors…a tidbit that made them seem even more cool.

Dear Baldwin, thanks for making me take wardrobe risks and for helping me feel like a cool mom.

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