Meet Us

[Image taken by the talented Jaclyn Welch]

Sally Ann and Molly Bernadette were born 15 months apart. The oldest two in a family of many siblings, the sisters grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. They spent 12 years of their life wearing school uniforms and loved every minute of it. This is where the sisters attribute their love of the color navy blue. In their early days they enjoyed terrorizing the country club pool and late teenage days included cruising around their shared yellow VW bug and discovering a love of J.Crew. Both self-proclaimed ugly ducklings, the sisters found that college was better than high school. Sally went to college in Texas and followed a degree of Early Childhood Education. Molly later left home to pursue a degree in Interior Design at a university in Ohio. Having graduated in May 2010 (same day, same hour, different states), Sally and Molly both now live and work in Dallas, Texas. Sally loves her job as a nanny extraordinaire and teacher’s assistant at a darling grade school and Molly is now working as a Concept Designer and is part of the Brand Team for an amazing lifestyle company. Often times the two ask each other, “Um, how lucky are we?” And then they buy a new nail color to celebrate.


Both girls have grown up around lovely, beautiful, and unique things. Drawn to pretty packaging, lush interiors, great fashion, and yummy food, they credit this innate style and taste to their mother: a skilled residential interior designer who is also known as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Influenced and inspired by many things, the two sisters found that their creative sprits needed a place to thrive. Thus, A Piece of Toast was created in November of 2010. Neither of the two consider themselves writers (ha) or style gurus – so please, know that this place is nothing more than a virtual sketchbook that archives what catches their eyes and fuels their appreciation for things they like.


Besides working by day and blogging by night, Sally and Molly love good food and good people (together if possible, please and thank you). They are happiest in sunny weather but reallllly like watching chick flicks when it rains. They stalk Sprinkles for the free cupcake of the day and aren’t embarrassed that the people there now easily recognize them. They tell each other everything… Molly wishes she had a puppy like Sally’s yellow lab, Dolly. Sally wishes she had a pear-colored Kitchen Aid mixer like Molly’s. But it’s ok, because they share. And they love each other.